2022 NFL Week 4 Picks: Don't Give Up on the Arizona Cardinals Just Yet

2022 NFL Week 4 Picks: Don't Give Up on the Arizona Cardinals Just Yet

With Week 3 of the 2022 football season officially in the books, it's already time for us to dive into our Week 4 NFL picks.

This upcoming docket is loaded with big-time matchups. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be squaring off against the Kansas City Chiefs, in what many believe might be a Super Bowl preview. The Miami Dolphins are putting their perfect record on the line against the Cincinnati Bengals. And in our personal favorite game, the Arizona Cardinals will look to prevent their season from coming off the rails in a Week 4 showdown with the Carolina Panthers.

Before we get to our best Week 4 football picks, here are the latest betting odds for the NFL, courtesy of the fine folks over at Bovada:

Green Bay Packers-355+285New York Giants
Miami Dolphins-166+140New York Jets
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-355+285Atlanta Falcons
Philadelphia Eagles-255+210Arizona Cardinals
Denver Broncos-174+146Indianapolis Colts
New Orleans Saints-235+194Seattle Seahawks
Buffalo Bills-900+610Pittsburgh Steelers
Minnesota Vikings-300+250Chicago Bears
Jacksonville Jaguars-330+265Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans-144+122Washington Commanders
Los Angeles Chargers-162+136Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens-178+150Cincinnati Bengals
Kansas City Chiefs-350+285Las Vegas Raiders

Please note that these Week 4 NFL betting odds are accurate entering Tuesday, September 27. With a vast majority of games kicking off on Sunday, October 2, you'll want to make sure to double-check all of these Week 4 NFL betting lines until you actually submit your wager. Like always, all football betting odds are subject to shift right on through opening kickoff—not to mention during the game, in the form of live betting odds, as well.

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Now, let's hop to our top Week 4 NFL picks!

Here's Why the Struggling Arizona Cardinals Are Excellent Week 4 NFL Picks

Doubt continues to spring eternal around the Cardinals. They remain without star wideout DeAndre Hopkins (who is suspended) and currently rank second to last in points allowed per game. Their 1-2 record isn't helping matters, either.

Still, the Cardinals haven't played out the easiest schedule to date. They were blown out by the Chiefs in Week 1 and then went toe-to-toe with the reigning champion Los Angeles Rams in Week 3. Though the Cardinals' Week 2 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders wasn't exactly convincing, the offense is going to get better, and the defense has shown signs of progress. The Chiefs are the only team to hang more than 23 points on Arizona.

We understand if you don't view the Cardinals as a threat to make noise in the NFC. But facing the Carolina Panthers as an underdog offers great value. We believe oddsmakers are reading too much into a small sample.

OSB Prediction: Arizona Cardinals (+108)

Arizona Cardinals To beat the Carolina Panthers

Will the Miami Dolphins Stay Perfect Against the Cincinnati Bengals?

We have just one question about the moneyline on this game: Um, what?!?

Adding the Cincinnati Bengals to your Week 4 NFL picks would make sense if this were last year. It's not. Cincy has already dropped games to the Pittsburgh Steelers and shorthanded Dallas Cowboys, and they were given the privilege of beating up on the lowly New York Jets in Week 3.

Conversely, the Dolphins are the NFL's lone undefeated team. And while their eight-ranked offense could be a fluke, we're inclined to think it's not. Miami has beaten the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens and Buffalo Bills—all strong teams.

Feel free to change your pick if quarterback Tua Tagovailoa isn't able to go. Entering Tuesday, however, he isn't in the league's concussion protocols. If he's ready to rock, we see Miami getting to 4-0.

OSB Prediction: Miami Dolphins (+160)

Miami Dolphins To beat the Cincinnati Bengals

Should You Steer Clear of Bucs vs. Chiefs for Your Week 4 NFL Picks?

In a game this highly anticipated and potentially tightly contested, many bettors like to steer clear of the results. Sometimes, we fall under this umbrella.

This isn't one of those times.

While the Bucs' defense has been stellar—best in the league, as a matter of fact—we have concerns about their offense. Tom Brady looks a step slow this season, and Tampa Bay lacks big-play potential so far.

Kansas City has no such problems. And their defense yet again has the ability to disrupt from all over. It wouldn't surprise us if the Chiefs take this game by more than 10 points.

OSB Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs (-144)

Kansas City Chiefs To beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Expect the Los Angeles Chargers to Thoroughly Blow Out the Houston Texans

We love a sure thing this time of year!

The Los Angeles Chargers have not looked great to start the season. A loss to the Chiefs in Week 2 is understandable, but scoring just 10 points against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 3 seems more damning. What was supposed to be a high-powered offense has also failed to top 25 points this season—and ranks 17th overall.

And yet, the Chargers make our Week 4 NFL picks list because they're in a for a tune-up game against the crummy Houston Texans. If Los Angeles' offense can't get going in this matchup, then it's time to panic. But we don't think it'll come to that.

OSB Prediction: Los Angeles Chargers (-235)

Los Angeles Chargers To beat the Houston Texans

Add the Denver Broncos vs. Las Vegas Raiders to Your Week 4 NFL Picks If You Can Stomach the Risk

Everyone around the league remains miffed by how poorly the Denver Broncos have played on offense. Indeed, Russell Wilson memes are flying. Many think he's done.

Perhaps that's true. But while we disagree, it almost doesn't matter.

The Las Vegas Raiders have looked like absolute butt this season, and they've shown very little signs of improving. Given how well the Broncos defense has fared, they shouldn't even need a bounce-back performance from Wilson and the offense to get by.

OSB Prediction: Denver Broncos (+112)

Denver Broncos To beat the Las Vegas Raiders

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