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In theory, the NBA All-Star Game shouldn’t be a hotbed for sports bettors. It’s an exhibition that doesn’t count toward the standings. It doesn’t matter. And yet, it is a sportsbetting hotbed, because there are so many different wagers from which you’re able to chose. Betting on spreads, moneylines, overs and unders is just as popular during All-Star Weekend as it is during the regular season. [+]

The Eastern Conference and Western Conference throw out their best talent every February, and by just looking at the rosters, pitting star against star, you’re able to spot advantages and disadvantages that will factor into the game’s final outcome.

Prop bets, however, are where the real money is at. The All-Star game is too unpredictable in its outcome to tie so much of your sportsbetting purse to run of the mill bets on spreads, moneylines, overs and unders. Both teams, in reality, are capable of beating the other, and more importantly, it’s not possible to know how much the Association’s All-Stars are going to try when the stakes are this low.

Wagers on which players will win MVP, who will score the most points, who will drop the most assists, who will win the opening tip and so on and so forth are much more interesting. Most of them aren’t crapshoots, either. You know these players—or at least you should. You’ve watched them for months. They’re the league’s biggest names. They receive the most attention. You’ve probably been exposed to them for years. You can turn most of the available prop bets into more than glorified crapshoots.

What Is The Current NBA All Star Game Matchup

Remaining apprised of every All-Star matchup is paramount. Looking at the rosters gives you a firm idea of which conference has the edge, which in turn helps you with any tranditional moneyline, over/under and spread bets you plan to entertain.

Reviewing the rosters is also important from a reputation perspective. Very few All-Stars are first-timers. Most of them have been here before. They have a history with this event. That allows you to gain an inside track on who has, historically, taken the game seriously. And from there, you’ll be able to craft not only your normal bets, but any prop plays you’re thinking about making.

For example, Russell Westbrook is an alien. He doesn’t lollygag throughout the All-Star game. He goes full bore. That’s his style. It might behoove you, then, to bet the over on the number of points he’s going to score and assists he’s going to dish. 

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All-Star Game Online Betting Tips

These days, the closest thing to a sure bet you’re going to get at the NBA’s All-Star game is the over. The Eastern and Western Conference are combing for more points every season, and no matter how high they raise the lines, investing in the over is, as of now, always a good.

The reasons for this are twofold. First, the rise of the three-point shot naturally bolsters scoring totals. Players are shooting a ton more threes, and they’re shooting them more efficiently than ever. So this becomes a matter of simple math. Three-pointers are worth 50 percent more than two-pointers, and players are making more of them, and they are going to continue making more of them for the forseeable future. The combined scores of the East and West are, as a result, only going to continue to rise.

Last, but not least, the era of social media has changed the way players approach the All-Star tilt. The NBA’s biggest names have egos. The last thing they want to do is end up on the wrong end of a viral Vine or video. They don’t want to be seen being dunked on or crossed over.

That has, subsequently, decreased the amount of defense that is played throughout the game. Players are more inclined to let each other score than risk social media infamy. 

Defense is ramped up down the stretch if the score is close, but we’re talking about a stretch that will come 44 minutes or so into a 48 minute game. Most of the points will have already been scored. The prospect of a close game on the scoreboard shouldn’t prevent you from investing heavily in the over.