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Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Betting Odds, Analysis and Prediction

Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Betting Odds, Analysis and Prediction
At long last, boxing fans are getting a rematch between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz. Well, okay, not that long. Joshua and Ruiz last fought against each other in June. But that feels like forever ago. And while Ruiz pulled off the upset last time around, he once again enters as the heavy underdog. Can he pull off another upset?

Here are the latest Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz odds, courtesy of the folks over at Bovada:

  • Anthony Joshua (-250)
  • Andy Ruiz (+195)

Both Anthony Joshua's odds and Andy Ruiz'odds will change before this Dec. 7 tilt, so make sure you're double-checking lines before placing a wager.

Likewise, if you use a different sportsbook, you'll want to confirm their Joshua-Ruiz odds. A sportsbook like the highly rated BetNow might have slightly variant lines.

Either way, this is the place to be if you're looking for betting advice. Our preview will include:

  • Ruiz vs Joshua odds
  • Analysis of the last fight between Ruiz and Joshua
  • The betting case for Joshua
  • The betting case for Ruiz
  • Joshua-Ruiz picks

Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz Breakdown

The Case for Anthony Joshua (-250)

This isn't the position Anthony Joshua is supposed to be in.

Yes, he's the heavy betting favorite. But he's working off a spur-of-the-moment loss to Andy Ruiz himself. Last June, he was initially slated to fight Jarrett Miller. After Miller failed a drug test, though, Ruiz was tapped as his stand-in.

Joshua, who was then on the verge of becoming perhaps the biggest name in boxing, was supposed to roll toward a victory. He didn't. Though it remains the only loss to date on Joshua's record, people started questioning his drive and preparation. If he loses this time around, he's looking at yet another major perception drop.

It has since become trendy to vote in favor of Ruiz. A lot of big names are predicting another upset. That's fine. At the same time, let's not pretend Joshua is all of a sudden small potatoes. He has the stamina to duke it out until a decision, but he's also one of boxing's KO and TKO kings

This time around, Joshua will have to make an effort to land more punches. He connected on under five jabs in three of seven rounds during his June loss and can't afford to let that happen again. A conservaitve punch profile would yet again possibly spell his doom.

Joshua's left hook still ranks among the best in the big business, and it makes more sense to chalk his initial loss to Ruiz up to his being caught off-guard by a new opponent's combination of speed and stamina. He won't be surprised again.

Anthony Joshua odds are at -250.

The Case for Andy Ruiz (+195)

Plenty of people are sold on Ruiz following his upset of Joshua over the summer. Others? Not so much.

Detractors have pointed to Ruiz's change in physical profile since that initial fight. He looks leaner, and while many chastised his weight management ahead of this first matchup, the power and force that came with his build was eventually dubbed a huge advantage in the victory.

Ruiz, for his part, doesn't seem concerned with the buzz. He has posted Instagram videos of his training that showcase both his speed and enduring power—with both arms, mind you. He also claims that he's only three pounds lighter than he was in June.

Ultimately, we're not concerned about the apparent change. If anything, he looks more mobile between the ropes, which could end up proving huge given how many high-octane left hooks and combination punches he'll need to evade from Joshua.

As for whether Ruiz's first win was a fluke, no one can be entirely sure. But we'll say this: After watching highlights from fight No. 1, it doesn't seem like it was purely a case of Joshua being ill-prepared and Ruiz getting lucky.

The latter put together some really dominant stretches in which his speed and mobility belied his apparent body makeup. That he's only in better condition this time around is kind of, sort of terrifying.

Andy Ruiz odds are at +195.

Joshua-Ruiz Prediction

Though we're not ones to buy into contrived underdog hype, we can't help but shake this feeling that this fight will...belong to Ruiz.

Indeed, we should expect a better version of Joshua. He's had more time to prepare for Ruiz specifically this time around, and he most definitely won't be entering this fight under that guise his victory is already assured.

Still, not enough people are talking about how we should get a better version of Ruiz as well.

Bear in mind that Ruiz was a last-minute fill-in the first time aroud. He had just weeks, rather than months, to both get himself in fight shape and prepare for his opponent. Now that he's had about a half-year to get ready for the rematch, why should we expect him to be any worse?

This fight has the potential to go the other way if Joshua is more aggressive on the inside rather than focusing on the outside or playing conservative defense. We can't forget abou this left hook, either. 

But Ruiz also withstood a few of Joshua's monster lefts in the first fight and proved he could bounce back. And enough cannot be about how quick his jab combinations were in that matchup.

It may take a decision, but Ruiz appears to be in peak condition and, while lighter, a litter faster overall. Ergo, this is a fight he can win. Again.

OSB Prediction: Andy Ruiz wins by decision (+195)

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