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The MLS was established in 1993 mostly because of the United States’ desire to host the 1994 FIFA World Cup. Starting with 10 teams in 1996, Major League Soccer has now expanded into a league that includes 21 teams across Canada and the Unites States. One of the biggest catalysts for the expansion of the MLS was the designated player rule, which has attracted international stars like David Beckham, Thierry Henry and Robbie Keane, all of whom famously extended their professional careers with the MLS.

MLS Sports Betting Odds

It’s important to stay on top of the game lines to ensure you’re getting the best possible price before wagering. Have a look at the game list below and pick those that appeal to you most. 

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What Are The Current MLS Standings

Refer to the MLS standings to gain some invaluable insight on your current and future bets. It will allow you to plan meticulously the games that are bound to make you money.


Where Can I Bet On MLS Online 

There are some great online betting sites that will satisfy all of your wagering desires so take the time to investigate thoroughly the table below and pick your perfect match. 

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What You Need To Know For Betting On MLS

Unlike the English Premier League or La Liga, the MLS features a regular season that isn’t as highly-regarded as the tournament-style playoff that follows, which determines the champion of the league. The team with the most points after the regular season receives the Supporters’ Shield while the winner of the playoff tournament earns the right to hoist the MLS Cup.

This results in a greater amount of meaningful games played each season as teams struggle to become one of the twelve to compete for the biggest MLS prize. The Supporters Shield remains a significant prize because the winner automatically qualifies for the CONCACAF Champions League.

The most successful team in the MLS has been the Los Angeles Galaxy, who have taken home 5 MLS Cups and 4 Supporters’ Shields. They’re also the first to make a big splash internationally, signing David Beckham under the designated player rule. The last season saw the Seattle Sounders FC earn the Supporters’ Shield while the L.A. Galaxy took the MLS Cup.

How To Bet On MLS

Similar to wagering on international soccer matches, betting on the MLS is slightly more complicated than sports like basketball or football during the regular season because of the possibility of a draw. The difficulty in predicting draws, however, leads to decent moneylines for bettors. Similar to other types of odds, moneylines reward underdog victories more than the favourites.

For example, if a match between Toronto FC and the L.A. Galaxy features a moneyline of +325 for Toronto and -220 for L.A., a $22.20 bet on L.A. Would win ten dollars while a winning ten dollar bet for Toronto would pay $32.50. Wagers on the total amount of goals scored in a game is another popular way to enjoy betting on the MLS.