The Utah Jazz are no longer a good-betting-option-in-training. [+]

They have arrived, in a big way, with one of the NBA’s deepest rosters. They play good defense, carve out enough offensive efficiency and have an extensive enough rotation when healthy to be considered one of the best teams in the West. It’s probably a little soon to view them as championship or even Western Conference Finals plays, but they certainly appear to be headed in that direction.


Utah Jazz Next Regular Season Game


Everything you need to know about betting the Utah Jazz’s next regular-season game can be found right here. Compare these lines to those at your most preferred sportsbook to make sure they track, and then monitor them as the day goes on, before you place your wager, to make sure you aren’t placing bets based off outdated information. [+]

The Jazz are typically good about announcing injuries and confirming rest days in advance. So while a team with the San Antonio Spurs might make you wait out the lines for further information, it’s a good idea to try placing Jazz-related bets as early as reasonably possible.


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Utah Jazz Game Schedule


Jonesing for a look at the Utah Jazz’s entire schedule in one place? Well, you should be. And we’ve got you covered. Comparing their record to that of their opponent will help you make moneyline decisions, and you can use previous results to shape other bets in advance. [+]

Let’s say the Jazz have a matchup with the Houston Rockets in one weeks time. In this instance, you want to know how they fare when facing playoff squads with top-tier—so, one of the 10 best—offenses. To get a feel for how you should bet, simply add up their record and point differential against past opponents who fall under this category, and then apply those results to this date with the Rockets. 

Do that, and you’ll have churned out a solid betting decision without ever taking a look at the lines.


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What Are The Current Utah Jazz Standings


See where the Utah Jazz land in the NBA standings so you can decide whether they should be considered a strong futures option. Their place in the league’s pecking order can help you pass judgement on certain moneylines, but it’s most valuable on the aforementioned big-picture. [+]

Whenever the Jazz are contending for a top-four playoff seed, this is when you strike on their Conference Finals and NBA Finals odds. They should still be considered long shots, because the Golden State Warriors exist. But their place in the standings at least lets you know they’re worthy of some small-time action on those profound betting levels.


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Utah Jazz Betting Tips

In addition to be one of the most promising, non-Golden State Warriors futures plays, the Utah Jazz continue to be an awesome under option. 

This has just about everything to do with their stingy defense. Anchored by Rudy Gobert in the middle, they’re consistently among the NBA’s three most efficient fortresses.

Better still, they’re experts at trying to make opposing offenses play their half-court style of basketball, which often displaces enemy combatants from their comfort zone. This includes the Warriors, and it’s why some consider the Jazz to be a low-key threat to their reign.

Utah is even more promising in under terms because of how slow it plays. Head coach Quin Snyder was supposed to implement a pace and space system, but by his own admittance, he came to realize this team is built to play a more calculated style.

While the Jazz are efficient, they burn through the shot clock trying to dictate the pace of play. This inherently drives down the number of their opponent’s possessions, and that makes it easier for them to keep the final score down.

Very rarely should they be considered an over play. Unless they’re playing a team similar to them—say, the Memphis Grizzlies or the San Antonio Spurs—or you think Gordon Hayward is about to bomb atomically, work their under before you chase spreads, moneylines and, of course, overs.