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NBA Point Spread Picks Tonight

Game lines for Friday, Nov. 17 come courtesy of TopBet and are accurate as of 12 a.m. EST. As per usual, confirm these odds with your own sportsbook before making a decision, as they are prone to shifting throughout the day.

Charlotte Hornets (-7) at Chicago Bulls (-7)


Charlotte Should Demoralize Chicago

So, like, how is this spread only seven points? What does that even mean?

Is this the sportsbooks' way of showing immense disappointment in the Charlotte Hornets' slow start? Are they just confident the Chicago Bulls will rebound after a truly crummy performance against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday?

We don't know. And, frankly, we don't care. Barring something sinister, the Bulls are not winning this game. Yes, the Hornets are scoring like the NBA's worst offense whenever Kemba Walker takes a seat, according to NBA.com, but Nicolas Batum's second game back from a shoulder injury should help offset that difference, even if he's still on a minutes cap.

Mostly, though, the Bulls are just this friggin' bad and rounding into tanker's form. They're being outscored by an average of 12.5 points per 100 possessions on the season—the second-worst differential in the league, in front of only the Sacramento Kings.

The Pick: Charlotte Hornets (-7)

New York Knicks (+8) at Toronto Raptors (-8)


Take The Knicks Over Canada's Finest

Speaking candidly, we don't feel particularly awesome about this pick. That's not to say we aren't confident. We are. We're always confident, even when we're wrong. Make of that what you will.

The real issue here is we're not yet used to placing any sort of faith in the New York Knicks. They're supposed to be among the NBA's laughingstock franchises, not hovering above .500 with one of the NBA's 10 best offensive ratings and an above-average point differential.

Indeed, they have played through one of the Association's seven easiest schedules to date, and the Toronto Raptors' third-ranked offense could wind up tearing them to shreds. But the Knicks are also playing like a 56-win squad when Kristaps Porzingis is on the floor, according to NBA Math's FATS calculations, while his statistical partnership with rookie Frank Ntilikina has been straight fire.

New York has outperformed expectations at every turn this season. Toronto should most definitely be ticketed for the victory, but we should be prepping ourselves for a fairly close contest.

The Pick: New York Knicks (+8)

Los Angeles Clippers (+6.5) at Cleveland Cavaliers (-6.5)


Invest In A Fourth Straight Win With Cleveland

Welcome to the Battle of Two Really Bad Defenses. 

Though the Cleveland Cavaliers have won each of their past three games, they haven't exactly done so in exceedingly convincing fashion. Most recently, they've needed a full 48 minutes to put away the Hornets and Knicks. They're not running away with victories. 

On the bright side, their defense ranks 10th in points allowed per 100 possessions during this recent stretch—a far cry from the 30th-place rating they've earned on the season overall. On the even brighter side, they're going up against a Los Angeles Clippers contingent that has lost eight of its last nine games, including each of the past six contests.

Defensive regression is at the heart of the Clippers' current malaise. While the Cavaliers have the league's worst marks for the entire year, it's the Clippers who place 30th in points allowed per 100 possessions since they're 4-0 start. Their offense is mostly fine, especially when Blake Griffin is on the floor, but with both Danilo Gallinari and Patrick Beverley set to miss Friday's action, it's tough to see them even half-competing against a potentially surging Cleveland faction.

The Pick: Cleveland Cavaliers (-6.5)

Miami Heat (+4.5) at Washington Wizards (-4.5)


Give Another Victory To The Wiz

Betting on the Washington Wizards here represents a calculated gamble. They just secured a nine-point victory over the Miami Heat on Wednesday night, and investing in back-to-back spread covers against the same opponent within such close proximity is always low-key dangerous.

But the Heat haven't given us a reason to do anything else. Their offense is that bad. They place 24th in points scored per 100 possessions, don't get to the free-throw line and rank 27th in turnover rate. 

The Wizards aren't exactly deploying an elite defense, but they're among the best in the league at forcing mistakes (fifth in opponent turnover rate), and they have no trouble earning themselves trips to the charity stripe.

Any way you slice it, they profile as a terrible, no-good, really bad matchup for a Heat team toeing the line of complete disappointment. They deserve the nod when they're playing at home against a 4.5-point spread.

The Pick: Washington Wizards (-4.5) 

Utah Jazz (-2) at Brooklyn Nets (+2)

Brooklyn Nets

Count On Brooklyn To Accentuate Utah's Misery

Consider us surprised the Utah Jazz are favored at all.

Joe Johnson is out. Rudy Gobert is out. And, now, most people expect Ricky Rubio to miss this one too. If he doesn't go, the Jazz will be without two of their three best shot creators, in him and Johnson, plus their absolute best defender, in Gobert.

Can someone explain to us, then, why the Brooklyn Nets aren't favorites?

Sure, they're missing D'Angelo Russell and Jeremy Lin themselves, but point guard Spencer Dinwiddie is playing in their stead. He's one of the best under-the-radar contributors in the game right now. And while the Nets are hardly the NBA's most efficient offensive team, they play incredibly fast.

No squad churns through more possessions per 48 minutes, which renders them a bad matchup to begin with for a Jazz faction that ranks 26th in pace and doesn't have the proven scorers in tow to pull away.

The Pick: Brooklyn Nets (+2)

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Unless otherwise cited, all stats come via NBA.com or Basketball-Reference and are accurate leading into Friday night's games.

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