2022 NBA Playoff Picks: Milwaukee Bucks, Golden State Warriors Advance to Semifinals

2022 NBA Playoff Picks: Milwaukee Bucks, Golden State Warriors Advance to Semifinals

Are the Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors readying themselves to clinch a spot in the 2022 NBA semifinals when they head into action on Tuesday, April 26? It just so happens our latest 2022 NBA playoff picks are here to answer this very question.

Let us begin by looking at the latest betting odds on the NBA for all of Tuesday's action, including the showdown between the Memphis Grizzlies and Minnesota Timberwolves:

Memphis Grizzlies-270+220Minnesota Timberwolves
Golden State Warriors-375+300Denver Nuggets
Milwaukee Bucks-480+370Chicago Bulls

All basketball betting lines are subject to move right up until opening tipoff, so be sure to double-check these odds on the NBA playoffs prior to settling on any picks. This holds doubly true if you're investing in betting odds on the NBA Finals, too. The futures markets will always shift multiple times throughout a single day.

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The Bucks Remain on Fire vs. the Bulls

Khris Middleton's sprained MCL was thought to be a massive red flag for the Bucks back in Game 2. Milwaukee hadn't played all that well at full strength in this series, and his absence hollowed out an already-shallow ball-handler rotation. Many jumped on the Bulls winning the series prices around this time.

Fast forward two games and all the doubt in the Bucks have been quelled in a big way. They have straight up flatted the Bulls in each of their past two meetings. And though their supporting cast isn't what you would call the deepest or most bankable group of players, the Bucks have received mission-critical contributions from Grayson Allen, who has stepped into the starting lineup for Middleton and absolutely been torching Chicago's defense from the perimeter.

To be clear: Middleton's absence is genuinely concerning when looking at the rest of the playoff bracket. The Bucks will have to probably go through the Celtics in Round 2, for instance, and it's tough to envision them winning that series without one of their three stars.

For now, though, Milwaukee appears to be fine. Chicago, on the other hand, seems to be exactly who everyone thought they were: nothing more than a first-round steppingstone for the Bucks. 

OSB Prediction: Milwaukee Bucks (-480)

Milwaukee Bucks To beat the Chicago Bulls

Do the Nuggets Have a Game 5 Victory Against the Warriors in Them?

Give credit where it's due: The Nuggets pieced together an inspirational performance against the Warriors in Game 4.

Most thought Denver was done after they squandered a lead in Game 3. The air came out of Ball Arena when they lost. No team in the NBA has ever successfully come back to win a series after falling behind 3-0, and Golden State profiles as a uniquely damaging matchup for a Denver squad that's still without two of their three best players in Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr.

Under those circumstances, a sweep is the expectation. The Warriors want as much time off as possible between now and the semifinals, and the Nuggets, the thinking goes, are too mentally beaten up to stave off a sweep.

And yet, that's exactly what Denver did. Behind a mesmerizing performance from MVP favorite Nikola Jokic, they clung to a fourth quarter lead in Game 4 that they put away with a Will Barton corner three in the final seconds. To show such fight when down 3-0 is admirable. It also only delays the inevitable.

Nothing about this series changes with the Nuggets' Game 4 victory. They had to darn near kill themselves to get one win. Our bet is Jokic will be tired, and that Aaron Gordon's offensive struggles will catch up to Denver's overall performance like it did through Games 1, 2 and 3.  

OSB Prediction: Golden State Warriors (-375)

Golden State Warriors To beat the Denver Nuggets

Timberwolves vs. Grizzlies Game 5 is Almost Unpredictable

Congratulations to anyone who has a firm grasp of this series, because it remains confusing as heck.

After the Timberwolves blew a 26-point lead in Game 3 to fall behind 3-1, the assumption was they would then cave in later contests, too emotionally rattled from squandering such a monumental opportunity. But Game 4 saw Minnesota's offense hum. Karl-Anthony Towns was aggressive. Anthony Edwards put Memphis' defense in rotation. And the Timberwolves did well with their three-point volume.

The latter may end up being the difference in this series. The Grizzlies are not built to hang by firing away from deep, and the Timberwolves like to subsist on outside shots. If they can keep Towns involved the way they did in Game 4, this isn't a series they could win so much as a series they should win.

OSB Prediction: Minnesota Timberwolves (+220)

Minnesota Timberwolves To beat the Memphis Grizzlies

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