What Are The Current National League Central Standings

The National League Central Division standings are right here and if you look closely, they will tell you a story. The NL Central has proven to be one of the most competitive divisions. [+]

Four of the five teams have won the division title since baseball realigned to six divisions in 1994, led by the St. Louis Cardinals with 10 titles. Only the Pittsburgh Pirates have never won a National League Central pennant but the Pirates are a three-time wildcard playoff team.

Since realignment, the Cardinals and Cubs are the only current National League Central teams to win the World Series, and are in fact the only current National League Central clubs to play in the Fall Classic since 1994.



National League Central History 

There are a number of quirky occurrences involving National League Central Division teams. Before realignment put them in the same division, the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds met four times in the National League Championship Series between 1970-79.

The Reds (two) and Pirates (two) were the only National League teams to win the World Series during the 1970s. The Chicago Cubs had lost four National League Championship Series in a row since 1984 before finally winning it all in 2016.

Two National League Central Division teams actually met for the World Series, something of which no other current Major League Baseball division can boast. In 1982, the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Milwaukee Brewers, then an American League club, in an exciting seven-game Fall Classic.

The Brewers moved to the National League in 1998 and were placed in the National League Central Division.

Where Can I Bet On National League Central Online

All the information you require to know where to bet on National League Central Division baseball is right here. With all of its teams housed in the Midwest United States, there's a homey, old-school feel to National League Central baseball.

Whether it's the tear-inducing story of the Chicago Cubs, winning the World Series in 2016 for the first time since 1908, or the rich tradition of the St. Louis Cardinals, the attachment that fans hold to National League Central teams runs deep.

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