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NBA Finals Game 5 Preview

Warriors Vs Cavs Game 5 Betting Lines & Matchup Comparison

By Dan Favale

Golden State Warriors (-8) vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (+8)


This year's NBA Finals have been a great exercise in betting on the Golden State Warriors' spread numbers. They are 3-1 against the spread through four games, the lone letdown coming in their Game 3 loss. 

But Game 4's win proved what we should have known all along. The Cavaliers cannot beat this team. The Warriors are too good.

Many wanted to entertain the idea that we had a series, that the Cavaliers could pull off this upset, after the Game 3 blowout. Truthfully, though, this series has never been in doubt. Not for a minute.

Not even for a possession.

The Warriors finally got trademark performances from Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in Game 4. And while they didn't steamroll the Cavaliers, they still coasted to a double digit victory. Should we expect anything different in Game 5? Or should we continue to live in fear of Curry and Thompson disappearing, opening up the door of opportunity for Cleveland?

The latter narrative is ridiculously overblown. Curry and Thompson played poorly, together, in Games 1 and 3. But Game 2, though neither exploded, both shot well from the field. They just didn't attempt a ton of jumpers, like usual, because, well, they didn't need to. The Warriors absolutely thrashed the Cavaliers in Game 2. Cleveland's night was over before Curry's and Thompson's ever really started.

Hence the utter futility in worrying that Curry and Thompson are these NBA Finals wild cards. They aren't. The typical assumption still applies: They are more likely than not going to be good.

And when they're on, the Cavaliers have not shown they can compete with the Warriors for a full 48 minutes. They flirted with the idea in Game 4, grabbing leads and hanging within striking distance for most of the night. But the Warriors pulled away in the end—rather easily, too.

Unless the Cavaliers can get their three point act together in Game 5 (5-of-24 from deep in Game 4), they don't stand a chance of beating Golden State or even covering this spread. The Warriors barely shot 40 percent from the floor overall, but still blitzed the Cavaliers with their own ridiculous three point shooting, drill 17 of their 36 attempts (47.2 percent).

The Cavaliers have no answer for that. There is no way to stop that. They didn't play terrible defense on the Warriors; the Warriors just drained tough shots, as they tend to do. 

In the end, that's the story about this matchup. It's not about Kevin Love's fit—or lack thereof—in Cleveland. It's not about how the Cavaliers can adjust and adapt to beat the Warriors.

It's about how the Cavaliers, no matter what they do, simply cannot upset the Warriors. Not in this series. And most certainly not when the Warriors are going home, to Oracle Arena, with a chance to clinch a second straight title victory in Game 5.

The Pick: Warriors (-8)


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