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2019 US Grand Prix: Betting Odds, Analysis, Predictions

2019 US Grand Prix: Betting Odds, Analysis, Predictions
The 2019 US Grand Prix betting field is open for business, and this year, there are plenty of best-value candidates. Lewis Hamilton is a co-favorite after winning the Mexican Grand Prix, and he's joined by none other than Charles Leclerc. Should you be investing in one of them? Someone else? Let's find out!

Here are the racers laying the top five odds ahead of the F1 US Grand Prix, as determined by the folks over at MyBookie:

  • Lewis Hamilton (+185)
  • Charles Leclerc (+185)
  • Sebastian Vettel (+275)
  • Max Verstappen (+700)
  • Valtteri Bottas (+800)

Formula 1 betting odds in 2019 are subject to wild shifts in the market. The US Grand Prix is no different.

These Formula 1 odds will change between now and the opening horn. Be sure to double-check the lines before placing your bets. In the meantime, our US Grand Prix primer has you covered with all of the following:

  • Complete US Grand Prix betting odds
  • Analysis of Formula 1 Championship odds
  • Best-value bets
  • US Grand Prix picks
  • More!

2019 US Grand Prix Betting Breakdown

Here are the odds to win the 2019 US Grand Prix for every single participating rider:

  • Lewis Hamilton, Charlse Leclerc (+185)
  • Sebastian Vettel (+275)
  • Max Verstappen (+700)
  • Valtteri Bottas (+800)
  • Alexander Albon (+10000)
  • Carlos Sainz Jr. (+50000)
  • Lando Norris (+75000)
  • Pierre Gasly, Daniil Kvyat, Daniel Ricciardo, Nico Hulkenberg, Sergio Perez, Kimi Raikkononen (+150000)
  • Lance Stroll, Antonio Giovinazzi (+250000)
  • Romain Grosjean, Kevin Magnussen (+300000)
  • George Russell (+400000)
  • Robert Kubica (+500000)

Best Value Bets at US Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton (+185)

The US Grand Prix is shaping up to be a title-deciding race, and no one is better positioned to win not just the event, but the F1 championship than Lewis Hamilton.

Mercedes had him on a one-stop strategy at the Mexican Grand Prix, and it paid off. Other riders were treated to delays when their pit crew ran into issues with attaching tires later in the race.

Though Hamilton himself expressed doubt about the strategy, it helped him build a precious cushion over other heavyweights like Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen.

Perhaps Mercedes will play it a bit more safe at Austin on Saturday. Hamilton doesn't need a first place victory to secure the F1 championship.

Then again, he also has to ensure his closest rivals don't place above him, lest he risk squandering his chance at the title.

The mere possibility that he will be forced to go after another first-place finish is attractive given how well he's raced this season, most notably during his victories in Hungary and Monaco.

Sebastian Vettel (+275)

Vettel is considered Hamilton's most direct competition. That was never more evident than it was at the Mexican Grand Prix. Vettel is the reason Hamilton's crew employed the one-stop strategy at all.

This is to say, we have to take Vettel seriously, even if fans aren't quite enamored with his tactics. He essentially forced Hamilton onto the grass at one point during the Mexican Grand Prix without getting penalized. Any push-back from above would have cost him his second-place finish.

And yet, it didn't. Vettel drives aggressively. That's what makes him arguably Ferrari's best man behind the wheel. It also must be noted that, even with Hamilton stopping only once, Vettel still finished inside two seconds of his time.

Max Verstappen (+700)

Don't read too much into Max Verstappen's poor finish at the Mexican Grand Prix. He finished more than 68 seconds off Hamilton, but that was only because officials assessed him a penalty.

Yellow flags came out after Valterri Bottas crashed his Mercedes on the track. Verstappen was docked because he failed to slow down to an adequate speed.

That error ended up costing him a "three-place grid penalty." And had it not been for that, he would have landed a pole position in the race.

Hence why Verstappen is such an excellent bet at +700. The action clearly isn't headed his way after Sunday's gaffe, yet he's consistently near the top in the races that he runs. This is very much diamond-in-the-rough value.

Sergio Perez (+150000)

No one should throw money on Sergio Perez with the expectation that he will win. He's very much an underdog. But woo boy, at +150000, he's being wildly undervalued. 

Perez's seventh-place finish at the Mexican Grand Prix, in front of his hometown crowd, earned him "Best of the Rest" positioning. That's not nothing for a 29-year-old driver. 

Bettors could write this off as a fluke. Again: Perez is from Mexico. Maybe this is a hometown-kid high he's riding. 

Counterpoint: Maybe not.

Perez showed moxie in the tail end of the Mexican Grand Prix, going 51 laps without a stop to hold off an 11th-hour push from Daniel Ricciardo.

The skill Perez showed while driving on tires that weren't as fresh as many of his counterparts should not be discounted. If he can get off to a better start in Austin, he has more of a chance than his betting line implies.

2019 US Grand Prix Winner Prediction

Believe it or not, our pick to win the 2019 US Grand Prix is...Max Verstappen.

Even after getting docked for failing to slow at the yellow flags in Mexico, and even after suffering a mid-race puncture that forced unscheduled maintenance, Verstappen's pace was still neck and neck with that of Hamilton, who ended up finishing in first.

There are no medals for "almosts," but if Verstappen is able to drive a smoother race in Austin, his dive-bombing around tight turns figures to play well.

Hamilton is, of course, also a good pick. That said, we're wary that his one-stop strategy works this time around, if he employs it at all.

OSB Prediction: Max Verstappen (+700) 

Check out the below list of the best online sportsbooks so you can decide which one to use for your US Grand Prix betting. Do not forget to claim your bonus!

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