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What Will Happen In The NBA Tonight

What Will Happen In The NBA Tonight
Another nine games are on tap for the NBA Wednesday night as the league nears the end of its regular season. With the playoffs fast approaching, the opportunities to capitalize on these busy nights are wearing very thin. Stick with us as we help you navigate every game of one of the Association's final frenetic slates.

NBA Games Predictions, Key Matchups & Odds Analysis

Indiana Pacers (-15) vs. Philadelphia 76ers (+15)

Well, dang. This is a huge spread. The Sixers are not good, and the Pacers really need to amp up their effort if they're to secure an Eastern Conference playoff berth. But Indy's offense isn't nearly consistent enough to bank on it torching Philly by nearly 20 points.

The Pick: 76ers (+15)

Cleveland Cavaliers (-11.5) vs. Denver Nuggets (+11.5)


Betting on the Cavaliers has been an exercise in pulling one's hair. They are unfathomably topsy turvy. The Toronto Raptors are nipping at their heels for the Eastern Conference lead, which should give them an enough motivation to destroy the Nuggets. But Denver is subtly scary, Kevin Love remains banged up, LeBron James' perimeter struggles are real and Cleveland's defense has been mostly crap in recent weeks. Take the Nuggets and feel mostly good about it.

The Pick: Nuggets (+11.5) 

Detroit Pistons (-7.5) vs. Milwaukee Bucks (+7.5)

With Giannis Antetokounmpo playing out of his mind, the Bucks are threats to win just about every game these days. That they're getting almost eight points against a shallow offensive equal in the Pistons is too good to pass up.

The Pick: Bucks (+7.5)

Charlotte Hornets (+10) vs. San Antonio Spurs (-10)


We're about to break one of our cardinal rules of betting, the one that demands you never, ever bet against the Spurs. The Hornets have been hot at home, and following the Spurs' win over the Golden State Warriors Saturday night, there's a chance Gregg Popovich benches a ton of his key players. This is a risk, make no mistake. But the Hornets have been good enough for long enough to justify such a dice roll.

The Pick: Hornets (+10) 

Boston Celtics (-8) vs. Orlando Magic (+8)

Still missing Jae Crowder, the Celtics are a wild card until further notice. But they're starting to find their offensive and defensive grooves without him, and the addition of a healthy Kelly Olynyk boosts Boston's frontcourt spacing—versatility the Magic, even with a surging Aaron Gordon, aren't built to defend.

The Pick: Celtics (-8)

Atlanta Hawks (-6.5) vs. Washington Wizards (+6.5)


Both the Hawks and Wizards appear to have regained some of their respective mojos. The Hawks can be a terror at home, and the Wizards, though serial slow starters, are picking up their defense late in games. This should be a closely contested affair. So even if the Wizards aren't going to win, they should be able to cover this spread.

The Pick: Wizards (+6.5) 

Chicago Bulls (-7.5) vs. Sacramento Kings (+7.5)

There's little incentive to pick the Kings when they just barely beat the Carmelo Anthony-less New York Knicks on Sunday night. Then again, there's very rarely any incentive to picking the Kings. The Bulls are a collective question mark, but the return of Jimmy Butler has improved their defense, giving them enough upside in a 7.5-point spread matchup with Sacramento's most prominent tire fire.

Minnesota Timberwolves (+12) vs. Golden State Warriors (-12)


Picking against the Warriors is taboo unless they're playing the Spurs in San Antonio. The Timberwolves have been on upset watch whenever they host superior teams in Minnesota, but the Warriors are gunning for 73 victories and can only afford to lose two more games this season if they're going to reach that milestone.

The Pick: Warriors (-12)

Phoenix Suns (+2.5) vs. Memphis Grizzlies (-2.5)

In the interest of full disclosure, there is no explanation for what's going on in Memphis. The Grizzlies don't have Mike Conley or Marc Gasol, and yet they're surviving. Bet on them surviving against the lowly, albeit slightly improved, Suns

The Pick: Grizzlies (-2.5)


Have a look at the NBA standings and see all of the up-to-date game odds, too. We have you covered for all-things NBA. 

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