Betting On NHL All Star Game Online

Was the 2016 NHL All-Star Game the best one ever? Some older folks who remember the hard-fought games of early years between the NHL All-Star Teams and the defending Stanley Cup champions might beg to differ, but certainly, for the first time in many years, there was a buzz about the NHL All-Star Game that was palpable and legitmately worthy of the talk. The new three-on-three tournament format was exciting and while it didn’t resemble the hockey you will see most nights from the NHL, it was the All-Star Game after all and it’s supposed to be fun. [+]

And that it was. The NHL has sought an All-Star Game format that would bring interest back to an event that had grown tiresome and almost to the point where the players seemed disinterested in participating, and this format is definitely a winner.

What Is The Current NHL All Star Game Matchup

NHL All Star Game’s History

The NHL All-Star Game was originally created to benefit the league’s pension plan and in recent years, that seemed appropriate, considering most of the participants performed at the pace of a pensioner.

The original format of the NHL All-Star Team against the reigning Stanley Cup winners worked because in the six-team era of the NHL, the rivalries between teams and opposing players was intense and there was nothing more that the All-Stars wanted to do then beat the team that had beaten them for the Stanley Cup. 

When the NHL expanded in 1967, the players from the six teams in the new West Division offered the establishment of the so-called Original Six clubs in the East Division a stiff challenge, seeking to prove that they’d belonged in the league all along. But as expansion continued to erode the product, the impact was seen in the All-Star Game, which evolved into more of a social event than an actual game of hockey.

Give the NHL its due. The league continued to tweak the format in search of a way to make the event relevant again. North America vs. the World looked good on paper, but the passion never played out on the ice. The fantasy draft format was interesting if for nothing more than the curious opportuntiy to wager on which played would be selected last. 

The league went back to the drawing board and the current three-on-three tournament format implemented in 2016 is a winner for both fans and those seeking to bet on the NHL All-Star Game. 

Where Can I Bet On The NHL All Star Game Online

The NHL All Star Game is heaps of fun but can be a goldmine for potential bettors to. Have a look below and pick your favorite online sports betting website and get into the action. 

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