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Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury Betting Odds

When Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder meet in Los Angeles on Dec. 2, one of them will leave as the victor, his perfect record still intact. The other will exit with the first official loss of his career and begin the slow trek toward redemptions. Our breakdown covers everything you need to know about this pivotal matchup, including:

  • Outright betting odds
  • Method of victory betting odds
  • Alternative round betting odds
  • Breakdowns
  • Predictions

Odds for Fury vs. Wilder

Please note that all odds come via Bovada and are accurate as of Wednesday, November 14.

Outright Odds: Deontay Wilder (-165) vs. Tyler Fury (+135)

This line is actually tighter than most would have imagined.

While both fighters enter with undefeated records, Deontay Wilder is sporting a 98 percent knockout rate. Yes, you read that correctly. As such, you'd think this line would move a little more in Wilder's favor, since he clearly won't be chasing a points win.

That being said, Tyson Fury's pre-fight comments seemed to have amped up the public. They've interpreted his bravado and general self-assuredness as potential. We'll have to see whether they're right.

Method of Victory Odds

Here's how the returns on the major outcomes are shaking out head into this fight:

  • Deontay Wilder by Decision/Technical Decision (+400)
  • Deontay Wilder by Knockout/Total Knockout (+120)
  • Tyson Fury by Decision/Technical Decision (+200)
  • Tyson Fury by Knockout/Total Knockout (+550)
  • Draw or Technical Draw (+2800)

If you're interested in placing what qualifies as a long-shot bet on the favorite, Wilder's decisions odds are pretty big-time. As noted before, most of his fights have finished with knockouts. He chases those kinds of victories. 

But Fury prides himself on hanging around. The 30-year-old has the potential to carry this fight the distance, even if he's not going to win. That renders Wilder's full-decision odds (+400) a little more appealing than usual.

Alternative Round Odds

If you feel like trying to figure out when this fight will end, well, there are odds for that too:

  • Deontay Wilder, Round 1-6 (+260)
  • Deontay Wilder, Round 7-12 (+400)
  • Tyson Fury, Round 1-6 (+1000)
  • Tyson Fury, Round 7-12 (+800)

By now, you can notice that Fury's odds are improving in later-match bets. This is by design. He likes to hang around the middle of ring, tuck in his elbows and try to pile up points over time. If Wilder isn't able to get in a few quick hits, as is his preference, Fury could be in line for an upset.

Wilder vs. Fury Prediction

This battle for the WBC World Heavyweight title figures to be one of the closer ones. Even if Wilder knocks out Fury, both are masters of their respective fighting styles. Fury is more conservative, while Wilder comes out firing.

A lot has been made of the latter's 40-0 record (39 knockouts). That's fair. But Fury is 27-0 with 19 knockouts himself. He's more methodical than a lot of the other names Wilder has faced.

Still, when things seem a little too close to call, it's smart to role with the defending champ. And that's Wilder. His combination of power and accuracy is one for the record books. This fight may demand he win by decision rather than knockout, but he's skillful enough to do it.

Prediction: Deontay Wilder (-165)

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