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Best NBA Parlay Bet On Friday

Best NBA Parlay Bet On Friday
With nine games on the NBA's Friday night docket, it's the perfect time for some parlay action. Using TopBet's lines, we'll offer our favorite spread and, where available, moneyline picks. Choose to parlay them any which way you please!

Friday Night NBA Betting Insight

By Dan Favale

Parlay any three-to-four of these predicted outcomes at your leisure... 

Toronto Raptors (-4.5, -200) vs. Miami Heat (+4.5, +170)


Kyle Lowry is back, which makes the Toronto Raptors incredibly scary. They overcame a huge deficit to beat the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday, and Lowry only looked like he missed a half-beat.

But let's not forget that the Miami Heat have still been one of the best teams in the NBA since Jan. 17. They have slipped a little of late, but they're scrappy and versatile and generally energetic. 

Since their mid-January heel turn, the Heat are also 11-5 on the road, with the fourth-best away-from-home net rating in the league, trailing only the Golden State Warriors, Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs. If that's not legit, nothing is.

We don't expect the Raptors to rest anyone. They aren't playing the tail or front end of a back-to-back, and they're still in a virtual tie for the Eastern Conference's No. 3 seed with the Washington Wizards.

Still, we're rolling with the Heat on all counts—both the moneyline and spread.

The Picks: Miami Heat (+4.5), Heat (+170)


Cleveland Cavaliers (-14.5, off) vs. Atlanta Hawks (+14.5, off)


The Cleveland Cavaliers are going to enter rest-and-relaxation mode at some point. And that point is coming soon. It's just not coming now.

The Cavaliers have a golden opportunity to wrap up first place in the Eastern Conference on Friday night. They already have a 1.5-game hold over the Boston Celtics, plus the season-series tiebreaker. Beating the Atlanta Hawks gives them an insurmountable two-game lead.

Head coach Tyronn Lue could simply prolong what appears to be inevitable, but the Hawks are scheduled to rest everyone tonight. That gives the Cavaliers a chance to end things early, beating the shorthanded Hawks into submission, allowing them to both secure a blowout victory and provide LeBron James and friends with some rest.

The Picks: Cleveland Cavaliers (-14.5)


Houston Rockets (-12, off) vs. Detroit Pistons (+12, off)

There is nothing for the Houston Rockets to play for right now. They have third place in the Western Conference all sewn up. They cannot move up or down. 

But head coach Mike D'Antoni
 isn't one to rest his players—not when his MVP candidate, James Harden, refuses to take a leave of absence. 

Pit a full-strength Rockets team against the latest version of the Detroit Pistons, and the game probably won't even be competitive. The Pistons have been in both an offensive and defensive rut for the last 15 games or so. The playoffs are all but out of reach for them, and head coach Stan Van Gundy has already committed to playing some of his backups.

No wonder why you aren't able to use the moneyline as a parlay option.

The Picks: Houston Rockets (-12)


Los Angeles Lakers (-3, -150) vs. Sacramento Kings (+3, +130)


It's very interesting that the Los Angeles Lakers are favored over the Sacramento Kings.

Yes, they're at home. And sure, they've pieced together some gutsy victories of late. But those wins have essentially been inadvertent. The Lakers, despite what they say, are tanking. The guys they play aren't trying to lose, but that's only because the bodies head coach Luke Walton is making available aren't supposed to good enough to win.

The Lakers did everything they could to lose Wednesday night's affair against the San Antonio Spurs. They failed. They have now won two in a row and forfeited ownership of the NBA's second-worst record to the Phoenix Suns.

It doesn't matter that the Kings aren't world-beaters. The Lakers lose their pick if it falls outside the top three. Finishing with the third-worst record means only one team has to jump them in the lottery order to harm their future. Ergo, they will, once again, do whatever it takes to lose this game.

And they should succeed.

The Pick: Sacramento Kings (+3), Sacramento Kings (+130)

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