The Vuelta a España or ‘Tour of Spain’ is a multiple-stage bicycle race primarily held in Spain, but also ventures into neighboring countries. The Vuelta a España was inspired by the success of the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France and was the third race added to the Grand Tours. Much like the rest of the Grand Tour races, the Vuelta is held over the course of three weeks.

The Vuelta a España odds aren't available yet. The odds are subject to change, so be sure to check back with this page as often as possible. The odds were last updated on April 19, 2021: 

2021 Vuelta a España Winners Odds

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The Vuelta a España is held annually in late August and early September, and has been a fixture on the sports schedule since 1955. While the Vuelta was founded in 1935, there were a few years that the race was unable to run due to the Spanish Civil War and World War II.

We are lucky that the Vuelta a España or any of the other Grand Tour tournaments were not canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic - we are just going to see the Vuelta a España a little bit later this year, starting on October 20th.

The route changes each year, but the format of the race remains the same with two-time trials, the route through the Pyrenees, and the finish in Madrid. Each year, riders complete stages - the rider’s times are compounded with their previous stage times. The rider with the lowest finishing time is the leader of the race and wears a red jersey.

There are other skill contests within the Vuelta a España, including the points classification for the sprinters, mountain classification for the climbers, combination classification for the all-around riders and team classifications.

La Vuelta 2020

How to Bet on the Vuelta a Espana

The first step to starting your Vuelta a España betting strategy includes learning the popular cycling betting options and learning which ones best suit this year’s event.

Popular Vuelta a Espana Betting Options

When you’re looking at your favorite online sportsbook and make your way to the cycling section, you may see some different betting types that you aren’t necessarily familiar with if you’re used to the regular moneylines, totals, and spreads.

Vuelta a Espana Futures

The Vuelta a España will have futures on the winner of the event before any other betting type because a futures wager is meant to be placed long before the event even occurs. This includes a list of the riders participating, with the riders that are most likely to win at the top. Futures will have higher odds but will be a riskier bet to place as there are so many cyclists to bet on.

If you feel that Chris Froome is a good choice and his odds are around +350, a $100 wager on Froome would pay out $450.

Futures usually go live as soon as an event is announced, we expect that with the changes being made to delaying the event this year that odds will be listed soon.

Top 3 Finish

The top three finish allows bettors a small margin of error if you aren’t sure that your favorite cyclist will win the Vuelta a España. If you aren’t sure if they’ll win the race outright but could do very well and place top in the top three, you can place that wager with reduced odds. This can be a great option as your rider only has to place in the top three spots for your bet to win.

Top 10 Finish

This Vuelta a España betting option is the exact same as above, but you get even more reduced odds and your cyclist simply has to place tenth or better.

Stage Betting

You can bet on the top rider for each stage of the Vuelta a España as well. Some riders excel in certain routes or terrains so it can be a great value to bet on the stages that you know a rider would excel at. Each stage will have betting odds, so it makes it easier if you know the rider’s style, and let’s say, if they are better on a certain terrain - maybe they would win the stage of the race through that specific terrain - like the mountain stage for example.

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Past Vuelta a Espana Champions

  • 2020 - Primoz Roglic (Slovenia)
  • 2019 - Primoz Roglic (Slovenia)
  • 2018 - Simon Yates (UK)
  • 2017 - Chris Froome (UK)
  • 2016 - Nairo Quintana (Columbia)
  • 2015 - Fabio Aru (Italy)
  • 2014 - Alberto Contador (Spain)
  • 2013 - Chris Horner (US)
  • 2012 - Alberto Contador (Spain)
  • 2011 - Chris Froome (UK)
  • 2010 - Vincenzo Nibali (Italy)

Luckily, sportsbooks offer plenty of Vuelta a España odds leading up to and during the three-week tour. , you bet that sportsbooks will jump at the chance of offering cycling odds for any of the Grand Tour events. With the rescheduled 2020 Vuelta a España getting closer, we can look at the upcoming odds and see which riders are favored to win the tournament, what kinds of bets are available, and the top sportsbooks for betting on the Vuelta a España.

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Odds to Win 2020 Vuelta a España

Leading up to the Vuelta a España, it’s common for the winner of the previous year’s race to be at the top of the oddsboard and favored to win the upcoming event.

Chris Froome will be returning this year as he missed last year’s tour due to injuries, and will likely be a favorite going into 2020 Vuelta a España.

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La Vuelta a España Betting Sites

You won’t see a huge selection of Vuelta a Espana betting odds unfortunately, but you still can get your bets in and make some great cash betting on the Tour of Spain. With fewer betting options, you have to be a little more strategic and really do your research to pick the winners.

If you choose to continue this sports betting journey, you will need to find a sportsbook that offers cycling odds, and make sure they have competitive odds on the Vuelta a Espana. Online sportsbooks have a huge selection of sports to bet on, and many options for even the smaller, lesser known sports than your average retail sportsbook - that is, if sports betting is even legal in your home state.

Reading sportsbook reviews can help in selecting a great online sportsbook, and we only recommend the top online sportsbooks for betting on cycling.

Betting on the Vuelta a Espana online makes for a fun three weeks, and a great way to make the events more interesting to watch.

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