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Based out of Miami since the 1993 season, the Marlins are one of the newest franchises in Major League Baseball and the second-youngest ballclub in the NL East. Originally playing in the suburb of Miami Gardens from 1993-2011 and known as the Florida Marlins, the franchise moved to the city in 2012 and was re-branded as the Miami Marlins. The franchise has the distinct honor of being the only team in the MLB to have won a World Series title each time they have made the postseason, which they did in 1997 and 2003. [+]

Led by stalwarts Gary Sheffield, Livan Hernandez, Moises Alou and Edgar Renteria, the Marlins notched their first title in 1997 and knocked off the New York Yankees in 2003 to take home their secon world title. Since then the club has not made the postseason, but do have a promising core of players which include 2013 National League Rookie of the Year pitcher Jose Fernandez and All-Stars Giancarlo Stanton and Dee Gordon. 

Miami Marlins Next Regular Season Game

For daily betting updates, have a look below and breakdown Miami’s next matchup. You can have information almost instantly on who, when and where the Marlins are playing next. [+]

This will be critical if you want to be on top of Miami’s prospects as the season progresses. 

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Miami Marlins Game Schedule

With 162 games total, there are a lot of options for making wagers on the Marlins, and when and where to do so. This tool will give you a breakdown of when the Marlins are playing. [+]

It shows the teams the Marlins will face from April to October. Keep in mind to check back frequently because you never know when a great matchup might present itself. 

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What Are The Current Miami Marlins Standings

The standings tool below will give you an-depth analysis of how the Marlins stack up against their NL East rivals and also the other teams in the National League. [+]

Make sure to check back frequently to make sure that the Marlins are progressing as planned or to stay away if they have been struggling. 

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Miami Marlins Online Betting Tips

As is the case with the other teams in the NL East, the Marlins play in the eastern time zone. That being said, if you are based on the west coast of the United States then be aware that these games are three hours ahead of where you are at. Make sure to check other time zone changes wherever you are at. 

Another thing to keep in mind with your wagers on Miami is to frequently check their disabled list and to make sure that their starters are playing at a high level. Also, starting pitchers in a matchup are critical to the success of your wager. 

Where Can I Bet On Miami Marlins Online

By utilizing the table below you can find the best fit for you and your wager. The below list illustrates the different online sports betting sites available to you to place your bet on the Marlins wagers

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