Best Soccer Betting Sites

Soccer—also know as football in parts of the globe—is the world's unifying sport. Though it lacks supreme popularity in the United States, it's the most talked about professional sports on the planet overall. Plus, it's far from irrelevant in the U.S. American football will always take precedence—particularly when it comes to betting practices—but soccer has gained a ton of domestic traction in recent years. 

With this uptick in interest comes a natural increase in the gambling activity. And while some bettors are seasoned wagerers, many more are new to the fold or only kind of familiar with the scene. Plenty of prospective players in North American, then, will be in the market for an online sportsbook that meets their needs. As such, they will also be in need of direction. Even the more frequent gamblers can always stand to glean an extra dose of insight on this topic.

That's where we come in, for soccer-betting enthusiasts both new and old. We not only point you in the direction of some tried and true options, but we can and will help you figure out how to identify which option is best for you.

Betting On Soccer Online

Finding reputable sportsbooks is only the first step in this process. And overall, it's easy one. Reliable sites are available by the bunch, with each one offering some kind of sign-up bonus.

Most of these incentives come in the form of deposit matches and free plays. They will vary in value by site, but not by much. Sportsbooks distinguish themselves in more prominent fashion with other attributes. 

When it comes to bonuses specifically, the term "rollover" is something you'll need to pay adequate attention to. Let's say, for instance, a sportsbook in question is willing to match 100 percent of your first deposit up to $1,000, with a rollover of 15 times that amount.

What this essentially means is that you must bet your free money 15 times before you're able to withdraw it. This doesn't impact your own funds; whatever you put in will be available to withdraw. It does, however, mean you'll need to make $15,000 worth of bets—assuming a $1,000 bonus—using the gimme money before you can pocket it yourself.

Certain sportsbooks will demand you cater to an odds minimum in these rollover bets. I.E. Each bet must be made at no lower than a 1-to-1 return. Most won't be that uppity. So you can bet that $1,000 on heavy favorites 15 times if you please to increase your chances of keeping it.

Rollover terms are constantly changing, so we won't get into specifics out of fear for them becoming outdated before you read this and providing you with false information. But you can find the rules and regulations for every sportsbook's bonus in the fine print of their promotions page. For now, here are the top sites for betting on soccer, based strictly on the current incentives they're running.

Current Top Offers From U.S. Friendly Sportsbooks

  • Bovada: $250 welcome bonus, plus 50 percent tacked onto your first deposit (up to $250)
  • BetOnline: 50 percent bonus on first deposit (up to $1,000)
  • SportsBetting: 50 percent bonus on first deposit (up to $1,000)
  • 5Dimes: 50 percent bonus on first deposit (up to $520)
  • Bookmaker: 15 percent bonus on first deposit (up to $600)

As you can see, the bonus terms for these sportsbooks are fairly similar. So, like we alluded to before, picking the right one isn't so much about the incentive itself, but the terms under which it comes.

Below you'll find some tips and distinguishing characteristics to weigh as you navigate this entire process. Remember, though, the fine print on what we're about to talk about is subject to change. It's on you to double-check the rollover procedures before signing up and making your initial deposit. 

Spotting The Right Sportsbook Bonuses for You

  • Bonus Amounts

This seems borderline useless when you look at how many sportsbooks are offering 50 percent sign-up bonuses. But trust us when we say nothing could be further from the truth.

Sometimes, it's easy to spot the difference. is offering a 50 percent bonus, while is peddling a 15 percent promotion for first-time players. If you're trying to maximize how much free money you're receiving upon first creating your account, you'll know to use BetOnline.

These verdicts aren't as clear in other instances. Take Bovada and BetOnline for example. Both sites are offering 50 percent deposit bonuses. But Bovada will only compensate you up to $250, while BetOnline is willing to give you up to $1,000.

Deposit $500 for the first time at Bovada, and they'll add another $250 to your account. Deposit $1,000, and they're still adding just $250. Put that amount into BetOnline, and you're getting $1,000.

Bonus limits won't have an impact on casual gamblers looking to deposit under $250. But the more sizable of an investment you plan to make, the more important it is to find the sportsbook offering the highest cap on incentive money. 

  • Rollover Terms

Yes, we briefly discussed this already. But now that we have some examples above, we can put the rollover terms into practice.

Both and are offering 50 percent bonuses for first-time registers. They're both also willing to bankroll this incentive up to the $1,000 benchmark. So who cares which one you pick, right? Wrong.

Read the terms and conditions, and you'll find that BetOnline has a 15-time rollover on its free money, compared to an eight-time rollover for sportbetting. The difference in these policies is significant. 

Let's say you make your first deposit for $2,000, which guarantees a $1,000 bonus at both sites. Over at BetOnline, you'll need to wager $15,000 worth of wagers using that free money. At Sportsbetting, however, you'll only have to cycle through $8,000 worth of investments with that coin.

All in all, that's a $7,000 difference, which means Sportsbetting gives you the better chance of actually pocketing your sign-up freebies. If increasing your odds of withdrawing this first-time bonus is something that's important to you, then you now know Sportsbetting, in this case, is the site for you. 

