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NFL Betting Lines Week 3

NFL Limited Opening Bonus at Bovada

New York Giants (+6) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (-6)


The New York Giants are in trouble. They're 0-2 following losses to the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions, through which they've totaled an unsightly 13 points combined. 

Quarterback Eli Manning has no time behind one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL, and the Giants don't have the personnel to get any better. To make matters worse, the crappy offensive showings are starting to impact the defense. Last year's premier stopping machine now ranks in the bottom half of points allowed per game, largely because the offense gets off the field so quickly and the opposition is enjoying ridiculously good field position.

It's not like the Giants are catching the Philadelphia Eagles at a good time, either. Their defense isn't good, but it gets enough out of the front seven to wreak hell on the Giants' offensive line, and quarterback Carson Wentz appears to be hitting a groove.

Still, six points feels like a lot here. Odell Beckham Jr. will be playing in his second game of the season for New York, so his timing and awareness should be better, and Brandon Marshall won't drop important passes forever.

If nothing else, the Giants should play their smartest game of the year, which will be good enough against a solid, yet unimpressive, Eagles team to keep things close.

The Pick: New York Giants (+6) Bovada

Oakland Raiders (-3) vs. Washington Redskins (+3)

The Oakland Raiders are for real. Let's get that out of the way. 

Quarterback Derek Carr hasn't missed a beat following his recovery from last year's late-season injury, and the defense has been a collective beast. Sure, they've played two rather bland offenses piloted by the Tennessee Titans and New York Jets, but they're doing a good job getting consistent pressure on the opposing quarterbacks. That will translate to this game against a so-so frontline.

Even if the defense falters, it doesn't matter. The Washington Redskins' defense is bad. Like, really bad. They rank 27th in points allowed per game, according to Pro-Football Reference. Things aren't going to get better for them. I mean, giving up 27 points to the Los Angeles Rams is close to rock bottom.

Expect the Raiders to win in fairly decisive fashion. They look like one of the NFL's few genuine superpowers at the moment.

The Pick: Oakland Raiders (-3) Bovada

Baltimore Ravens (-4) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (+4)


These overseas games are always tough to predict. The NFL prides themselves are establishing coin-toss situations. 

But this matchup feels different. The Jacksonville Jaguars are sporting a much-improved offense, but we cannot take it seriously just yet. They beat up on a reeling Houston Texans squad in Week 1 and then scrapped together just 16 points against a middle-run Titans defense in Week 2. 

The Baltimore Ravens, meanwhile, have enjoyed the luxury of facing the Cincinnati Bengals, who have yet to score a point this season, and the deliberately dreadful Jets, who are terrible by design. But their defense flies around as much as any other unit's stopping crew. 

And let us not forget how well Joe Flacco is playing under center for the Rvens. We're only two weeks into the season, so take this with a grain of salt, but he's on pace to post career marks in completion and touchdown percentage, per Pro-Football Reference.

The Pick: Baltimore Ravens (-4) Bovada

Houston Texans (+13) at New England Patriots (-13)


Poor Texans.

Not only is their offense a sad-sack attack, and their defense underachieving, but they're being forced to square off with a New England Patriots group that lost its first home game of the season in Week 1 by double digits.

Tom Brady and friends are going to be out for blood. They proved that much during their 36-20 win over the New Orleans Saints, on the road, in Week 2—a game that was not even as close as the final score suggests, given all the extra points the Saints added during de facto garbage time.

Don't be surprised if and when the Patriots secure another victory by 15 or more points. The Texans defense is always liable to hold serve, but the idea of New England dropping two consecutive spreads at home to start the season just doesn't feel real.

The Pick: New England Patriots (-13) Bovada

Denver Broncos (-3) at Buffalo Bills (+3)


Vegas is clearly hedging against the Denver Broncos here. It's tough to blame them, too.

Denver isn't supposed to have the league's third-best offense. Their quarterback, Trevor Siemian, isn't supposed to have thrown four touchdowns in a Week 2 drubbing of the supposedly juggernaut Cowboys. The run game isn't supposed to rank first in total yards.

And yet, here the Broncos sit, at 2-0, meeting all those offensive benchmarks. They will fall back down earth, because they have to. They don't throw the ball as much as every other offense, so they won't pace the league in total passing touchdowns for much longer.

But, like, who cares?

The Broncos aren't playing anyone special. No, they're playing the Buffalo Bills, who would probably be winless if they didn't have the opportunity to put the screws to the Jets in Week 1. Their offense profiles as worse than awful, with a bare-bones receiving corps the Broncos should end up eating alive.

If Denver is even a quarter-dependable at the offensive side, conserving turnovers and controlling the time of possession, they could run away with a double-digit victory on the road...by halftime.

The Pick: Denver Broncos (-3) Bovada

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