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Early Look at Super Bowl 53 Odds for Every NFL Team

Super Bowl 53 odds come courtesy of TopBet and are accurate as of March 6, 2018. Though these lines won't shift much in the coming months, they will be subject to miniature swings as free agency plays out and the NFL draft unfolds. So, as always, be sure to confirm these numbers before deciding on or placing an advanced wager. Also note that all teams will be presented in order of increasing odds.

Cleveland Browns (+15000)


Last Season's Record: 0-16

So, um, the Cleveland Browns have won four games over the past three seasons, still don't have their quarterback situation in check and have not made the playoffs since 2002. These odds, as low as they may be, feel a little too generous.

Buffalo Bills (+10000)

Last Season's Record: 9-7

This feels right for the Buffalo Bills at the moment. Their wide receiving corps is on the young side, while their production out of the backfield is tethered to a pair of aging veterans in LeSean McCoy and Chris Ivory. Their defense isn't guaranteed to land inside the top 10 of points allowed per game either. 

Chicago Bears (+10000)

Last Season's Record: 5-11

Make of the Chicago Bears what you will. They won't be ready to compete by next season. Even if quarterback Mitchell Trubisky makes a leap, the weapons surrounding him, in both the backfield and on the slots, remain unproven.

Cincinnati Bengals (+10000)

Last Season's Record: 7-9

Keep an eye on the Cincinnati Bengals. They're not the worst long-long-long-shot plays at the moment. Quarterback Andy Dalton and the offense in general should be better, and the defense already ranks right around the league average. A miniature step forward on both sides of the ball could turn them into a playoff team.

Miami Dolphins (+10000)

Last Season's Record: 6-10

Too much about the Miami Dolphins remains a mystery for this to be an optimistic outlook. Who is their quarterback, for starters? Ryan Tannehill? Matt Moore? The Dolphins are an ambiguous bunch at best, a potential five-game winner at worst.

New York Jets (+10000)


Last Season's Record: 5-11

The New York Jets belong exactly here until they hammer out their quarterback situation. And drafting one won't release them from cellar-dweller status. Short of signing Kirk Cousins, a distinct possibility and short-sighted move, they'll once again be left to rely on a scrappy defense that isn't complemented by much offense at all. 

Arizona Cardinals (+8000)

Last Season's Record: 8-8

Giving the Arizona Cardinals anything better than a +10000 feels a tad benevolent. Quarterback Carson Palmer has retired, and they don't yet have his successor in place. And unless they surf the veteran market in the post-draft world, they'll likely be deploying a youngster, or Drew Stanton, or Blaine Gabbert, or someone along those lines. That bodes horribly for their immediate trajectory.

Washington Redskins (+8000)

Last Season's Record: 7-9

Trading, and then signing, Alex Smith was a ballsy move by the Washington Redskins. He is the ultimate game manager. He won't turn the ball over and will get the most out of their available offensive weapons. As of now, though, the Redskins haven't yet done anything close to enough on the defense side to buy into anything more than a slight uptick. 

Detroit Lions (+6000)

Last Season's Record: 9-7

Another generous odds listing. Quarterback Matthew Stafford is solid, and the Detroit Lions always seem to cobble together production out of the backfield—even if it's more about screen passes than run plays. But they need a star wideout to complement Stafford, and their defense, for now, once again has the look and feel of one that'll struggle to place in the top half of points allowed per game. They don't seem to be a viable playoff team.

New York Giants (+6000)

Last Season's Record: 3-13

Speaking of generous, the New York Giants' line, while slightly appealing, rests on so many what-if scenarios.

What if Odell Beckham Jr. isn't fully healthy? What if a 37-year-old Eli Manning sees himself fall off a statistical cliff? What if the Giants don't beef up the offensive line that played a role in hamstringing Manning last season? What if the team doesn't address is shoddy run attack? What if the defense once again doesn't play up to its standards? Definitely keep tabs on the Giants' health bill, but they're not a team worth betting on before the start of the season. We have to see who they are first. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+6000)

Last Season's Record: 5-11

You will invariably see someone, or a bunch of someones, talking about how this is the year Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston will make the leap. Do not, under any circumstance, take their word for it. You need to see him, and this team, succeed to believe it.

