World Cup Betting Online

The FIFA World Cup may not represent the best quality of soccer on the planet, but it’s easily the biggest sporting event in the world, drawing hundreds of millions of fans together in celebrating the best sides from around the globe. As such, it’s also one of the best soccer events to bet on. Other than a hiatus caused by the horrific fighting of World War Two, the World Cup has been awarded every four years since beginning in 1930.

What Are The Best World Cup Betting Sites?

The opportunity to wager on one of the most exciting soccer events in the world takes place only once every four years, so it’s best to partner with a solid sportsbooks that provides smooth wagering action along with great bonuses and promotions. The following list showcases a few of the great online soccer sportsbooks. 

What You Need To Know For Betting On World Cup

Despite the controversial reign of Sepp Blatter, the FIFA World Cup has never been bigger, with the most recent tourney in 2014 turning out to be one of the most exciting in the history of the game. Over/under betting on goals completely slanted towards the over, as the 2014 World Cup in Brazil tied the 1998 World Cup in France for the most goals scored in an entire tournament at 171.

Heavy favourites to win it all on home soil and become the first to lift the World Cup trophy for the sixth time, the Brazilian squad lost in one of the most shocking matches in World Cup history, conceding four goals in six minutes on the way to a 7-1 annihilation.

With the upcoming FIFA World Cup tournaments being held in Russia and Qatar for the first time, the trend of unpredictable results is likely to continue, with more upsets and goalazos entertaining the soccer wagering masses.

How To Bet On World Cup

Soccer betting involves a bit more of an informed decision making process, as those who wager also have the choice of betting on a draw instead of selecting one of the two teams as a winner. Draws also show up on the moneyline, typically offering a good reward for those who predict a tie game after regulation.

Moneylines communicate the reward that bettors receive for selecting the right outcome. A bet on a moneyline of +225 wins the player $22.50 on a $10 wager while a moneyline of -225 means that the player must bet $22.50 to win $10.

In addition to moneyline wagering, betting on the total amount of goals in a game adds another fun dimension to betting on World Cup soccer.