Sports Betting Apps for iPhone

In today's digital age, it's important to have access to everything you need, whenever you need it. And that includes sportsbooks. You don't always want to make your deposits, bets, withdrawals, etc. from your home computer. After all, you're not always home. You're on the go. You're at work and don't want to use a company computer to visit gambling sites. You're on the train. You're flying. You're on vacation, without instant access to a desktop.

Drawbacks to iPhone Sportsbook Apps

Sportsbook apps were made for these exact situations, among so many more. And fortunately for the innumerable amount of iPhone users, you're able to access so many different options in the palm of your hand—enough to where it's almost a burden.


That's where we come in. We're here to outline the best sportsbook apps for your iPhone, while providing any other pivotal information you might need.

Limited Availability in App Stores

While we hate to start things off with bad news, it must be said: Many bettors in the United States won't be able to simply download sportsbook apps in Apple's default store. Online gambling isn't officially legal in most of the states, so this is almost a built-in rule.

Don't worry too much, though. There is a way around this.

Most sportsbooks will offer direct app downloads. All you need to do is visit their site using your phone's web browser. From there, provided the sportsbooks has an app at all, you should be able to download and install whatever program you're after. Some of these websites won't even make you download anything; they'll let you run and operate the full-web version rather than directing you to an app download.

Benefits to iPhone Sportsbooks Apps

Direct-to-You Notifications


If you're waiting on certain injury updates, news breaks or any information at all before betting on particular event, iPhone sportsbooks apps are for you.

A majority of programs will allow you to set home-screen alerts for specific teams, this way you're never out of the loop. If the sportsbooks app you've chosen doesn't offer that courtesy service, you're still fine. Sports-specific sites like ESPN and Bleacher Report let you customize alerts from the ground up. You can specify not just certain leagues or games, but teams and even players. Both ESPN and B/R, meanwhile, offer quick enough updates for you to ensure the news you're getting is instant, rather than delayed.

Ditto for the Twitter app. Follow and set home-screen notifications for your favorite and most reliable reporters. Their tweets will show up automatically and immediately, which means sometimes you might even get pertinent injury reports, rest updates or breaking news before the information comes through via the big-name sports sites.

From there, once you get what you're looking for, you can swipe right over to your sportsbook app and submit a wager swiftly and confidently.

Built for Every Lifestyle

This advantage is obvious, but it bears discussing: Using sportsbooks apps on your iPhone allows you to make bets, deposits, withdrawals and transfers from anywhere. 

Gone are the days where you have to be home, in front of your laptop or desktop, to get your gambling fix. Since the iPhone runs off both wifi and roving data, you can place your bets anytime, from anywhere, with minimal hassle.

Display Options

Some sportsbook apps will use their full website in their mobile programs. Others will only offer their device-specific layouts.

In most cases, though, the iPhone lets you select your view. If you want to use the desktop version of your sportsbook, you can. If you like the bare-bones aesthetics of the mobile view, then you can make that your default setting.

Plenty of Apps from Which to Choose

Finding a good sportsbook app won't be hard on the iPhone. Like, not hard at all. The iPhone is still more common than Android devices, so any website that designs an app will usually make it functional across all Apple products.

Sure, sometimes you run into operating system snafus. But those are rare when dealing with the bigger, more popular sportsbooks. Less-heralded sites are the ones more likely to be incompatible.

Your place of residence is the bigger challenge. Not all United States citizens will be able to get their app from the Apple store. Yet, even when this hiccup arises, you're normally still able to get the app from the sportsbook's full website directly. It takes a little more time to find and download, but again, if your sportsbook is among the well-known ones, it should have options that enable you to access all the necessary betting features on your iPhone.

Strong Operating System

Androids are dependable when it comes to running these sportsbooks apps. iPhones, provided you can get the sportsbooks onto your device, are even better.

Apple's IOS operating system is touted for its near infallibility. This isn't specific to just iPads, laptops and iMacs. It includes the iPhone, so you don't have to worry about the app crashing because of bandwidth or an excess of other running apps.

Best Sportsbook Apps Compatible with iPhone



Bovada's app is renowned for its simplicity.

Unlike Bet365, they don't deliver live streaming or highlights. But they're still able to prop up mid-game betting due to instantaneous box-score updates; you can't see what's happening, but you'll have all the numbers necessary to make live wagers.

Most importantly, Bovada's interface is just really easy to navigate. You can choose from viewing the full website, like you're on the computer, or sticking with the mobile view. Specific registration or extra downloads aren't required, either. Sign in to an existing account, and you're golden. All your information is there, at your fingertips.

Finally, Bovada's convenient transaction setup doesn't vary from website to mobile app. Bet slips are still clear and easy to build. Deposits can be made and verified quickly. Withdrawals are hassle-free (if you've met all your rollover or minimum requirements). Really, using the Bovada apps is a lot like using the full website, regardless of the view you choose. The only difference is the size of the screen on which you're working.


Betfair's app may not be as aesthetically pleasing as its competitors, but gosh darn it, few other sportsbooks are as simple to use on your mobile device.

Everything starts with access: You have it. Everywhere. Anywhere. On whatever device you're using—including the iPhone.

Indeed, Betfair is available in the app store, but they also offer a direct download from their site. Even better, they don't demand you download anything at all. Their full website will function in your preferred browser, which is great for those who are light on storage or just don't want to have another app installed on their iPhone.

Best of all, transactions are easy for incumbent account holders. As the below video shows, for example, you're able to cash out with the click of a single button:

Talk about easy!