Tennessee Titans (+5000)


Last Season's Record: 9-7

Though the Tennessee Titans are far from the best premature futures option, they're hardly the worst either. Changing head coaches after a postseason appearance is a gamble, but it's a worthy one in their case. Mike Mularkey should help Marcus Mariota pilot a more inventive offense, and the defense should be mediocre at worst. 

Baltimore Ravens (+4000)

Last Season's Record: 9-7

As a general rule of thumb, investing any money in a team that fields Joe Flacco under center surrounded by a lackluster bundle of playmakers is a bad idea. So, you know, steer clear of the Baltimore Ravens unless they exceed expectations to start the regular season or, less likely, author the best offseason in the league.

Indianapolis Colts (+4000)

Last Season's Record: 4-12

Giving the Indianapolis Colts mid-end Super Bowl odds rests on Andrew Luck being healthy and the defense not being a complete and total crap show. Neither of those things is close to a guarantee, so stay away from the Colts until their odds shift toward something much more lucrative.

Carolina Panthers (+3500)

Last Season's Record: 11-5

Does the Carolina Panthers' offense have what it takes to return to the playoffs? Having Cam Newton under center suggests yes, but we'd be remiss to not note the responsibilities suddenly thrust upon Christian McCaffrey's shoulders in the backfield following the release of Jonathan Stewart. Besides, it's not like the Panthers are teeming with star wideouts. They'll be a coin-toss offense with a stout defense. That's fine. Not spectacular. Just fine.

Denver Broncos (+3500)

Last Season's Record: 5-11

Sorry, but no. Bettors should not be buying stock in the Denver Broncos at +3500 when they're still playing musical chairs at quarterback. Even if you believe in Paxton Lynch, the upside of this offense is beyond limited, and the defense needs a few more bodies before returning to its previous glory.

Kansas City Chiefs (+3000)

Last Season's Record: 10-6

Is Patrick Mahomes II the next Alex Smith? The implication here is he will be. We cannot go that far. The Kansas City Chiefs' first season without Smith under center could be rough one. Strike that, it should be a rough one.

Los Angeles Chargers (+2800)


Last Season's Record: 9-7

While it would be nice to get something a little more lavish out of the Los Angeles Chargers, these odds are far from egregious. They look about right. They might be a little ambitious. But the defense stepped up in a big way last season. If their running back and wide receiver rotations can remain healthy at the same time, their offense, still led by the ever-solid Philip Rivers, should follow suit.

Seattle Seahawks (+2800)

Last Season's Record: 9-7

Historical cachet is at play here. Yes, the Seattle Seahawks still have Russell Wilson. But they've torn apart their defensive ranks, and two of their biggest remaining contributors, Richard Sherman and Cam Chancellor, are working their way back from injuries. Strictly monitor their odds for the time being, then feel free to pounce if they jump past +3500.

Atlanta Falcons (+2500)

Last Season's Record: 10-6

Even with the Atlanta Falcons' regaining some of their offensive swag to close out last season, this doesn't sit right. Their defensive success always rang a little hollow, and a repeat of last year's stinginess guarantees nothing if the offense doesn't recapture its 2016 magic. 

Dallas Cowboys (+2500)

Last Season's Record: 9-7

This could be right, but it feels a little high. Having Ezekiel Elliott behind Dak Prescott and one of the best offensive lines in football might coalesce into something special. But the Dallas Cowboys' defense was unspectacular last year, and their best pass-catching options are getting up there in age. Approach their Super Bowl ceiling with immense caution.

Oakland Raiders (+2500)

Last Season's Record: 6-10

Over ambitious much? We need to see how Derek Carr fares under new head coach Jon Gruden before penciling in the Oakland Raiders as the bona fide playoff contenders these odds say they are.

San Francisco 49ers (+2500)

Last Season's Record: 6-10

Let's slow our roll here. Jimmy Garoppolo remains undefeated as a starting quarterback, but his five game tear for the San Francisco 49ers last season came against a favorable schedule. Plus, who's to say their youthful defense is set for the demonstrative improvement it'll take to enter the postseason discussion? Not us. Not the oddsmakers. Not now, this far in advance. 