  • Deposit-Type Bonuses

Bonuses on a bettor's first deposit are the most common–and typically the most lucrative. But what about incumbent users? Should they be penalized or neglected simply because they're already returning customers? Not at all. 

Finding a sportsbook that runs against-the-grain promotions is important. These sites don't just focus solely on the deposits. They run seasonal specials and payment-type incentives.

Bovada, for instance, will offer deposit bonuses for all users during major soccer tournaments. That makes them a site that panders to more than their new blood—and that's important.

At the other end of the spectrum, there's They run specials in which they'll compensate you based on the type of deposit you're making. These range from a 50 percent crypto-currency bonus, to seasonal extras that funnel extra money into your account if you sign up for a new withdrawal method.

Some sportsbooks even offer what they call lifetime bonuses. Sportsbetting and fall under this umbrella. They'll guarantee you a certain bonus percentage on every deposit you make, no matter how long you've been gambling with them.

These typically range anywhere from 5 percent to 25 percent and are subject to change periodically. You must also still adhere to promotional rollover terms. But the fact these never-ending promotions exist is a big deal and something you must factor in when choosing a sportsbook.

Maybe one site doesn't offer as large of a sign-up bonus but has a lifetime deposit incentive. If you plan on dabbling in the soccer-gambling scene for an extended period of time, it behooves you to choose the sportsbook that promises the most luxuries for the bigger picture.

Other Factors When Picking Sportsbooks for Soccer

  • Deposit Limits

Before ever joining a sportsbook, you should decide what type of bettor you plan to be.

Are you a casual gambler? Are you an infrequent wagerer? Do you plan on being frequently active?

The answers to these questions will invariably determine how large your deposits will be. If you're only going to bet once every couple months or strictly during major soccer tournaments, you'll want to throw in $50 here and $50 there. If you're hoping to be active daily or weekly in the soccer scene, you'll want to consider making larger-scale deposits that ensure you don't have to complete separate transactions on a routine basis.

From there, you'll then want to see which sportsbooks place restrictions on deposit amounts. Higher minimums won't appeal to the infrequent bettor. Lower maximums will be annoying to the bigger spenders.

Truth be told, minimums aren't typically an issue. Most sportsbooks will demand you put in at least $50. The occasional site will allow you to lay down $25, while others will have a baseline of $100 or even $250. For the most part, though, $50 is your minimum.

Maximums tend to vary—especially as it pertains to payment methods. For example, 5Dimes only allows credit card deposits up to $500. These types of governors have to play a role in how you choose a sportsbook for your soccer-betting needs. If you're interested in using a credit car as your primary source of reloading but want to pay for more than $500 in bets at a time, you'd look for an alternative to 5Dimes.

  • Accepted Forms of Payment

As a general rule of thumb, it's always best to roll with sportsbooks that offer you the most deposit options. Nevertheless, what you're ultimately looking for is a site that accepts whatever form of payment you plan to use most.

A majority of online sportsbooks embrace the same methods: wire transfers, direct deposits from bank accounts, third-party sources such as PayPal, crypto-currency like Bitcoin, money orders, etc. Certain ones distinguish themselves when it comes to processing credit cards. A site like Bovada isn't credit card friendly for United States bettors. TopBet and 5Dimes are just the opposite. They welcome credit card deposits, albeit with more stringent caps on each transaction.

Research the accepted deposit method for any sportsbook your considering. If you're looking to experiment with different types of payment, you'll need a site that processes as many forms as possible. If you're more concerned with using one resource, you need only confirm it's an authorized method for each sportsbook you're looking at.

  • Withdrawal Processing

This one's pretty straightforward. Before signing up to use a sportsbook, you should check to see how long it takes for your withdrawal requests to process.

Some questions to consider on this front: Do you need to withdraw a minimum amount of money? Is there a fee attached to withdrawal transactions? Are you limited in the number of withdrawals you can request per day, week, month, etc.? And most importantly: How long will it take for you receive your funds?

The answer to the latter question will differ by the withdrawal method. Requests that go straight to your bank account typically process quicker than wire transfers, money orders, mailed checks and all that jazz.

It's also important to decide which withdrawal method you'll use when depositing by credit card or debit card. Your winnings almost never go back on that account itself. You'll have to register to receive your funds by mail, bank account transfers, wire transfers, crypto-currency et al.

Do your best to find a sportsbook that won't charge you a fee on your withdrawals. Most of the ones we endorse will not, though some do when issuing checks. Still, the goal should be to get back as much of your own money as possible. Paying a withdrawal fee betrays that aim.

Consider actually calling sportsbooks or even chatting with instant-message representatives. They can usually outline all the different obstacles and fees you might face when withdrawing your money.

And as an aside: If you find yourself looking at a sportsbook that doesn't provide assistance by phone, it's best to move on to another option. Customer service is an important part of this business. It doesn't make sense to get in bed with a company that cannot put you in touch with a person should you deem it necessary. The sites we talk about here all include full-service assistance in some capacity, but if you're straying from our suggestions, definitely keep this in mind.

