MLB Sports Betting Online

Sure, Major League Baseball games can be rather dull and take forever to complete. But it’s also the main live event to get dedicated bettors from the end of NCAA’s March Madness to the start of the NFL and NCAA football seasons. No other sport is more dependent on one person when it comes to determining the line — that’s the starting pitcher. Know his tendencies, and more often than not you will have a nice bankroll come October.

MLB Sports Betting Sites

Hardcore MLB handicappers, along with casual fans of the America’s pastime (MLB still calls itself that but we all know it has been surpassed by football), have plenty of wagering options available to them. The best of the best sportsbooks make up the OSB Top 5 list presented below. 

MLB Moneyline Betting

There is no spread in baseball much like the NHL since so many games are determined by just one run. Thus picking a side is via a moneyline bet. You will almost never see a team reach -300 as a moneyline favorite. There are simply too many variables, even as good as the starting pitcher — say Clayton Kershaw — might be.

MLB Total Betting

The totals in MLB games will almost always run from 5.5-10.5. The 5.5 is somewhat rare and is rarely only when two National League aces face off. I say NL aces because American League totals are slightly inflated due to the presence of the DH. You will see 10.5 between two struggling starting pitchers or often at Colorado’s Coors Field, where the altitude makes a big difference.

MLB Runline Betting

One version of the spread in MLB betting is the runline. At it’s basic, one team will be a 1.5 run favorite over the other. Most often, the underdog on the moneyline will be the favorite on the runline and vice versa.