What Are The Current Champions League Standings?

It's best to know the current standings before making your online sports bets. And if it's the business end of the competition, you'll want to know about each and every knockout stage matchup. 

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What Are The Best Champions League Betting Sites?

Watching the best professional soccer squads in the world is only made more exciting by wagering on your favorite picks to win it all. Plenty of sportsbooks await your bets, but the best soccer betting sites typically give a little back, especially to their most loyal patrons. Take a look at these great soccer sportsbooks to see which one works best for your wagering needs.

      What You Need To Know For Betting On Champions League Football

      Despite the fact that the best European professional sides gather every year to compete in the Champions League, four teams have taken eleven titles since the turn of the century. The big three of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich have dominated results, with Chelsea, Atletico Madrid, and to a lesser extent, PSG challenging their supremacy. Juventus has enjoyed a recent resurgence and look to continue their excellent form on the world's biggest club stage. 

      As a result, Spanish and German teams have won five of the last six Championship League tournaments, while English club teams have seen their performances dip in recent seasons. Chelsea, in 2011-2012, was the last English team to win Europe's most esteemed club competition. Since 1995, Portugal is the only nation outside the big four to field a winning team, back when Porto beat AS Monaco in 2004.

      Our esteemed panel of experts think it's once again Real Madrid's time to shine on the European scene. With Zinadine Zidane's calming and inspiring influence, we predict they'll be crowned European champions, as long as they avoid injuries to key players, once more. 

      How To Bet On the Champions League

      Betting on the Champions League usually involves wagering according to moneylines. Winning a bet on a +275 moneyline earns a much better return than the -275 moneyline. A wager of $10 on +275 wins $27.50 while a wager of $27.50 on -275 earns $10. In addition to betting on the winner, you can also bet on draws. Moneylines on draws usually provide a good return on winning wagers.

      Predicting the total number of goals in a match is another type of bet that you can wager as you watch Europe's best battle it out on the grandest of stages.

      Futures bets are another wager type sports bettors enjoy. They allow you to wager on who you think will be the top goal scorer of the tournament or what team you reckon is going to win it all. 

      The parlay is yet another wager type soccer fans regularly employ. While more difficult to win, this type of bet usually pays out big when it comes off. Parlay bets are wagers involving multiple teams. Each team must win for parlays to pay out.