March Madness is exciting enough when you watch the games unfold on television. If you ever get the chance to attend a game in person, do not pass up the opportunity. You will experience thrilling basketball action no matter the teams involved or their seeds. Whether you travel to get to the game or live in the region where the games are being played, try your best to acquire tickets to March Madness at least once in your lifetime.

March Madness Betting Odds

If you plan to attend some March Madness games in person, it’s a good idea to place your bets before you head out. You can do this at any of the top ranked sites listed in our Top 5 table of online sportsbooks below. As always, be sure to visit each of these sites and crosscheck the lines.

Game odds move a ton during the March Madness tournament, because of how hectic the betting process gets from the moment the lines open. That's what happens when you're dealing with this many games. And while these tweaks are often small, sometimes inconsequential, it's always best to be working with the most accurate lines when making your decisions—especially when you're planning to leave and attend the game itself.

Best Sites to Buy March Madness Tickets

If you are considering attending a March Madness game anywhere in the country, it’s always best to purchase your tickets well in advance of the scheduled game date. If you wait until the actual day of the game, you may have a tough time securing tickets—even if the seats are up in the rafters. One of the best ways to purchase March Madness tickets is through approved online ticket agents or respected seller to buyer websites.

StubHub is an excellent website to purchase tickets for March Madness action. StubHub is the premier place for fans to sell their tickets when they cannot attend the game or if they simply want to make some money by selling their tickets. Other sites include Ticketmaster, the official NCAA website, and the stadium box offices.

There are two good times to purchase tickets.

First, there's well in advance, before the matchups are ever set. Third-party sellers won't be able to jack up the prices if they don't know what games they're actually selling.

After that, later is actually better. Tickets will still be expensive, but third-party sellers will lower the price as it gets closer to tip-off, out of fear they'll be stuck with them should no one accept their price. So if you're in the vicinity of a game you know you want to attend, don't worry about waiting until the day, or even a few hours prior to tip-off, to purchase your entry passes. You'll be just fine.

Bet Online and then experience the NCAAB Tournament Live

To place your bet online, consider using one or more of the recommended sports wagering websites. The OSB handicapping crew always provides our loyal readers with expert analysis of select games during March Madness as well as offering their fully researched game day predictions. If all goes as planned, the game you attend could be our daily best bet,. That produces a win-win situation!

Tips for Betting on March Madness While Attending the Games

No one is going to argue that attending March Madness games in-person, when you have the opportunity, is a bad idea. But it does create some logistical challenges you must overcome if you still plan to bet on the action.

As we previously mentioned, you can always submit wagers before you leave the house. But there are other games coming up besides the one you're attending. They could be starting by the time you reach the arena, or they could be tipping off just after.

Carrying a smart phone with you is paramount in this situation. Get your preferred sportsbook's app, and you'll be able to place bets on the go. You can also set alerts that will apprise you to any sudden line changes—depending on the app, of course.

It's also important to do the same with the NCAA's official app, in addition to maybe Bleacher Report's, ESPN's and CBS Sports' apps. You want to be aware of any injuries, upsets, changes and everything along those lines as soon as possible. This way, you can place new bets based off the information, or perhaps try to rejigger old ones based off any tweaks.

So yes, absolutely attend March Madness contests if you have the chance. But don't do so without being equipping yourself with the means to follow along with other games, receive breaking news in real-time and place your desired bets.

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