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NBA Lines Picks

Best NBA Games To Bet On

By Dan Favale

Philadelphia 76ers (+7.5) vs. Atlanta Hawks (-7.5)

The Philadelphia 76ers opened up their regular season with inspiring play against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Joel Embiid bordered on terrific, and the team found its offense could, at times, be in capable hands with Sergio Rodriguez running point.

But the Atlanta Hawks are not the less-than-impressive Thunder. They are a bit deeper, and more familiar with one another. Dwight Howard will pose a defensive problem for Embiid, and the Hawks' wings are more talented than those in Philly. The Sixers also won't have an answer for Paul Millsap.

It's a new dawn for the Sixers to some extent, yes, but with both Ben Simmons and Nerlens Noel on the shelf, this doesn't have the feel of a game they can win.

The Pick: Atlanta Hawks (-7.5)


Charlotte Hornets (+2) vs. Boston Celtics (-2)


With the Charlotte Hornets playing the tail end of a back-to-back, it's difficult to roll with them. They did just squeak past the Miami Heat, but the Boston Celtics are a different animal.

Take the Celtics' loss to the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night. They weren't great, or even very good. But they still almost won while languishing through the pains of playing the tail end of a back-to-back. 

The Hornets just don't measure up to a fully rested Celtics squad on paper. Their defense will make some issues for Boston, but this is a game during which Al Horford should feast.

The Pick: Boston Celtics (-2)


Cleveland Cavaliers (-12) vs. Orlando Magic (+12)

If you have watched the Orlando Magic at all through their first two games, this line seems like a no-brainer. And perhaps it is.

But the Cleveland Cavaliers are notorious for sleepwalking through these types of games. They aren't trap tilts, so to speak. Cleveland merely struggles to dominate from start to finish and the score always reflects a much tighter affair than anticipated.

That being said, the Magic are bad. Like, really bad. Both of these teams played on Friday night, so neither is fresher than the other. And until the Magic show something, anything, on offense, we cannot in good conscience pick them to lose by less than a double-digit point margin against a team like the Cavaliers.

The Pick: Cleveland Cavaliers (-12)


New York Knicks (-1.5) vs. Memphis Grizzlies (+1.5)


Carmelo Anthony has promised a "different" New York Knicks team in their second game of the season, which is all well and good. But point guard Derrick Rose wasn't around for two weeks, as he was being sued for sexual assualt by an ex-girlfriend, so the Knicks offense isn't going to change overnight—or even over four nights, the time that's elapsed since their season-opener, to be exact.

Even if did, the defense still isn't going to be good. New York isn't particularly deep outside its starting lineup, Joakim Noah doesn't yet look healthy or in game shape and the players just don't fit well together at the moment.

This isn't to say the Memphis Grizzlies are something special. They are missing Chandler Parsons and could also be without Tony Allen. The Knicks, however, don't have the look and feel of a team that's ready to beat a quality opponent.

The Pick: Memphis Grizzlies (+1.5)


Milwaukee Bucks (-6.5) vs. Brooklyn Nets (+6.5)

Favoring the Milwaukee Bucks by 6.5 points over the Brooklyn Nets is a tad genrous.

Yes, the Nets are supposed to be the worst team in basketball. And yes, they played on Friday night. But here's a little secret: The Nets aren't the worst team in basketball. And they won that game they played last night—against a supposed playoff hopeful in the Indiana Pacers, no less.

New head coach Kenny Atkinson has the Nets working their asses off on both sides of the floor. That may not translate to a win in Milwaukee; Giannis Antetokounmpo is bound to give their unfinished defense some problems. Still, this game should be a close one, no matter how it ends.

The Pick: Brooklyn Nets (+6.5)


Chicago Bulls (-3.5) vs. Indiana Pacers (+3.5)


Assuming you've visited this space before, you know how yours truly feels about the Chicago Bulls. I don't like them. Their win over the Boston Celtics in the home-opener didn't change that.

It did, though, show me they might be able to carve out a little bit more offense than expected. Dwyane Wade won't hit four three-pointers every night, and the defense wasn't exactly good. But the Bulls have more than enough to beat an even more ovverrated Indiana Pacers squad that played Friday night (and lost, mind you).

Paul George is always a threat to go off and shift the tide of an entire game, irrespective of the circumstances. We have to keep that in mind. At the same time, Jimmy Butler is equipped to keep him in check, which opens the door for another Bulls victory.

The Pick: Chicago Bulls (-3.5)


San Antonio Spurs (-14) vs. New Orleans Pelicans (+14)

Anthony Davis deserves better than the current iteration of the New Orleans Pelicans. He has scored 95 points through their first two games, both of them losses.

Things won't get much easier for him and the Pelicans' skeleton crew against the San Antonio Spurs. This is the Spurs' first home game of the season, and they're already 2-0, with their first victory coming over the Golden State Warriors to the tune of a 29-point blowout.

The Pelicans did stay within striking distance during their own game against the Warriors on Friday night, but Golden State's defense is a work in progress. The Spurs don't have that same problem and have been nigh unbeatable at home over the last two years. 

Fourteen points is a huge spread, but it's hard to find a reason not to bet on San Antonio.

The Pick: San Antonio Spurs (-14)


Sacramento Kings (-1.5) vs. Minnesota Timberwolves (+1.5)


Everyone who's anyone is waiting for the Minnesota Timberwolves to pop. They disappointed with an opening-night loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, and there exists the distinct possiblity that the outside world has set the bar too high for them.

The Sacramento Kings, meanwhile, are working off a tightly contested loss to the San Antonio Spurs. So, um, that's something.

Still, when in doubt, bet against the Kings. And we're in doubt here. The Timberwolves have more talent on paper, but the Kings have DeMarcus Cousins and are playing at home. Ultimately, that doesn't seem like enough to eke out a victory over a much deep Minnesota squad.

The Pick: Minnesota Timberwolves (+1.5)

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