MotoGP - Grand Prix Of The Americas Best Bets - Marquez Returns

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MotoGP - Grand Prix Of The Americas Best Bets - Marquez Returns

MotoGP Grand Prix Of The Americas Best Bets - Marquez Returns

Grand Prix season heads off to Austin, Texas, this week for the Grand Prix of the Americas. Let's get into MotoGP online betting mode.

Though this year's schedule has featured a few amazing races, we're just as interested in MotoGP Futures on the 2022 World Championship and whether Marc Marquez can begin to catch up. But before we do anything else, let's first have a peek at the latest 2022 MotoGP World Championship betting odds for some of the top riders heading into the race from Texas.

MotoGP - Grand Prix of the AmericasMyBookie
Marc Marquez+300
Fabrio Quartararo+300
Francesco Bagnaia+450
Joan Mir+1000
Alex Rins+1100
Brad Binder+1100
Enea Bastiani+1200
Jorge Martin+1200
Miguel Olviera+2000
Aleix Espargaro+2200
Fabrio Quartararo+300
Marc Marquez+300
Francesco Bagnaia+400
Joan Mir+900
Enea Bastiani+1000
Jorge Martin+1200
Alex Rins+1200
Aleix Espargaro+1400
Brad Binder+1400

If you're new to MotoGP futures, check out our refresher on futures betting. To sum it up: Betting futures is just like betting on money lines. In this case, trying to predict the winner of a single race needs to be mindful of the season-long goal as well.

Another rule of thumb when betting on MotoGP futures? Make sure you are rechecking Riders World Championship odds on a regular basis. They will ebb and flow for each individual rider throughout the season and even race.

And last but not least, do take some time to browse through our in-depth reviews of the best online sportsbooks. They will get you ready along with your best MotoGP betting sites in 2022.

Marc Marquez News: An Update for Grand Prix of the Americas

So, Marc Marquez (+300 currently) is still such a contender to win the 2022 MotoGP World Championship. Mind you, he has missed the Argentina race since crashing during the Indonesian Grand Prix. The prospect of him losing his vision caused massive shockwaves throughout the sport. This is why.

Between 2013 and 2019, he won six of the seven titles, including four in succession. That's a stretch this sport has never seen before. Look at other racing disciplines where drivers have won six or seven titles in a row. That is the perspective needed when considering the stature of Marc Marquez and the REPSOL Honda bike. Few riders can win races by seconds as he can.

For those who doubt his ability after missing a few weeks, we push you to understand the drive of this racer. Marquez has endured a myriad of injuries and yet keeps coming back. It's reasonable that if he had stayed healthy, he'd have at least one more MotoGP Riders win under his belt this season. He would be a good deal closer than 34 points off the lead. This Texas track has been good in the past, accompanied by several victories.

We get it if you're worried about him needing a grace period to find his bearings before returning to form. But he has returned from injuries previously without missing a beat, and even if he's only 70 percent of the rider he was before the Indonesia crash, no one else on this tour can touch his ability. Marquez, when he is on his game, is like pouring a glass of fine wine.  

Fabio Quartararo and his Grand Prix of the Americas Chances

Fabio Quartararo (+300) has not taken full advantage of Marquez's absence this season. He won five rounds last year but has just one podium in three races so far this 2022 season. 

With Marquez back in the fold, Quartararo will start looking over his shoulder a bit. It is inevitable. However, the reigning champion is also a fringe favorite for a reason. Quartararo is an expert at maintaining leads he chisels out earlier in races and has been able to manufacture speed and rhythm even on a track as demanding as Texas is. Those 20 turns are brutal on the body. The Yamaha Factory Racing driver will be ready.

Put another way: Even with Marquez back this week for Texas, Quartararo remains a threat to win this weekend. 

Fablo Quartararo To win Grand Prix of the Americas

Any Other Choices for MotoGP: Grand Prix of the Americas?

In our humble opinion, Aleix Espargaro (+900) may not be a fluke when it comes to the Grand Prix of the Americas. He won last week at Argentina and looked convincing doing it. He currently leads the standings with 45 points.

This doesn't mean the young rider does not have risk. Espargaro struggled mightily at times on the Indonesia track. What did he learn in Argentina that he can use in Texas? For one thing, the Aprilla Racing Team veteran (32) is not afraid of the big stage. 

As for Enea Bastiani (+1400), things may not be so clear-cut. Bastiani could not get in a rhythm last week and nearly crashed out several times in Indonesia. Texas is a rough track. Can he bounce back? He can, but can he win? That's a completely different question. It does feel like Esparagro is more likely to race his race. Therefore...

Aleix Esparagaro To win Grand Prix of the Americas

Moto GP Grand Prix of the Americas Best Bets

Our confidence level in seeing Marc Marquez win this week is higher than it probably should be. We don't care that his past two seasons were marred and ultimately ruined by injury. With all due respect to riders like Brad Binder and even Alex Rins or Joan Mir, they are not Marquez. 

If his vision is truly 100%, Marquez has a great chance to win and value too.

That can be tough for some bettors to swallow but again Marquez tops our best bets.

OSB Prediction: Marc Marquez (+300)

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