Betting On Stanley Cup Online

When it comes to determining the ultimate champion in the major North American sports leagues, none can compare to the drama, intrigue and passion of the tournament to determine which NHL team will garner the honor of lifting Lord Stanley’s mug. Contested since 1893, it’s the oldest trophy of any North American team sport. A competition once dominated by dynasties, since the advent of the 2005 salary cap, the playing field has been leveled and no club has proven capable of winning back-to-back Stanley Cups.

NHL Stanley Cup Sports Betting Odds

Have a look below to find out the up-to-date betting lines of the Stanley Cup finals. Make sure you peruse the various betting types available to you. 


playoff - week-2
Match day
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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 17 April
AOT Ottawa Senators 4 - 3 Boston Bruins +155 -161 Odds
FT Washington Capitals 3 - 4 Toronto Maple Leafs -130 +215 Odds
AOT Chicago Blackhawks 2 - 3 Nashville Predators +110 -105 Odds
AOT Anaheim Ducks 5 - 4 Calgary Flames +122 +450 Odds
Tuesday 18 April
FT Montreal Canadiens 1 - 2 New York Rangers -105 +265 Odds
FT Pittsburgh Penguins 4 - 5 Jackets +100 +1200 Odds
FT Edmonton Oilers 0 - 7 San Jose Sharks +135 +240 Odds
Wednesday 19 April
FT Washington Capitals 5 - 4 Toronto Maple Leafs -143 +145 Odds
FT Ottawa Senators 1 - 0 Boston Bruins +152 +140 Odds
FT Minnesota Wild 2 - 0 St. Louis Blues +600 +109 Odds
FT Anaheim Ducks 3 - 1 Calgary Flames +112 -110 Odds
Thursday 20 April
AOT New York Rangers 3 - 2 Montreal Canadiens +140 -145 Odds
FT Jackets 2 - 5 Pittsburgh Penguins +180 -179 Odds
FT Chicago Blackhawks 1 - 4 Nashville Predators +120 +100 Odds
AOT San Jose Sharks 3 - 4 Edmonton Oilers +129 -133 Odds
Friday 21 April
AOT Toronto Maple Leafs 1 - 2 Washington Capitals +180 -189 Odds
AOT Boston Bruins 3 - 2 Ottawa Senators -110 +107 Odds
Saturday 22 April
St. Louis Blues 15:00 Minnesota Wild +165 +300 Odds
Montreal Canadiens 20:00 New York Rangers +235 +100 Odds
Edmonton Oilers 22:30 San Jose Sharks +129 +265 Odds
Sunday 23 April
Ottawa Senators 15:00 Boston Bruins +150 -161 Odds
Washington Capitals 19:00 Toronto Maple Leafs -141 +135 Odds

Where to Bet On The Stanley Cup

Puck betting fans should always have several top quality sports wagering websites to cover their Stanley Cup handicapping needs. The highly rated sportsbooks, listed on our Top 5 Table, will always fit the bill. 

Stanley Cup Prop Bets

How does one take something that’s super fantastic, just on its own merits, and then make it even better? Well, when it comes to NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, you simply add the thrill of online proposition betting into the mix. While most recreational bettors are aware of the buzz created by prop wagering during the NFL Super Bowl, some may be unaware of the profitable prop action offered during NHL postseason play.

NHL prop betting options come in a variety of forms during all four rounds of the battle for the Stanley Cup. From wagering on who will win the Cup, to which player will win the Conn Smythe trophy as the MVP of the playoffs, the number of offerings runs into the hundreds. This is especially true when you consider that offers such as most goals, most points, and even total shots on goal, are available with head-to-head player props.


Future Bets on NHL Stanley Cup

Players can take advantage of NHL futures wagering by positioning themselves to a point where they may be able to make some guaranteed winning wagers during the Stanley Cup playoffs. That process begins during NHL training camps or early on in the regular season. Remember, as the season wears thin – so to does the value of the handicapping lines. 

By placing future bets during the preseason, puck bettors can guarantee the best possible prices. This especially true of underdogs that may exceed expectations once the season opens. Depending on when you read this, the price on St. Louis to win the Cup in 2017 may still have strong value.

After performing proper research, that includes looking at key player additions and losses, plus how the teams looked as the previous season wound up, bettors should be able to whittle their choices down to a list of the top three or four teams.

If any of your preseason prop selections make it to the playoffs, chances are good that you’ll be able to make additional future bets that can put you in a “can’t lose” situation. If one of your teams makes it to the Cup Final, placing a small wager on their opponents means that you can kick back and enjoy the games – knowing that you’ll soon be cashing a winning wager. Good luck with your puck prognosticating!

Stanley Cup 2017 Futures