Betting on the Golden State Warriors should be a no brainer. That’s what happens when a 73-win core adds Kevin Durant. The Warriors are going to be favorites for every game in which they aren’t sitting more than one of their four All-NBA studs, and that’s how it should be. Some worry about Durant striking a balance with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, but that hasn’t really been an issue. [+]

There was some initially odd developments between Curry and Durant, but they’ve ironed out the on-court wrinkles and they’re both now playing at an MVP level. Thompson, meanwhile, has had to change the kinds of shots he takes, but his averages are right where he’s used to seeing them.

It’s Green who has needed to make the biggest sacrifices. He’s no longer as active a part of the Warriors’ offense as he once was, which makes for iffy territory when it comes to a player’s ego. But he has accepted his tweaked role for the most part and continues to embrace his importance on the defensive end.

All of which is to say, the Warriors remain the NBA’s standard for greatness, like last season—only more so.



Goldent State Warriors Next Regular Season Game


Be mindful of the Warriors next game so you can make a proper assessment before betting. While it’s unlikely the Warriors will lose, do they have enough to cover the massive spread? [+]

Betting on the Golden State Warriors should be quite simple – you put money on them to win, as long as they’re starting a healthy lineup. Even if the line is hugely in favour of the Warriors and you feel like the underdog could make you some money, there’s no sense in putting down a big wager. You wouldn’t bet against the ’96 Bulls, would you?


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Golden State Warriors Game Schedule


Use this look at the Golden State Warriors’ schedule to detect upcoming betting opportunities. You know they’re going to be favored in every game, but you’ll want to find situations in which they are the surest of things. [+]

Looking at past results is a good way to help yourself do this. Keep track of their records against specific opponents and team types (strong defense, strong offense, etc.). You can then apply their performance in these instances to whatever game for which you’re doing leg work. 

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What Are The Current Golden State Warriors Standings

Though the San Antonio Spurs are hot on the Golden State Warriors’ tail, they are clearly the inferior team. The Warriors have the best record in the league, and that’s not going to change.


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Golden State Warriors Betting Tips

Because betting on the Golden State Warriors isn’t hard (at the moment), we needn’t delve too far into the nuance of it all. Bet on them to win. That’s the moral of the story. 

Nevertheless, here are some useful tips to give you even more of an edge.

The Over Is Your Friend

Incorporating Kevin Durant into the fold has slowed the Warriors’ pace of play a tick, but not by much at all. And given the sheer volume of threes they make and take, their score, on most nights, is going to climb past 110.

This is countered by the fact that the Warriors are among the NBA’s best defensive teams. While this balance between offense and defense typically suggests you should avoid the over/under altogether, the Warriors are different.

They score so much, the stinginess of their defense doesn’t matter. Additionally, they’re usually playing so fast they generate extra possessions, as in extra scoring opportunities, for their opponents by default. All of which will be reflected in the final tally.

Consider The Warriors Even When Betting Elsewhere

Ideally, you aren’t betting on anyone but the Warriors to win the NBA championship. But we get it: The Cleveland Cavaliers are the reigning title-toters, and other teams’ odds will be far more lucrative.

Journeying outside the Warriors, then, is perfectly fine. Still, you have to be realistic. You’re not just investing in long shots when you bet on someone else; you’re banking on another squad beating the best-ever Warriors four times in seven tries at some point, be it during the Western Conference playoff bracket or NBA Finals.

Any and all futures bets on non-Golden State teams should be tapered accordingly. Even if you believe fervently in another outfit, you have to recognize your investment will be a sunk cost. And it’s always easier to stomach a smaller loss than a larger or even moderate-sized one.