Minnesota Vikings will Get 10th Win of NFL Season in Week 13 Matchup vs. New York Jets

Minnesota Vikings will Get 10th Win of NFL Season in Week 13 Matchup vs. New York Jets

Remember how so many people were worried about the Minnesota Vikings after their 40-3 loss at home to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11? How they thought the Vikings might be fool's gold? How they were the byproduct of an easier schedule? Well, so much for that concern.

The Vikings eradicated any lingering bad vibes in Week 12 with a Thanksgiving Day victory over the New England Patriots. Minnesota now sits at 9-2, one win away from the coveted No. 10 victory. Can they pick it up during their Week 13 matchup with the New York Jets on Sunday, December 4, at 1 p.m. EST? 

Based on the latest NFL online betting odds from the folks over at Bovada, the answer is a near-consensus "yes." Please note that you can see online NFL betting odds for every Week 13 game below, including odds for Vikings vs. Jets:

Buffalo Bills-225+188New England Patriots
Minnesota Vikings-158+134New York Jets
Baltimore Ravens-400+315Denver Broncos
Detroit Lions-116-102Jacksonville Jaguars
Philadelphia Eagles-235+194Tennessee Titans
Cleveland Browns-320+260Houston Texans
Washington Commanders-126+108New York Giants
Green Bay Packers-142+120Chicago Bears
Seattle Seahawks-355+285Los Angeles Rams
San Francisco 49ers-188+158Miami Dolphins
Los Angeles Chargers-126+108Las Vegas Raiders
Kansas City Chiefs-136+116Cincinnati Bengals
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-186+156New Orleans Saints

Always remember to double-check these odds on the NFL until you actually place your wager. Our Vikings vs. Jets betting odds are accurate entering Tuesday, November 29. That gives linemakers plenty of time to alter the lines. And make no mistake, we expect changes to these football betting odds given the Jets' current uncertainty at quarterback.

For all the most accurate NFL betting lines, you need to choose the right sportsbook. And we've got you covered here. Our reviews of the top online sportsbooks have all the information necessary to help you identify the best online NFL betting sites for 2022.

So, how should you bet on the Minnesota Vikings vs. New York Jets game? That's the question we're here to answer. And in doing so, we've got predictions for the moneyline, point spread and over/under.

The Minnesota Vikings are an Easy Moneyline Bet Against the New York Jets

Benching quarterback Zach Wilson last week resulted in a 31-10 win for the Jets. We'd be foolish to expect an encore against the Vikings.

Yes, the scouting report on signal-caller Mike White isn't yet common knowledge around the NFL. Very few know anything extensive about the Jets quarterback. But the offense isn't suddenly fixed under his control. New York is still 20th in points scored per game and not built to move the chains on a consistent basis. Even in their drubbing of the Bears, they were overly reliant on receivers generating yards after the catch. It wasn't like Mike White was slinging missiles down the field.

A stifling pass defense, on the other hand, might give the Vikings problems. The Jets are fifth in net yards allowed per passing attempt, and Minnesota has struggled to get the ball downfield against far weaker squads. Sure, the Vikings made some things happen during their Week 12 win over the Pats. But for the season, they are just 22nd in net yards per passing attempt. That makes this a potentially combustible matchup, especially when you consider Minnesota is on the road.

In the end, however, we just can't bring ourselves to doubt the Vikings. The Jets are pivoting, potentially, into an entirely different offensive era. How are we supposed to favor a team piloted by Mike White over a Minnesota unit directed by veteran and fourth quarter drive expert Kirk Cousins? The simple answer is, we can't.

So, we won't.

OSB Prediction: Minnesota Vikings (-158)

Minnesota Vikings To beat the New York Jets

New York vs. Minnesota Includes an Excruciatingly Difficult Point Spread Bet

Here are the latest NFL point spread betting odds for Vikings vs. Jets in Week 13: 

  • Minnesota Vikings, -3 (-106)
  • New York Jets, +3 (-114)

Somehow, a three-point spread feels like a mountain rather than a molehill whenever the Vikings are involved. They have developed a knack for pulling out tightly contested crunch-time victories. Four of their nine wins have come by five points or fewer.

That doesn't quite phase us. The Jets haven't scored well on the road this season, and the Vikings are beating opponents by more than a touchdown, on average, when they pick up a victory in Minnesota.

Investing in the Jets to cover gets interesting if you buy into the three-touchdown performance from quarterback Mike White last week. We don't. At least not to that extent. New York has guys who can make plays in the open field, but the quarterback position itself is devoid of bankability. The Vikings don't run into that issue with the understated escapism of Cousins, who is absolutely quick enough to navigate any blitzes from the Jets' front seven.

OSB Prediction: Minnesota Vikings, -3 (-106)

Minnesota Vikings To cover the point spread against the New York Jets

Is the Over/Under for Vikings vs. Jets Too Ambitious or Just Right?

Below you can the latest NFL over/under betting odds for Jets vs. Vikings in Week 13:

  • Over 45.5 (-114)
  • Under 45.5 (-106)

Three of the Vikings' past five games have totaled more than 45 points, and the Jets just hung 31 points last week on the Bears. This is to say: We understand why the over/under has been set so high. Sort of.

But the Jets have generally been one of the NFL's best under bets. Seven of their 11 games this season have failed to clear the over. And for as much as they showed last week, there's even more variability caked into their potential given the current quarterback experiment.

Maybe the Vikings do a bulk of the heavy lifting. They have topped 30 points in three of their past five tries. Even so, the Jets passing defense seems wired to slow them down. This doesn't necessarily feel like another 30-plus-point gimme for them.

OSB Prediction: Under 45.5

Vikings and Jets To score under 45.5 points combined

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