Sports Betting Apps for Android

Almost everything in life is done on the go these days. It makes sense that using sportsbooks would follow that trend. Plenty of people still stick with desktops and laptops and even telephone calls to place their bets, but sportsbooks apps are coming increasingly popular. Android device users specifically needn't worry about getting their fix. Many of the most trusted online oddsmakers have compatible apps that help you place your wagers and stay in tune with the sports scene while on the move. We're here to break down everything from the best apps, to the benefits of betting from your mobile device.

Benefits to Android Sportsbooks Apps

Real-Time Notifications

Placing bets on a mobile device pulls some people out of their comfort zone, but it can actually be a more rewarding method than using your desktop or laptop.

A great deal of Android sportsbooks allow you to set up notifications based on the games in which you're investing. Say it's Week 7 of the NFL season, and you want to bet the New York Giants (-7) over the Cleveland Browns (+7), but you're waiting to see whether Big Blue's quarterback, Eli Manning, will play through his (hypothetical) elbow injury. You can adjust your settings to make sure your home screen gets pinged whenever some sort of update related to either of these two teams comes in.

Having this information will make for more accurate, timely and generally effective bets. And even if the app in question doesn't promise a valuable wealth of notifications, you can always seek those elsewhere. That's the benefit of betting from your mobile device. You can set up alerts with a sports-centric site like ESPN or Bleacher Report, and once the important updates get relayed to your home screen, you can head over to your sportsbook app and place a wager you're confident in with just a few clicks and/or swipes.

Bet Anywhere

This is kind of a "Well, duh" benefit, but it's also a big deal.

Can't get home in time to research bets for upcoming NBA games that night? No worries. You can place a bet on your phone well before tipoff. 

On vacation, without your laptop, and looking to reload your sportsbook purse? Good deal. You can do that from the palm of your hand, wherever you are, so long as you have cell service or wifi.

Forgot to withdraw winnings from your account that you wanted to make sure were processed and delivered as quickly as possible? There's an app for that.

Fast, Reliable Functionality

Some devices might crash or lag when you're trying to fire up sportsbook apps. Not Androids, though. Most of the models have the processors and crystal-clear displays to guarantee a smooth betting experience.

If you're looking to read more about how Androids are able to handle such high usage, be sure to check this out.

Extensive List of Apps

Where some operating systems may not be compatible with every available sportsbetting app, Androids come pretty damn close. If your sportsbook has a mobile program, chances are you can run it on your Android without issue. 

In fact, so many of the big-time websites work with Androids that should you find a sportsbook that doesn't, you're probably better off avoiding it altogether. You don't want to do business with a company that fails to sync up with one of the most accommodating mobile betting systems out there. 

Best Sportsbooks Apps Compatible with Android Devices


Bovada's app is intriguing for its full-service presentation. The interface you'll see on your Android device isn't any different than what you would get on your computer. This allows for a more consistent betting experience—particularly knowing their betting-slip format carries over to the app. This simple feature is among the most clean-cut aspects of the desktop site, so having it at your fingertips on the go is a very big deal.

One downside to the experience: Bovada's app doesn't yet include live streaming or highlights. You can still place live, mid-game bets, but you'll be tasked with watching the game on another device.

Although this can be a bit of a buzzkill, Bovada makes up for the limitations with extensive account services. You can check your balance, make deposits, seek withdrawals and everything else along those lines without much effort at all.

Separate registration isn't required, either. So long as you already have an account with Bovada, all your pertinent intel should be uploaded into the app upon login, further contributing to a painless gambling experience.

William Hill

william hill

William Hill's Android app is a sneaky-useful tool. Like Bovada, they don't offer live streaming on your device, but the well of betting options stretches incredibly deep. They do a great job keeping you up to date with everything that's happening in games, matches and races—so much so that your live bets will never be delayed.

Instant, nuanced notifications are perhaps the biggest selling point. They won't only ping you when something happens during the competition you've bet on; they'll send you alerts beforehand with germane information, news and rumors that allow you to make wagers while being in-the-know in real time.