Houston Texans (+2000)


Last Season's Record: 4-12

Death, taxes, the Houston Texans whiffing on preseason expectations. This cycle of torture doesn't figure to change in advance of next season. The Texans' health bill on the defensive side of the ball is murky at best, and we need to see a wee bit more from a healthy Deshaun Watson at quarterback before declaring their offense saved.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+2000)

Last Season's Record: 10-6

This checks out. Blake Bortles' contract extension is reasonable and gives the Jacksonville Jaguars some flexibility in the event his stock plummets under center. Even if it does, they still have perhaps the league's best ground game and defense at their disposal. Last year's success should be the start of something in Jacksonville.

Los Angeles Rams (+2000)

Last Season's Record: 11-5

Treat the Los Angeles Rams with care. They were a legitimate powerhouse last year, but their NFL-best offense could have been a flash in plan. And if it wasn't, their defense started to show cracks by season's end. That matters.

New Orleans Saints (+2000)

Last Season's Record: 11-5

Quarterback Drew Brees has been ageless for the New Orleans Saints thus far. As long as this holds true, and so long as the Saints don't futz and fiddle too much with their defensive personnel, they'll find themselves back in next season's Super Bowl fracas.

Green Bay Packers (+1200)

Last Season's Record: 7-9

Counting on Aaron Rodgers to remain healthy is only half the battle here. He could be great, and it could turn out the Green Bay Packers still haven't put enough weapons around him. He can make the most out of whatever he's playing with when at full strength, but coming off a season-ending injury, he could use a few safety nets. The combination of Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and Davante Adams at wide receiver no longer seems that imposing. 

Minnesota Vikings (+1200)

Last Season's Record: 13-3

Holster all bets on the Minnesota Vikings until they iron out their quarterback of the future. Is it free agent Teddy Bridgewater, the one-time franchise QB who hasn't played in roughly forever? Is it Case Keenum, who led them through an impressive playoff push last season? Are they still married to Sam Bradford in any way? Are they actually interested in signing Kirk Cousins, as multiple reports suggests? This is a low-key mess for a team that just won 13 games.

Worse still, anyone they choose comes with in-built uncertainty. Investing in their Super Bowl chances shouldn't appeal to you unless they climb closer to +2500. 

Pittsburgh Steelers (+1000)

Pittsburgh Steelers (+1000)

Last Season's Record: 13-3

The Pittsburgh Steelers' odds look about right. Their trajectory could change if reports about them trying to trade wideout Martavis Bryant are true, and people are still waiting to see whether this is the year Ben Roethlisberger actually retires. But if the Steelers keep their nucleus intact—which includes avoiding a contract dispute with star running back/MVP candidate Le'Veon Bell—they should once again be in the mix for a Super Bowl cameo.

Philadelphia Eagles (+900)

Last Season's Record: 13-3

Consider this: The Philadelphia Eagles are the reigning Super Bowl champions and figure to start next season with a marked upgrade at quarterback following the return of Carson Wentz. They definitely belong here, as owners of the second-best odds.

All that being said, remain careful. If they aren't able to retain backup Nick Foles as an in-case-of-emergency insurance policy that safeguards them against Wentz's health or a potential regression, they'll need to climb above +1000 to deserve your onset attention.

New England Patriots (+550)

Last Season's Record: 13-3

Tom Brady turns 41 in August. The New England Patriots' big-play potential has taken a step back or two over the past couple years. Rob Gronkowski is banged up; people actually though there was a chance he could retire. Wide receivers always seem to get injured in New England these days, perhaps because Brady is unafraid to milk the middle of the field. Rumors of discord between the quarterback, ownership and the head coach still persist in certain circles.

We shouldn't care.

The Patriots are a machine. No one in the AFC currently stacks up with them beyond argument. They are, at minimum, near-locks to make the Super Bowl if they remain healthy. And with that being the case, they most certainly deserve to be colored as heavy favorites.

If you're going to bet on them, now may be the time to do it. At the very least, don't wait until the start of the regular season. They'll only diminish return from there. 

*All stats come courtesy of Pro-Football-Reference.

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