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Today's NBA Online Betting Game Odds & Predictions

Today's NBA Online Betting Game Odds & Predictions
Another day, another full slate of NBA games for you to bet on. The Association is playing host to six different contests on Tuesday night, and with the help of TopBet's line, we're here to steer you toward the most sensible wagers and help you make some money.

NBA notable games & analysis

Charlotte Hornets (-13) vs. Phoenix Suns (+13)


The Suns have lost 19 of their last 21 games and are, as of now, the NBA's biggest dumpster a fire. Their roster is a mix of developing and unimpressive talent, and the injury-bug machine has hit them hard.

But the Suns are also working off a solid win over the Memphis Grizzlies, and their fast-paced offense can be difficult to defend. The Charlotte Hornets are on the rise and own a top-seven home-court point differential, but 13 points is a huge gap. You're much better off banking on the Suns.

The Pick: Suns (+13)

New York Knicks (+5.5) vs. Portland Trail Blazers (-5.5)

Trail Blazers

It's been tough sledding for the Knicks of late, and they've shown no signs of exiting their funk. They're prone to folding against good teams, and they're fielding a snail-paced unit that cannot play defense.

There's always the chance that Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis explode. The Knicks have, at times, looked like a half-decent basketball team. But even if you're counting on that, it's difficult to bet against Damian Lillard and his streaking, playoff-bound Blazers.

The Pick: Blazers (-5.5)

Miami Heat (Even) vs. Chicago Bulls (Even)


Get your bets in fast, before this line moves. The Bulls are still missing Jimmy Butler and Nikola Mirotic, and there's a strong possibility Derrick Rose doesn't player either. The Heat, meanwhile, have been on an absolute tear this side of the All-Star break. Even if head coach Erik Spoelstra elects to hand Dwyane Wade a rest night, the Heat, now with Joe Johnson, are well-eqiupped to pummel a shorthanded Bulls contingent.

The Pick: Heat

Dallas Mavericks (-5) vs. Orlando Magic (+5)


Here's another instance of the line-makers being much too generous with an inferior opponent. The Magic are not good, and they won't be good anytime soon. Their defense can be solid at times, but until they unload Nikola Vucevic and use Aaron Gordon as a stretch 5, they won't come close to being dangerous. Take the Mavericks at home and don't ever look back.

The Pick: Mavericks (-5)

Los Angeles Lakers (-1.5) vs. Brooklyn Nets (+1.5)


It's tempting to roll with the Lakers, since the Nets are coming off a 10-point loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday night. Here's some free advice, though: Don't. The Lakers are that bad, and the Nets' nucleus, disappointing though it may be, is young enough to withstand a quick turnaround while playing in the same city.

The Pick: Nets (+1.5)

Golden State Warriors (-11.5) vs. Atlanta Hawks (+11.5)


Yes, the Warriors have recently had trouble covering astronomical spreads. But they just wrapped up a lengthy roadtrip and haven't lost at home since the dawn of time. Stephen Curry is questionable with an ankle injury, and that's cause for concern. If he doesn't play, you'll want to go the other way. In the meantime, given what he did to the Oklahoma City Thunder with this ankle injury, it's safe to assume he'll play and then bet accordingly.

Take a look at the standings and future matchups while making sure you're aware of all the online betting types avaible. 

The Pick: Warriors (-11.5)

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