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Online Sports Betting's AFC East, AFC North & AFC South Preview

Online Sports Betting's AFC East, AFC North & AFC South Preview

Can anyone in the AFC East stop the Patriots? Will the Steelers top the AFC North? Are the Colts a lock to nab the AFC South crown? We aim to answer all three of these questions in our lightning quick NFL divisional preview.

AFC East

Even with #deflategate looming over their heads can you really picture anyone bumping off the Patriots in the AFC East? The Bills have a fresh coat of paint (Rex Ryan! LeSean McCoy! Percy Harvin!), the Jets are in the Todd Bowles era and the Dolphins are counting on Ndamukong Suh to push them out of medriocrity. It might be a bettter division, but the Pats are still an absolute beast with the only elite QB in the AFC East mix to boot. Opponents might be able to exploit a downgraded Pats secondary, something that Ryan Tannehill, Matt Cassel and Geno Smith/Ryan Fitzpatrick aren't super likely to do. (Tannehill might, but his recieving corps doesn't inspire too much confidence.) New England's got this in the bag.

Our Division Champ Pick: New England (2/3 divisional odds)

AFC North

The AFC North looks to once again be a dogfight with three legitimate contenders for the division's best club. (Sorry Cleveland. You're the odd one out in this scenario.) We like John Harbaugh's chances even with Baltimore opening the season with a miserable five of seven road games. The Ravens can shut down the rush and their offense is better than advertised. They'll have some serious challenges with Cincy and Pittsburgh vying for the top of the standings. The Steelers will be without Le'Veon Bell for a brief spell, but the megastar rusher is going to cause nightmares against opposing defenses and that should make the pair of Steelers/Ravens games on the schedule particularly fascinating.

Our Division Champ Pick: Baltimore (17/10 divisional odds)

AFC South

The Colts are considered the cream of the AFC South crop with credentials to match. Andrew Luck continues to be a marvel at pivot for the Colts who have one of the most dangerous offenses in the league. It'll be interesting to see if Frank Gore might give the Indy rush attack more oomph. The biggest competition comes in the form of the Houston Texans who went 9-7 in Bill O'Brien's first season as head coach. Can the Texans recover from Arian Foster missing a big chunk of the season with a groin injury? It's hard to say. The Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars are considered write-offs this year based largely on past performance. That said, all eyes will be on #2 overall draft pick Marcus Mariota as he transitions from Oregon standout to potential Titans saviour. The Colts should walk away with the AFC South division crown.

Our Division Champ Pick: Indianapolis (1/4 divisional odds)

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