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Saturday NBA Betting Tips

NBA Wagering Advice 

By Dan Favale

Houston Rockets (-7) vs. Utah Jazz (+7)


Injuries haven't hit any team harder than they have hit the Utah Jazz. Alec Burks remains out indefinitely, and they will be without both George Hill, their offensive lifeline, and Derrick Favors when they play the Houston Rockets.

Though the Jazz's offense is fairly efficient, it often gets bogged down in the half courtl, and they don't play with nearly the pace that the Rockets do. Laying seven points, however, is a lot. The Jazz have a terrific defense, and the Rockets don't—nor have they been known to destroy opponents that do.

The Pick: Utah Jazz (-7)


Detroit Pistons (-3.5) vs. Boston Celtics (+3.5)

The Boston Celtics have been terrible by their own projected standards. What's more, they were just blasted by the Golden State Warriors on Friday night. The Detroit Pistons continue to play without point guard Reggie Jackson, but their defense is a tough pull for anyone coming off a game the night before.

Still, at least one of Al Horford or Jae Crowder, perhaps both, could return to the lineup Saturday night. The mere possibility of that is enough to roll with Boston.

The Pick: Boston Celtics (+3.5)


Orlando Magic (-7.5) vs. Dallas Mavericks (+7.5)

The Orlando Magic and Dallas Mavericks both have horrific offenses, which means this will be a brutal game to watch—kind of like Dallas' loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday night. The Mavericks couldn't buy a bucket.

Common sense would, in turn, suggest you avoid the Mavericks here—especially with J.J. Barea and, probably, Dirk Nowitzki watching from the sidelines. But the Magic have won only one game by more than seven points. This spread is too big.

The Pick: Dallas Mavericks (+7.5)


Washington Wizards (-5) vs. Miami Heat (+5)


With the Washington Wizards laying five points, it's tempting to go with our first home-team pick of Saturday night. After all, the Miami Heat's offense is a crap show, and the Wizards are working off a Thursday night dismantling of the New York Knicks.

We won't argue with you should the Wizards be your pick. The Heat have a respectable defense, but no one who matches up well with John Wall. That said, the Wizards have perhaps the worst bench in the league and have not been nearly consistent enough elsewhere on the offensive side to justify status as a five-point favorite against any top-10 defense—let alone Miami's top-three fortress.

The Pick: Miami Heat (+5)


New Orleans Hornets (+4.5) vs. Charlotte Hornets (-4.5)

Our away-team fetish is going to live on with the Charlotte Hornets. They eked out an impressive victory over the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night, and as one of the handful of Eastern Conference squads vying for a top-three record, they know the importance of winning games against inferior opponents such as the New Orleans Hornets.

Now, the Hornets, to their credit, won against the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday night themselves, and they have a different look and feel to their offense with Jrue Holiday back in the lineup. But he is on a minutes limit, and it's unclear if he has the green light to play in both games of a back-to-back setup.

Beyond that, the Hornets are just plain better.

The Pick: Charlotte Hornets (-4.5)


Philadelphia 76ers (+2.5) vs. Phoenix Suns (-2.5)

Joel Embiid has made the Philadelphia 76ers watchable again. He has not, however, turned them into a winning basketball unit.

The Phoenix Suns played in Indiana on Friday night but are young enough that it doesn't matter. More than that, they have been surprisingly plucky and competitive in most of their games. They should be able to count themselves a victory against Philly.

The Pick: Phoenix Suns (-2.5)


Memphis Grizzlies (+3) vs. Minnesota Timberwolves (-3)


Teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves pose a really bad matchup for the Memphis Grizzlies. The elder Grizzlies don't have the length and athleticism and pop that an upstart Timberwolves group does, as was evidence the first time these two squads met.

The returns of Chandler Parsons and Tony Allen do change things for Memphis, but the difficulty of this matchup cannot be stressed enough. The Grizzlies struggled against the Timberwolves once and have flashed similar incompetency versus identically built units, such as the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Pick: Minnesota Timberwolves (-3)


Milwaukee Bucks (+6) vs. Golden State Warriors (-6)

Surprisingly enough, this one is fairly difficult. The Golden State Warriors are clearly better, but there's a chance they rest a few of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson.

Alas, the Bucks are still at a disadvantage, because the Warriors remain the Warriors.

The Pick: Golden State Warriors (-6)


Los Angeles Clippers (-7) vs. Chicago Bulls (+7)

Do we show faith in the Los Angeles Clippers one night after they almost blew a huge lead against the Sacramento Kings?

Yes. Yes, we do.

The Pick: Los Angeles Clippers (-7)

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