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NBA Futures: Chicago Bulls Odds

NBA Futures: Chicago Bulls Odds
Jimmy Butler is gone. Dwyane Wade is gone. Rajon Rondo is gone. Zach LaVine is in, but he's injured. The backcourt is overcrowded, yet somehow devoid of real talent. What do we make of the 2017-18 Chicago Bulls, who are in the early stages of a rebuild, and their sportsbetting appeal? You're about to find out.

2017-18 Chicago Bulls Betting Odds

new 3

Central Division: +20000

Eastern Conference: +75000

NBA Championship: +100000

Woo boy, the 2017-18 Chicago Bulls are going to be a dumpster fire...by design.

If you didn't already know this, you should be able to figure it out from their aforementioned big-picture odds. No team in the NBA has a worse shot, according to oddsmakers, of winning the championship.

Not only that, the +20000 they're laying in the divisional bracket is by far and away the worst mark among any team. The Brooklyn Nets' Atlantic Division chances come closest, and they're still sitting at +15000

Quite fittingly, when win-total projections were released ahead of training camp, Chicago's over/under came in around 21.5—once again, and not surprisingly, the lowest in the Association.

To spend ample space telling you to avoid betting on Bulls' division, conference, championship and even win total odds would be a waste of time. They traded Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves. They brokered a buyout with Dwyane Wade. Zach LaVine, the primary draw in the Butler trade return, is nursing an ACL injury that'll keep him sidelined to start the season. They paid Rajon Rondo to go away. They've assembled a roster that touts Robin Lopez as its best player.

robin lopez

All of that speaks for itself. The Bulls aren't going to be contending for anything special—other than the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NBA draft.

With that being said, the key is to monitor their situation leading into the season. Some teams you pounce on, before opening night, so that you can get optimal odds. For other squads, it's better to wait and see what they become.

The Bulls fall into the latter category. If, for some reason, they are wildly better than expected, you should be clued into their unanticipated rise by the second or third week of the schedule. It's at that time you'll have the green light to take a long-shot flyer on their division or, much less likely, conference and championship odds.

Granted, even if the Bulls overachieve, their ceiling is only so high. They are not getting past the Cleveland Cavaliers so long as LeBron James is healthy. It's just not going to happen. Don't argue the contrary. You'll waste your breath. 

Knowing this, though, means you can table their division, conference and championship odds from the jump. There's nothing within the realm of possibility that could happen for you to be drawn toward their big-picture appeal.

Instead, you will want to try getting a handle on their win-total prediction, as early as possible, before sportsbooks have been allotted the time necessary to make wholesale changes to their projection.

In the event the Bulls open the season winning three of their first eight games, or anything close to it, you know that 22-victory cap feels low and can direct your wagers toward the over. Should they just lose a bunch to open the year, you'll have a more favorable slant toward the under.

And if you're feeling really strongly one way or the other after 10 games or so, we suggest manually adding or detracting wins from their forecasted bottom line to make things more interesting and increase your potential return.

kris dunn

For instance, if they're still laying 22 wins as the over/under two weeks into the season, and you fully believe the Bulls won't just miss that, but fall short of winning even 15 games, a la the 2014-15 Philadelphia 76ers, some websites allow you to manuaully place your bet as "under-15." This way, assuming you win, you'll have secured a higher-stakes return for the same outcome.

Unfortunately, however, the extent of the Bulls' betting prospects ends here. They're deliberately assembled to lose a lot of game and chase projected No. 1 overall pick Michael Porter Jr. This season may ultimately serve as a springboard into a better future, but the present isn't going to be anything special.

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