Anyone who watches Motorbike racing can be excused for thinking to themselves “man, these guys are nuts!” Although there are several motorbike leagues, including Superbikes and Moto 2, the best compete in the Moto GP league. With speeds running into the 200mph territory and frequent hairpin turns, Moto GP races can look like insanity, but there’s nothing crazy about the cash online Moto GP backers can potentially secure by choosing the winning driver.

Moto GP Sports Betting Sites

Just like it takes a certain breed of person to compete in Moto GP, it takes a certain type of website to make our recommended Moto GP sportsbook list. Each of the sites below offer great action on motorbike racing from across the world in addition to great sign-up bonuses:

# Sign Up Bonus Details
#1 50% Sign Up Bonus - Up to $250
#2 50% up to $1,000 Sign Up Bonus
#3 100% Sign Up Bonus - Up to $250
#4 50% Sign Up Bonus (Promo Code BOL1000)

Wagering on the Moto GP Online

Even though the number of wheels are cut in half as compared to auto sports, wagering options for Moto GP are the exact same. Punters choose the racer they believe “To Win Outright”, however it’s rarely an even field – certain bike-makers have higher output engines, or lighter frames. While online sports bettors wager on specific races, many sites offer future wagers on who will win the entire Moto GP series.

Online Odds for the Motor Sports Grand Prix Racing

When it comes to odds, not all online sportsbooks are created equal for Moto GP betting. Europe-based Sportsbooks usually offer better lines, as the sport is bigger in the Old World than on this side of the pond. Each race features over 20 racers, however a few favorites almost always win. These racers will not give good payouts, but then again a low payout is better than no payout right?

Betting Picks for International Moto GP events

Moto GP fans are a passionate group, meaning there is a wealth of websites that cover Moto GP, but in general you won’t find many websites that focus on the betting aspect. For this reason, we recommend looking outside the normal sources to websites from Asia, Australia and Europe. Another route that could pay off is to look at a user–contributed site such as mybetinfo.