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By Dan Favale

New York Knicks (-8) vs. Brooklyn Nets (+8)

new york knicks 

This game is a simple one.

To this point, the New York Knicks have done nothing to prove that they're worthy of covering an eight-point spread at home. And while the Brooklyn Nets are supposed to be an inferior team, they've actually been better than the Knicks. 

Don't get caught up in name recognition here. Make the sensible bet.

The Pick: Brooklyn Nets (+8)


Orlando Magic (+2.5) vs. Minnesota Timberwolves (-2.5)

Although the Minnesota Timberwolves are playing the latter end of a road-road back-to-back, their core players are young enough for that not to matter.


The Orlando Magic, by comparison, are also bad enough for it not to matter.

The Pick: Minnesota Timberwolves (-2.5)



Washington Wizards (+1) vs. Boston Celtics (-1)

It doesn't bode well for the Boston Celtics that they'll be without three key pieces when they take on the Washington Wizards: Jae Crowder, Al Horford and Kelly Olynyk. The team's defense has been all out of whack, and those three would help a great deal.


At the same time, the Wizards haven't been nearly good enough on the defensive end to stop the Celtics, and their offense is predictable and, thus, easy to defense. They can't be viewed as essential favorites against quality opponents until that changes.

The Pick: Boston Celtics (-1)



Charlotte Hornets (-2.5) vs. Utah Jazz (+2.5)

utah jazz

If your first impulse is to bet on the Charlotte Hornets, no one can blame you. Their defense has been sensational, and the offense is better than expected. 


The Utah Jazz, however, have never been closer to full strength this season. This game will be a slugfest, too—their specialty. They might not win by much, but they should, in fact, win.

The Pick: Utah Jazz (+2.5)


Indiana Pacers (-11.5) vs. Philadelphia 76ers (+11.5)

If the Indiana Pacers were the basketball team they portrayed themselves to be, you could bet in their favor without much hesitation. But they are not that freely scoring, hyper-active defensive squad they're supposed to be.


None of which is to suggest the Philadelphia 76ers are better. They're not. Nor are they even close. But 11.5 points too big a spread for a slumping, uneven squad like the Pacers to cover.


Even at home? Even at home.

The Pick: Philadelphia 76ers (+11.5)


Atlanta Hawks (-3.5) vs. Chicago Bulls (+3.5)

The Atlanta Hawks' are ready to see how their top-two defense and NBA-best net rating holds up against the Chicago Bulls' third-ranked offense. And chances are they'll hold up pretty good.


While the Bulls have been impressive, they're far from dominant. Their offensive honeymoon is bound to end at some point, and Atlanta's defense is a test they haven't yet faced. And should they fail, the Bulls won't have the defense to carry them toward victory.

The Pick: Atlanta Hawks (-3.5)



Oklahoma City Thunder (-4) vs. Toronto Raptors (+4)

okc thunder

Some of you are ready to declare the Oklahoma City Thunder championship contenders. Surely, then, they're more than capable of taking down the Toronto Raptors while playing in front of their home crowd.


To which I must write: Circle back after the Thunder beat more than one top-10 offensive team. Then we can talk.


For now, the Raptors are clearly the better team, and it's important we treat them as such.

The Pick: Toronto Raptors (+4)



Phoenix Suns (+4) vs. Detroit Pistons (-4)

"A Detroit Pistons team without Reggie Jackson? Or a clear way of spacing the floor? But with an Andre Drummond who has, at times this season, lacked energy on both ends of the floor?


"Yes, please."


-Every Phoenix Suns fan

The Pick: Phoenix Suns (+4)


San Antonio Spurs (-8) vs. Houston Rockets (+8)

This is beyond an inexact science, but the San Antonio Spurs always seem to lay down an ass-whooping whenever they face one of their Texas counterparts, the Dallas Mavericks or Houston Rockets. That leads us to believe they'll do something similar at home against the Rockets tonight.


Also: The Spurs play both ends of the floor at a high level while the Rockets only thrive on one side. San Antonio remains the decidedly better team.

The Pick: San Antonio Spurs (-8)


Los Angeles Clippers (-10) vs. Portland Trail Blazers (-10)

chris paul-damian lillard

Sound the "What the hell is happening?" alarm. Because the Los Angeles Clippers currently own the NBA's best defensive rating. On top of that, their previously struggling offense is starting to put things together—which is bad news for the rest of the league.


Wednesday night, though, it's especially bad news for an underwhelming Portland Trail Blazers unit that will most likely be without defensive necessity Al-Farouq Aminu.

The Pick: Los Angeles Clippers (-10)


Golden State Warriors (-16) vs. Dallas Mavericks (+16)

Too much of yours truly wants to bet against the Golden State Warriors here. They have been inconsistent to say the least this season, and something within me sees a Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut revenge game as a totally feasible possibility.


But gut feelings don't change the fact that the Mavericks are trotting out a middling offense and defense, this time without out Dirk Nowitzki. And let's not even get started on their complete lack of depth outside the starting lineup.


It's the Warriors at home for me, huge spread and turbulent early-season play be absolutely damned.

The Pick: Golden State Warriors (-16)

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