  • Accessibility

How long before your deposits take effect? Does your sportsbook have a mobile app, so you can on the go? Are their deposit limit or method restrictions when betting from a mobile app?

Is it quicker to make deposits over the phone or online? Can you request withdrawals on a mobile app? 

Does your sportsbooks merely offer lines? Or does it have a space on its site where professionals offer their insight and analysis to help you learn the ins and outs of betting on soccer?

These inquiries are all ones you should be making when first choosing a sportsbooks. Even when you're just looking to diversity your portfolio with a second, third or fourth betting home, they remain important.

The mobile app in particular needs to be a sticking point. Times are changing. Everyone is always on the move. Most of us cannot sit in front of a computer refreshing the odds every hour. Sportsbooks that offer fully functioning apps—Bovada stands out here—that update information frequently and even provide banner notifications about line changes or match-specific details (injuries, lineup changes, etc.) should be vaulted toward the top of your list. 

  • Betting Type: Props

Every sportsbook offers run-of-the-mill betting options: Moneyline wagers, spread picks, over/under bets, big-picture futures, yada, yada, yada. When picking a new site to house your betting, you want to suss out options with the most variety outside the most basic boxes.

In other words: Don't forget about prop bets—creative wagers that go beyond the outcomes of a single game, tournament or season.

This is especially paramount for soccer bettors. Some sportsbooks don't offer an expansive roster of props. They'll have the fundamental options, such as "Which team will score the first goal?" or "Will Player X score a goal?"

Demand more than that from your sportsbook if you plan on doing more than just betting straight outcomes. Think along the lines of following options:

  • What's the over/under on the amount of extra time that will be added to the clock in the first half?
  • Which team will finish with the better goal differential during the group stage of the FIFA World Cup?
  • What's the over/under on the number of goals that will be scored by Team X in the first 45 minutes?
  • How many shots on goal will Team X have in the second half?
  • How many saves with Player X have?

The potential list goes on and on. Limits are only placed on prop options by sportsbooks themselves. Otherwise, there are an infinite supply of wagers you can make if you're tired of betting outcomes.

For our research, we've found Bovada,, and to be the most accommodating. This holds doubly true when we wagering outside of major tournaments. Many sportsbooks expand their horizons when the entire world is watching. But these sites tend to offer the widest array of possibilities no matter what.

  • Betting Type: Live Bets

Live bets are a staple for every professional sport. That being said, it can be difficult to find a ton of options when it comes to soccer.

Make no mistake, they're out there. But some sportsbooks are reticent to offer in-game bets because of how low scoring matches tend to be. They feel it makes mid-stream outcomes more predictable and, thus, less profitable for them. 

Bovada, and Pinnacle are the most dependable when it comes to offering live bets on soccer matches. It doesn't matter whether it's a FIFA or UEFA competition, or if you're betting on an exhibition match. They'll put everything from mid-game moneylines, spreads, over/under numbers and even certain props at your fingertips as the matches wear on.

Oftentimes, people make the mistake of thinking live bets aren't important. And for those who don't watch matches unfold after placing a wager, they might not be. But live wagers offer the opportunity for you make adjustments or exploit long-shot odds you deem atypically likely.

Say the over/under for a match against the Brazil and Spain national teams is 3.5. You bet the under. But then two goals are scored in the first 15 minutes of action. Live betting gives you the opportunity to place another wager on the over/under based off that change. If the sportsbook you're using still has it set at 3.5, you can invest in the over. If it moves the mid-match over/under to 5.5, you'll have to again decide between either option.

Similarly, let's assume Brazil enters the same match as a -360 favorite on the moneyline. But then they fall behind 2-0 in the first 30 minutes. Live betting affords you the opportunity to bet in their moneyline again, only this time they'll be laying an underdog return. If you're watching the game, see they're spending an inordinate amount of time near Spain's goal and decide they're going to erase that deficit in the final 60 minutes of action, you could come out richer for wear.

If nothing else, live bets are a good way to keep yourself engaged for every soccer match you might put money on, be it a major league event for UEFA, a FIFA-sanctioned tournament or a rather inconsequential dog-days sparring. So even if you don't fancy yourself a frequent live-bet investor, it's not a bad idea to consider using a sportsbook that regularly offers the option anyway. 

  • Identifying Opportunistic Odds

This is perhaps the most important aspect of properly betting on soccer, and yet it's not talked about nearly enough.

Too often we assume that all sportsbooks are offering the same odds. Most of them are; their lines, spreads and over/under markers are similar, if identical. But that's not always the case. And even if it were, not all sportsbooks allow you to place wagers for the same amount of time.

More than a few sites will close the betting if they get a certain amount of money invested on one side of the match. Others will adjust their lines according to how much action rolls in for a particular bet, which can lead to the wager type (i.e. spread, moneyline, over/under) being removed from the list of options altogether.

Bovada,, and are all pretty good about offering single-game odds and future lines for as long as possible. If you envision yourself ever making a last-minute bet or like to work the futures table later in the season or during tournaments, they're going to be sites you'll want to consider.