Rams vs. Bengals NFL Prop Bets: Who Will Be MVP of Super Bowl 56?

Rams vs. Bengals NFL Prop Bets: Who Will Be MVP of Super Bowl 56?

Check out our best NFL prop bets for Super Bowl 56.

For many sports fans, betting on the 2022 Super Bowl will entail only investing in-game outrights like the moneyline, spread, and over/under. If you're smart, though, you'll diversify your football wagers with NFL bets on 2022 Super Bowl props, as well.

These investments are essentially outcomes within the game itself. Who will win Super Bowl MVP? What's the over/under on the number of passing yards for which the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams will combine? You can even bet on stuff like the price of the Bored Ape NFTs by the end of the game, as well as some halftime-related events, such as the color of Snoop Dogg's shoes.

This is where we'll go through our favorite Rams vs. Bengals NFL prop bets, including who we think will win MVP of Super Bowl 56. Let's take a look at the latest Super Bowl MVP betting odds to get us started:

Super Bowl MVP PickBovada
Matthew Stafford+120
Joe Burrow+225
Cooper Kupp+500
Aaron Donald+1000
Ja'Marr Chase+1600
Odell Beckham Jr.+2800
Joe Mixon+3300
Cam Akers+3300
Evan McPherson+3300
Jalen Ramsey+4000
Von Miller+4000
Tee Higgins+5000
Sony Michel+5000
Tyler Boyd+6600
Trey Hendrickson+8000
Van Jefferson+8000
Tyler Higbee+8000
Eric Weddle+10000
Matt Gay+10000
Kendall Blanton+10000

Make sure you're double-checking these Super Bowl 56 prop betting odds prior to making your NFL picks. All football prop betting odds will shift right up until kickoff while being subject to larger swings if you're placing wagers during the middle of the game.

Regardless of when you plan on investing in the 2022 Super Bowl prop odds, it's important that you figure out where you're going to do it. And we've got reviews of the top online sportsbooks to help you find the best 2022 Super Bowl betting sites just for the occasion. It'd be a good idea to check them out before making any 2022 Super Bowl picks.

Why You Should Bet Matt Stafford or Joe Burrow for Super Bowl MVP

Matthew Stafford (+120) and Joe Burrow (+225) should be considered the heavy favorites to bag Super Bowl MVP. This award almost always goes to the quarterback of the winning team.

But don't take our word for it. Just consider history. Among the past 12 NFL Super Bowl MVPs, nine of them have been quarterbacks from the winning team.

Sure, there can be situations where it makes more sense to go with a player at another position. But when both Burrow and Stafford are paying out better than even money, this isn't one of them. We're taking Stafford since we believe he'll have a higher-volume role, and also because we believe the Rams will win.

OSB Prediction: Matthew Stafford (+120)

Mattew Stafford To win Super Bowl MVP

Don't Expect a Shootout in Bengals vs. Rams

Check out these odds on how many passing yards the Rams and Bengals will throw for combined: 

  • Under 575.5 yards: -130
  • Over 575.5 yards: +100

Through their first few playoff games, the Rams and Bengals have either both looked to burn the clock after building leads or been engaged in stingy defensive battles. Either way, all signs point to this being a Super Bowl with limited offensive firepower, and we're not prepared to predict either team successfully clears the 300-yard passing plateau.

OSB Prediction: Rams and Bengals will combine for under 575.5 passing yards (-130)

Rams and Bengals To combine for under 575.5 passing yards

How Many Times will Rams Target Odell Beckham Jr.?

Many thought Odell Beckham Jr. was a team cancer with the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants. And yet, here he is playing for a Super Bowl with the Rams. We obviously have to wager on a prop involving him.

To that end, here are the betting odds on the number of times Los Angeles will target OBJ:

  • Under 7.5: -130
  • Over 7.5: +100

Because Cincinnati's defense likes to play No. 1 receivers aggressively, this should open the door for Stafford to toss a bunch of attempts to OBJ, who is the second or third option for Los Angeles. Perhaps he doesn't make a ton of receptions, but we like the payout potential of his getting eight or more passing targets.

OSB Prediction: Over 7.5 (+100)

Odell Beckham Jr. To have over 7.5 targets

How Many Halftime Artists will Wear Sunglasses?

This one's a doozy. Let's look at the odds for the number of halftime performers who will be wearing sunglasses: 

  • One: +175
  • Two: +150
  • Three: +225
  • Four: +400
  • Five: +600

So, let's be real: Snoop Dogg will be wearing sunglasses because he's almost always wearing sunglasses. But it's tough for us to pinpoint another person who will do the same. It won't be Eminem. It probably won't be Kendrick Lamar. It would also be out of character for Dr. Dre and Mary J. Blige. 

Go with one.

OSB Prediction: One headlining artist will wear sunglasses (+175)

One headlining artist will wear sunglasses

What will be the Price of 'Bored Ape' NFTs by the End of Super Bowl 56?

Talk about the most 2022 Super Bowl prop bet. Board Ape NFTs have become all the rage among celebrities and high-income earners, and with the Super Bowl-bound to attract high-roller gamblers, many are expecting the price of these digital tokens will be impacted by events at the game.

With that in mind, here are the odds on how much the cheapest Board Ape art will be selling for at the end of Super Bowl 56:

  • Over $285,065.24: -120
  • Under $285,065.24: -120 

See, we told you a lot of money was at play here.

Given the volatility of cryptocurrency and NFTs these days, we're going to assume the value of Bored Ape works skyrocket during Super Bowl 56. Not only is halftime performer Eminem among the most famous Bored Ape owners, but the SoFi Stadium is heavily invested in the crypto and NFTs rackets. We think there will be some cross-promotion, even if it's in the form of incidental on-air discussion. That would in turn drive up the price of Bored Ape pieces—which, by the way, are currently selling for more than $275,000 at their lowest price point and continuing to rise.

OSB Prediction: Over $285,065.24: -120

Over 285,065.24

Take a look at this list of the top online sportsbooks so you can decide which one to use for all your Super Bowl 56 betting: