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NBA Futures: Why The Warriors Are More Than The Masses Favorites

2017-18 Golden State Warriors Betting Odds

kd steph

  • Pacific Division: -100,000,000
  • Western Conference: -350
  • NBA Championship: -200

To call the Golden State Warriors massive favorites across the board would be a gross understatement. They're so much more than that. 

They are the NBA's championship picture.

Look, we could sit here until we're blue in the face talking about potential challengers. The San Antonio Spurs are good for 55-plus wins and a brutalizing playoff series every year.

The Houston Rockets traded for Chris Paul and shoot enough threes to give the Warriors fits for long stretches at a time. The OKC Thunder have serious "Death Lineup" potential by stashing Patrick Patterson at the 5 surrounded by Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony and Andre Roberson. LeBron James exists, and thus, the Cleveland Cavaliers are scary.

None of this matters, because the Warriors are too friggin' good.

Identify a weakness—a meaningful flaw that adversely impacts their odds.

Go ahead. I dare you.

kd dray

Turnovers? Pish posh. The Warriors play with top-five pace, according to NBA.com. Turnovers happen. They still finished last season with the league's best offensive rating—which also just so happened to be one of the absolute best in NBA history.

Crunch-time snafus? Hard pass. The Warriors made some bad decisions down the stretch of close games last year. No denying that. But they were so dominant that only 25 of their contests went into clutch situations—fewest in the Association by nine games. 

Shot creation off the bench? How about the fact their second-stringers are headlined by the aging Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston? Yeah. Sure. Fine. Worry about that if you must. It really doesn't carry any weight. 

Neither Iguodala nor Livingston is a heavy-minutes guy anymore.

The Warriors have spent their past few years expertly managing their playing time. The odds of them falling off demonstratively, in a way that appreciably harms this team's chokehold on the rest of the NBA, isn't good.

The threat of championship complacency is probably more dangerous than anything—which in essence means the only team capable of standing between the Warriors and another title is the Warriors themselves. But even that rings hollow. This squad knows what can happen when you indulge a sense of security.

Not only that, but Kevin Durant is just one title into this party.

His appetite for rings isn't about to quelled. And even if it is, Golden State still has Draymond Green. He will manufacture chips to put on everyone's shoulders irrespective of whether the Warriors actually have anything to prove.

Honestly, just think about this: Golden State has four top-25 players in Durant, Green, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. No one else is competing with that. The Warriors are as close as an entire faction can come to perfection, and it shows in their odds.

dray klay

Don't even bother with their Pacific Division chances (-100,000,000). They'll no doubt win it, but you have to bet $100,000 just to make $100. And, yeah, that's stupid.

Working their Western Conference (-350) and NBA title (-200) odds makes far more sense. You still have to invest a little bit more to win $100, but the initial payment, as of now, isn't ridiculous—especially when they seem like such a sure thing.

Be warned, though: This won't last forever. The Warriors' odds will get steeper as the season wears on. They could be a -500 to win it all by Christmas.

So don't wait around. If you want to bet on favorites, there is no other choice aside from this team—the squad that is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, going to win it all.

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