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Known as the Senior Circuit since it was born in 1876, the National League has nonetheless played second fiddle to the junior member of Major League Baseball, as the American League won 64 of the first 112 World Series compared to 48 for the National League. Regardless, the National League is chock full of some of baseball’s most traditional franchises. Both the Chicago Cubs – then known as the Chicago White Stockings – and the Atlanta Braves – as the Boston Red Stockings – were inaugural National League franchises. [+]

The Red Stockings won the first National League game ever played.

The Philadelphia Phillies and New York Gothams – today’s San Francisco Giants – were added in 1883. The Giants have won a National League-record 23 pennants. The Pittsburgh Pirates, who represented the National League in the first World Series in 1903, came aboard in 1887. The Cincinnati Reds and Brooklyn – currently the Los Angeles Dodgers – entered in 1890, two years before the St. Louis Cardinals, who with 11, have won more World Series than any National League team.


What Are The Current National League Standings

The current National League standings are much more than merely a complete ranking of where each team rates on any given day. Look inside the numbers revealed here and you will open a window into wagering opportunities on National League games. 

Look for teams on long homestands, especially a team coming off a loss that figures anxious to turn it around in front of the home fans. And be aware of teams nearing the end of a long road journey and likely to be tiring.  


National League Online Betting Tips

Old-school types prefer the National League style of having the pitcher hit, feeling it makes for a more strategic game with bunting, base stealing, double switches and hit and run plays, as opposed to the American League plan of sitting back and waiting for the three-run homer to occur. 

It also makes for a splendid contrast of styles when National and American League teams meet in both the World Series and during inter-league play. The debate is never-ending and while from a betting standpoint it might be easier to wager on American League games, isn’t the challenge of figuring out National League baseball just a little bit intriguing?

Make sure, before placing a wager, to find out who’s hot and who’s not? Which team is strong at home? What teams have proven capable of winning on the road? Know the teams that rely on quality starting pitching, those who can silence hitters with a lights out bullpen and the teams with punch and power hitters who can overcome even the game’s most dominant hurlers. 

Some managers who’ve worked in both leagues insist they didn’t have to really learn how to manage until coming to the National League, while others are adamant that the American League requires more managerial skill, because they must decipher when to pull a pitcher, whereas in the National League, late-innings batting order ramifications make it obvious when it’s time to change pitchers.

Where Can I Bet On National League Online

Below you will find all the information you need in order to be on National League baseball online. With constant inter-league play now instituted throughout the Major League Baseball season, the lack of a designated hitter plays a role in National League games throughout the season.

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National League History

It was the National League that broke baseball’s color barrier when Jackie Robinson debuted at second base for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. Other sensational African-American players, such as catcher Roy Campanella and pitcher Don Newcombe, soon followed Robinson into the Dodgers’ lineup and other teams quickly followed suit.

Willie Mays was a sensation with the Giants, Bob Gibson became baseball’s most dominant pitcher with the Cardinals and Hank Aaron of the Braves shattered Babe Ruth’s Major League Baseball record of 714 career home runs.