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NFL Betting Lines Week 10

ll Week 10 betting lines come courtesy of TopBet. As always, please be sure to re-check the odds before making your wagers, as they are subject to shift.

New Orleans Saints (-3) at Buffalo Bills (+3)


The Saints Will Keep Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Will the New Orleans Saints ever lose again?

Well, obviously, they will. It just won’t happen this week.

Playing in the Buffalo Bills’ frigid territory could throw them off, since they’re used to spending most of their time in a dome. But the Saints enter this Week 10 matchup having won six in a row and are now one of the most balanced teams in the NFL.

That’s right: balanced. This isn’t your usually all-offense-everything squad. The Saints are still putting points on the board, because they’re the Saints and Drew Brees is their quarterback. But they also rank ninth in points allowed per contest, a standing they’ve achieved without playing through a particularly easy schedule (it’s been slightly above average on the difficulty scale).

Indeed, the Bills’ defense can still be scary. They’re fifth in points allowed per game, and only one team has forced more interceptions. And yet, they’re going up against a Super Bowl-level monster from New Orleans. Three points isn’t enough of a cushion to invest in them.

The Pick: New Orleans Saints (-3)

New England Patriots (-7.5) at Denver Broncos (+7.5)


Always Take The Patriots Out Of A Bye

Are we really going to bet against the New England Patriots when they’re coming off a buy?

Heck no. That holds doubly, if quadruply, true in this case. The Denver Broncos have essentially punted on the rest of this season by putting Brock Osweiler under center. He doesn’t make nearly enough long throws to move the chains, a flaw that also makes the Broncos’ running attack far more predictable, since opposing defenses know they have to rely on it with extreme frequency.

Though the Patriots’ own defense can still be questionable, they’ve rebounded from a terrible start to the season. They now rank 16th in points allowed per game, which makes them an extremely tough beat when their offense places in the top five of total points scored.

Knowing that the Broncos’ defense isn’t as stingy as it used to be, it makes zero sense to do anything other than pick New England to win by a mile.

The Pick: New England Patriots (-7.5) 

Green Bay Packers (+5.5) at Chicago Bears (-5.5)


Steer Into A Packers Cover

Welcome to the Battle of the Really Bad Offenses?

Plenty of people will be tempted to roll with the Chicago Bears here. The Green Bay Packers are missing Aaron Rodgers, and his replacement, Brett Hundley, hasn’t shown a capacity to move the sticks or put touchdowns on the board outside of loose coverage in the secondary.

Still, we needn’t pretend as if the Bears’ offense is elite. It’s not. They’re 27th in points allowed per game, and their defense doesn’t do anything to noticeably outshine the Packers’ attack.

Maybe the Bears win this one. Again: The Packers are missing Rodgers, and Hundley isn’t exactly good. At the same time, though, the collective ugliness from either side should offset each other to some degree, making for a super tight game.

The Pick: Green Bay Packers (+5)

New York Giants (-2.5) vs. San Francisco 49ers (+2.5)


Give The Giants a Shot…For A Change

Picking the 1-7 Giants to win any game has disaster written all over. Their head coach, Ben McAdoo, is terrible at his job, and the receiving corps is now depleted in the wake of mass injuries.

The Giants’ saving grace: Their placing the San Francisco 49ers, who still rank in the bottom three of both points score and allowed per game. New York should have no trouble taking care of business, even with its injury-ravaged offensive machine.

This only changes if McAdoo rests 36-year-old Eli Manning in favor of his backup, Geno Smith. Some have speculated he’ll give Smith the start under center after giving him a share of the snaps during the Giants’ embarrassing 51-17 loss at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams in Week 9.

As of now, though, it looks like Manning will start. And while the Giants’ offensive will be absolute crud regardless, they do have enough tools to upend a 49ers unit that is actually worse than them.

The Pick: New York Giants (-2.5)

Cleveland Browns (+12) vs. Detroit Lions (-12)


Bet On The Lions Winning By Two Touchdowns

Yours truly never feels too good about picking teams favored by more than 10 points. It doesn’t matter who they are, or whether they’re playing at home or on the road. Investing in double-digit spreads for favorites is often a bad burn waiting to happen.

This matchup looks like an exception, with the Detroit Lions playing host to the winless Cleveland Browns. The Lions are fresh off a big victory over the Packers, at Lambeau Field, last weekend. Their defense can be spotty, but they’re one of the 10 highest scoring teams in the league right now. That will come in handy versus the Browns, who rank 28th in points allowed per game.

Not to be overlooked is the Lions’ previous three-game losing streak. They had dropped three in a row entering that win over the Packers in Week 9. They’re now 4-4, their playoff hopes having been given new life. Expect quarterback Matthew Stafford and friends to steamroll a 49ers squad that’s mustered just 30 total points over its last three games.

The Pick: Detroit Lions (-12)

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