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How to win your Monday NBA bets

How to win your Monday NBA bets
It's a busy Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the NBA on Monday—just like always. With nine games on the league's plate, all of them scattered throughout the day, we're here to help you suss out the best available picks, with a little help from TopBet's lines.

NBA betting predictions and game analysis

Milwaukee Bucks (-9.5) vs. Philadelphia 76ers (+9.5)


T.J. McConnell's absence will hinder the Philadelphia 76ers as they travel to face the Milwaukee Bucks. Their offense, which is typically terrible, has looked almost good with him running point of late.

Still, the Sixers' defense is the best in the Eastern Conference since Nov. 24—a stretch that has spanned more than half the regular season thus far. They still have Joel Embiid to set things on fire, and Nerlens Noel has been a more than adequate replacement when he steps off.

Watch out for the Sixers starting Jahlil Okafor, though. If head coach Brett Brown announces such a change or intention, distance yourself from Philly.

Milwaukee has been good-to-great at home and should win this game no matter what, but we're betting on things being closer than the sportsbooks expect.

The Pick: Philadelphia 76ers (+9.5)


Indiana Pacers (-5.5) vs. New Orleans Pelicans (+5.5)


It's admittedly surprising to see the Indiana Pacers favored by almost six points.

Yes, they are playing at home. Yes, their recent hot streak isn't too far behind them. And yes, the New Orleans Pelicans offense has been a major crap fest this season.

But Anthony Davis is slated to play, and the Pelicans' defense has been hot fire for most of this year. New Orleans shouldn't have any trouble keeping pace with an Indiana scoring machine that ranks among the most inconsistent—and therefore unimpressive—in the league.

So long as the Pelicans' plan to play Davis doesn't change, our pick won't either.

The Pick: New Orleans Pelicans (+5.5)


Denver Nuggets (-5.5) vs. Orlando Magic (+5.5)


Talk about your risky lines. The Denver Nuggets and Orlando Magic profile as two of the most up-and-down factions in the NBA this season.

It's the Nuggets, however, who have been more reliable—particularly since sticking Nikola Jokic in the starting five. He has been a major offensive boon to that opening lineup, and Denver is conjuring certain combinations that work on defense.

Which isn't to say the Nuggets must be perfect on the less glamrous end. The Magic cannot space the floor, aren't particularly fast and, save for a few random outburst this season, carry with them almost zero offensive clout.

Some of the most simplistic defenses have been able to solve Orlando's lackluster scoring attack. Denver's fortress shouldn't prove to be an exception—especially after factoring in the Nuggets' home-court advantage. The transition into high-altitude territory is harder than most realize, which doesn't bode well for the Magic.

The Pick: Denver Nuggets (-5.5)


Golden State Warriors (-8) vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (+8)

This is the game everyone has been waiting for since Christmas: The second, and final, NBA Finals rematch of the regular season between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers eked out a victory over the Warriors last time around, erasing a 14-point fourth-quarter deficit that enhanced their already-staunch bragging rights. But this game is different in that Cleveland is traveling to Oakland. Golden State remains almost unbeatable on its own floor and has more reason to get up for the reigning NBA champs now more than ever.

Let's not forget that the Warriors were on the verge of blowing out the Cavaliers in the first meeting, either. They needed to self-destruct under a barrage of turnovers and missed jumpers to cough up that Christmas Day game.

The Warriors remain the superior team, and we must treat them as such.

The Pick: Golden State Warriors (-8)


Phoenix Suns (+6) vs. Utah Jazz (-6)


Rodney Hood won't be suiting up for the Utah Jazz when they play the Phoenix Suns as he recovers from a bone bruise in his right knee. This is problematic—not crippling, but a real annoyance.

Utah needs Hood to help check some of Phoenix's perimeter talent. The Suns are working off a super impressive victory over the Spurs, and their uptempo offense might cause some problems for the Jazz's snail-paced game plan.

Ultimately, the Jazz should win. But they haven't been great on the road this season, so there's a real good chance the Suns remain within striking distance from start to finish.

The Pick: Phoenix Suns (+6)

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