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NFL Betting Lines Week 6

NFL Betting Lines Week 6
Ready or not, here comes the halfway point of the 2017 NFL season. Yes, that's right, we're entering Week 6 of all the action. Contrary to most other years, though, the betting scales haven't tipped in obviously decided favors across the board. More surprises than usual await you every week. We're busting out our five favorite picks in hopes it simplifies your trips to the sportsbooks.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2.5) at Arizona Cardinals (+2.5)


The Arizona Cardinals have done little, if anything, to gain your confidence entering Week 6. They come in at 2-3, without running back David Johnson, clinging to the hope that at least one of their bottom-five offensive and defensive marks, according to Pro Football-Reference, will eventually reverse themselves.

So, um, why are we picking them? 

Because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are that unspectacular. And because the addition of Adrian Peterson in the backfield, to go along with Chris Johnson and passing option Andre Ellington, should diversify the Cardinals’ offense enough to open up the air assault for quarterback Carson Palmer and wideout Larry Fitzgerald.

It’s also important to note that, with the exception of a demonstrative win in Week 1 over the Chicago Bears, the Bucs haven’t been blowing anyone away. And who doesn’t blow the Bears away these days? 

The Pick: Arizona Cardinals (+2.5)

New England Patriots (-9.5) at New York Jets (+9.5)


Speaking of teams that have underperformed, how about the New England Patriots?

At 3-2, with a 1-4 record against the spread, Tom Brady and friends do not look like the juggernaut most expected them to be. And for the record, this has nothing to do with Brady—well, almost nothing. The Patriots are third in points scored per game, but their defense ranks 30th in points allowed.

That imbalance doesn’t allow for a high volume of victories, let alone big-time spread covers, which is what we’re seeing. Whatever the Patriots’ offense gets, the defense gives right back.

But this won’t be as big of a problem against the New York Jets. They’re a surprising 3-2, with a defense that ranks 15th in points allowed, but the offense isn’t anything special. It nearly crumbled against the Cleveland Browns last week—again, the Cleveland freaking Browns—so the Patriots should be able to get some extra stops.

Besides, in the end, the Jets aren’t trying to win football games. They’re looking to get a high draft pick, and while head coach Todd Bowles won’t just lay down, don’t be surprised to see them take some risks that result in convenient turnovers.

The Pick: New England Patriots (-9.5)

Green Bay Packers (-3.5) at Minnesota Vikings (+3.5)


How this line still sits at 3.5 is beyond me.

The NFL is weird when it comes to road spreads, and it’s well-known the Green Bay Packers aren’t the same team when playing away from Lambeau Field. But, like, really?

Not only is Aaron Rodgers rolling, the Minnesota Vikings may be without quarterback Sam Bradford. And even if they have him under center, it won’t matter that much. They nearly botched their Week 5 win against the Bears for crying out loud.

Green Bay has issues with its rushing defense, but the pass rush is fine. More importantly, the offense currently sits at sixth in points scored per game and has hit the 35-point plateau in each of the last two tilts.

The Pick: Green Bay Packers (-3.5)

San Francisco 49ers (+9.5) vs. Washington Redskins (-9.5)


According to CBS Sports, the San Francisco 49ers are 1-8 against the spread since 2015 when playing in the Eastern Time Zone. They should, in theory, be fodder for the Washington Redskins.

We don’t care.

Although the 49ers remain winless, at 0-5, their past four losses have come by a combined 11 points—less than three points per game. They are starting to figure things out on defense, and Washington hasn’t yet shown an ability to put away opponents, thanks to its own defensive problems.

The Redskins, to be clear, should win. But leaning into a double-digit victory by a team like them feels wrong.

The Pick: San Francisco 49ers (+9.5)

Detroit Lions (+4.5) vs. New Orleans Saints (-4.5)


You’re going to feel weird picking against the Detroit Lions here. They place in the top 10 of both offense and defense through Week 5 and are facing a New Orleans Saints team that still has the second-worst defense in the NFL.

Still: We cannot reasonably pick against the Saints when they’re coming off a bye, playing at home, have Willie Snead back in the fold, have Mark Ingram buzzing along and, most importantly, boast the league’s second-best offense.

The Pick: New Orleans Saints (-4.5)

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 16 October
FT Indianapolis Colts 22 - 36 Tennessee Titans +255 -278 Odds
Thursday 19 October
Kansas City Chiefs 20:25 Oakland Raiders -143 +133 Odds
Sunday 22 October
New Orleans Saints 13:00 Green Bay Packers -204 +175 Odds
Tennessee Titans 13:00 Cleveland Browns -244 +210 Odds
Carolina Panthers 13:00 Chicago Bears -164 +148 Odds
Buccaneers 13:00 Buffalo Bills Odds
Jaguars 13:00 Indianapolis Colts -164 +150 Odds
Arizona Cardinals 13:00 Los Angeles Rams +150 -164 Odds
New York Jets 13:00 Miami Dolphins +158 -169 Odds
Baltimore Ravens 13:00 Minnesota Vikings +210 -244 Odds
Dallas Cowboys 16:05 San Francisco 49ers -250 +220 Odds
Cincinnati Bengals 16:25 Pittsburgh Steelers +200 -238 Odds
Denver Broncos 16:25 Chargers -110 -110 Odds
Seattle Seahawks 16:25 New York Giants -208 +180 Odds
Atlanta Falcons 20:30 Patriots +155 -175 Odds

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