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NFL Futures: Odds and Predictions for Super Bowl Champion and League MVP

NFL Futures: Odds and Predictions for Super Bowl Champion and League MVP
The 2019 NFL regular season already looks like it'll be a dramatic affair. The reigning Super Bowl champion New England Patriots enter as odds-on favorites, but the league's pecking order is fluid. The Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles and so many others are knocking on the championship door. Should the Patriots actually be favorites? And what's the best MVP bet? Let's get into it now.

Here are the top seven odds-on 2020 Super Bowl picks, according to the folks over at Bovada:

  • New England Patriots (+700)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (+800)
  • New Orleans Saints (+850)
  • Los Angeles Rams (+900)
  • Chicago Bears (+1200)
  • Cleveland Browns (+1200)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (+1200)

Vegas' odds on the Super Bowl winner are going to change, because NFL future odds are always in flux.

That's not a problem. We know enough about every team's roster to make sense of each one's odds to win the Super Bowl. We even know enough to get into some NFL prop bets—mainly the MVP race. Our complete preview will cover all of the following:

  • Super Bowl odds for every team
  • Best NFL futures bets 
  • Dark horse Super Bowl candidates
  • Top League MVP odds
  • MVP winner predictions

2019-20 NFL Season Betting Breakdown

Super Bowl Odds for Every Team

Below you'll find the Super Bowl lines all 32 NFL squads are laying entering the regular season. Be sure to regularly recheck them, as they will shift throughout the year:

  • New England Patriots (+700)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (+800)
  • New Orleans Saints (+850)
  • Los Angeles Rams (+900)
  • Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles (+1200)
  • Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Chargers (+1600)
  • Green Bay Packers (+1800)
  • Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers (+2200)
  • Minnesota Vikings (+2600)
  • San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks (+3000)
  • Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans (+3300)
  • Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars (+4000)
  • Oakland Raiders (+6000)
  • Denver Broncos (+6600)
  • Tennessee Titans (+7000)
  • Detroit Lions, New York Giants, New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+8000)
  • Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins (+10000)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (+12500)
  • Miami Dolphins (+15000)

Best Super Bowl Bets

New England Patriots (+700)

Why not start with the reigning champs? The New England Patriots are different from last year, but that shouldn't be confused with weaker.

Losing Rob Gronkowski to retirement stings. That's undeniable.

But the Pats have a found a worthy alternative in Ben Watson, and the rest of their offense is once again stacked around Tom Brady.

If Demaryius Thomas can get healthy, or on the off chance Josh Gordon gets reinstated, New England will have an offense that's impossibly difficult for any defense to stop.

Kansas City Chiefs (+800)

The Kansas City Chiefs do not appear like they're ready to slow down. They had the NFL's best offense last year, and they're similarly loaded around quarterback Patrick Mahomes once again. 

Fortifying the defense needed to be a priority. They succeeded. The addition of Tyrann Mathieu will go a long way, and their 4-3 setup showed big-play potential at times last season. Expect another huge year out of this group.

New Orleans Saints (+850)

Try to find a better offense than the one deployed by the New Orleans Saints. It won't be easy. There's the Chiefs, maybe the Patriots and then that's probably it. And neither of those teams are guaranteed to hang more points on the board.

The Saints will feel the loss of Mark Ingram. Then again, maybe not. They still have Alvin Kamara, and Latavius Murray is a darn good No. 2.

Pairing them with a wideout corps featuring Michael Thomas, Ted Ginn Jr. and Cameron Meredith is unfair. Jared Cook is among the game's most dangerous tight ends when healthy.

And of course, the Saints still have Drew Brees under center. As long as they're not overly injured, they're in play to cross the 12-win marker.

Dark Horse Super Bowl Bets

Cleveland Browns (+1200)

Believe it or not, the Cleveland Browns should finally be good again. They might even be really good.

It does seem like the public has gotten a little overeager in playing their odds. They're barely in underdog territory anymore. But you can still get them at a relatively good price. Not everyone has caught on to their progression.

Look to the offense as their guiding force. Baker Mayfield finished last season incredibly strong, and he's now surrounded by a wealth of playmakers, from Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry, to Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson. 

Los Angeles Chargers (+1600)

The Los Angeles Chargers' Super Bowl candidacy comes with a disclaimer. It assumes that Melvin Gordon won't get the trade he requested, and that he'll eventually report to the team or the two sides will hammer out a new deal.

That doesn't seem like an unfair presumption. The Chargers have made it clear they want to keep him. Middle ground might soon be reached in contract negotiations.

Even if Gordon doesn't report, quarterback Philip Rivers has the wide-receiver threats to get by, and the Chargers' No. 2 back, Austin Ekeler, is considered a breakout candidate by many.

Houston Texans (+3300)

Do not sleep on the Houston Texans. All of their recent seasons have mostly ended in unspectacular fashion. This year should be different.

Quarterback DeShaun Watson is a top-10 player at his position entering the regular season—and he might get better. Not only do Will Fuller V and DeAndre Hopkins give him two steady options at wide receiver, but the Texans now sport a dual-running-back attack with Lamar Miller and the recently signed D'Onta Foreman.

It helps even more that Houston burned two of its three early draft picks on offensive tackles. They will now do a better job protecting Watson. When coupled with their stellar defense, that gives them the look and feel of a two-way monster.

NFL MVP Prediction

Here are the top seven odds-on favorites to win the MVP award this season:

  • Patrick Mahomes (+550)
  • Andrew Luck (+600)
  • Aaron Rodgers (+1000)
  • Baker Mayfield (+1100)
  • Carson Wentz (+1200)
  • Drew Brees (+1200)
  • Tom Brady (+1600)
  • Philip Rivers (+2000)

Let's start with the obvious: Only place MVP bets on quarterbacks. That's the way the league works now. A non-quarterback hasn't earned MVP honors since 2012, and that year's winner, Adrian Peterson, is the only non-QB to take home the award since 2006.

Land mines abound at the top of the MVP pecking order. Andrew Luck is still injured, and Carson Wentz has yet to prove he's recaptured his form from two seasons ago. Steer clear of them. 

Follow similar thinking with Baker Mayfield. The Browns should be really good, but he's in Year 2. We need to slow our roll.

Tom Brady is a solid bet at +1600. Ditto for reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes. For our money, though, we like Aaron Rodgers. He's fully healthy for the first time in a while, and the general consensus on the Green Bay Packers isn't great. And in the end, that positions him to both exceed expectations and leave a strong impression with the voters.

OSB MVP Prediction: Aaron Rodgers (+1000)

Check out our collection of the best online sportsbooks so you can decide which one to use for all of your NFL betting:

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