NFC Game Calendar 2016

Every year, the 16 teams in the NFC gather on the gridiron to battle it out to garner a spot in the NFC Championship Game and earn the right to lose the Super Bowl. OK, you’re right. That is a bit harsh. True, the AFC has won 11 of the past 16 Super Bowl games but lately, the NFC is proving to be competitive. NFC teams have won four of the last seven big games, although in even more recent history, are on a two-game Super Bowl losing streak and have lost three of four.

There was a time when the Super Bowl was the dominant property of the NFC. From Super Bowl XIX through Super Bowl XXXI, NFC teams won 13 games in a row, the longest winning streak ever posted by either conference. 

You have to give the NFC one thing – they’ve been better at getting their teams to the big game. Other than the sad-sack Detroit Lions, who haven’t played for an NFL title since 1957, each of the 15 other NFC teams have played in the Super Bowl. Three AFC teams – the Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars – are still waiting for their first Super Bowl exposure.


NFC Game Schedule 2016

Want to know where your favorite NFC team is playing this week, or where they are playing in Week 17? Perhaps you want to know which NFC teams have the bye week coming up? All of that information and more is right here, ready for your perusal.

The game schedule for every NFC team is located below and it’s where you can put your time to good use, both by studying what’s already gone on and by paying attention to what’s on tap and what’s ahead for the immediate future. By knowing which teams are strong at home, which teams struggle on the road, which can defend the run and which have proven inacapable of controlling an opponent’s passing attack, you can soon better see the probable wagers that you are seeking, the ones that will put you in the win column.

Is a team coming off a bye week? Are they enduring a shortened week of preparation and being asked to suit up for the Thursday night game against a well-rested team? Some teams struggle on the West Coast, while others find success elusive in domed stadiums. All of these factors must be taken under consideration when wagering on NFC games.

It’s been said that knowledge is king and in the world of sports betting, to paraphrase the legendary Vince Lombardi, Hall of Fame coach of the NFC powerhouse Green Bay Packers, knowledge isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.

Who Will Win Super Bowl LI

When it comes to the Super Bowl, NFC teams aren’t getting much respect from the online sportsbook industry but the good news in that regard is it means that you can probably grab yourself a very profitable price on your favorite NFC team in any sportsbook’s Super Bowl future bets.

The lowest odds currently being offered by on an NFC team winning the Super Bowl belong to the red-hot Dallas Cowboys, who have dropped from a season-opening listing of +1500 down to +800 behind the quarterbacking of Dak Prescott and the running of Ezekiel Elliott. Next in line are the Seattle Seahawks. The last NFC team to win the Super Bowl when they beat the Denver Broncos 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII, the Seahawks are given odds of +1000 to do it again this season.

Two of the early NFC Super Bowl favorites are headed in the wrong direction after middling performances through mid-season. The defending NFC champion Carolina Panthers jumped from +825 up to +2200, while the Arizona Cardinals, the team the Panthers defeated in the NFC Championship Game, are also at +2500 after being assigned opening odds of +1600.

Trending in the opposite way are the Atlanta Falcons, who opened the season at +4200 but now find themselves listed at +1600. The Minnesota Vikings are the yo-yo team of the NFC. They opened at odds of +2500 to win the Super Bowl, but dropped to +200 following their 5-0 start to the season. But with three straight losses, the Vikings have climbed back up to +2800.


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