Las Vegas wasted no time getting acclimated to the NHL when they debuted in 2017. The expansion franchise immediately went to the Stanley Cup Finals and then spent the next few seasons staying in contention for the title. That quick success, plus playing in the gambling capital of the United States, made the Golden Knights an instant hit with sports bettors.

Whether Las Vegas’ recent success was just “beginner’s luck” or a sign of things to come is unknown, but we’re expecting them to remain popular choices at NHL’s top-used betting sites. That’s why we compiled all the must-know information about Las Vegas Golden Knights betting — and it’s all yours if you keep reading. You’ll find updated standings and schedules, expert tips, and more pertinent details to help you out in your Las Vegas Golden Knights bets!

Vegas Golden Knights roster

Vegas Golden Knights Next Regular Season Game

Can’t wait any longer to throw money on the Golden Knights? Welp, you’re soonest chance at betting on them is listed below. This widget is updated all year long so it’s always current with the team’s next matchup. You can also find betting odds for that game below.

Vegas Golden Knights Game Schedule

Below you’ll find every single game of Vegas’ season listed right there. You won’t find odds available for a game until it is the next one on the schedule, but that shouldn’t stop you from pinpointing worthwhile betting opportunities well in advance. For example, if you notice the Golden Knights are embarking on a long road trip, those games might be trap games for Vegas if they are fatigued — no matter the caliber of its opponent.

What Are The Vegas Golden Knights Current Standings

The Golden Knights’ path in the Stanley Cup playoffs — if they advance — will not be easy. They play in the Pacific Division inside the Western Conference, which doesn’t lack adversaries. You can track how Vegas is faring by checking out the up-to-date standings below. They’ll not only be fighting for playoff contention, but positioning too as home-ice advantage matters big time in the postseason.

Las Vegas Golden Knights Online Betting Tips

If there’s one thing that’s evident about the Golden Knights organization is that they’re active. The team has not been afraid to make roster moves to put the team in a winning position — both when it comes to adding or dropping players. As a bettor, it’s on you to stay up with the moves and see how they’re influencing the team. You won’t know for sure from a single game, but instead multiple games for a pattern to really become obvious.

The last thing you want to do with a team like Las Vegas is bet on reputation alone. Given how much the roster seems to turnover, results from a year ago really mean little when it comes to your next Las Vegas Golden Knights bet. Use the latest information and results to guide you when deciding to bet on Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Vegas Golden Knights bets

Las Vegas Golden Knights Betting Odds

Not only is there a multitude of Las Vegas Golden Knights betting odds, but there are different timelines too. For instance, when you bet on Las Vegas Golden Knights game, the betting outcome is almost immediate when the matchup ends. This applies to puck lines, over/under, and props.

Timelines change when it comes to futures bets, however. Something like the Las Vegas Golden Knights betting odds to win championship take an entire season to play out, which locks your money in limbo. The tradeoff is futures bets typically pay better, though. Still, this is something to keep in the back of your mind as you manage your betting bankroll.

How To Bet On Las Vegas Golden Knights

We’ve given you everything you need to know about Las Vegas betting sans one thing: a trusted sportsbook. But hey, we got that too and it’s listed below. These are some of our most recommended betting sites to try. Recommended because they were standout performers in our unbiased sportsbook reviews. You can read those same reviews to compare and contrast the sites, but believe us, any one of them will be a one-stop shop for Golden Knights betting — or any other team for that matter. You’ll find every related team bet at the sites, plus at industry-leading prices too so you’re getting max value.

  • Who’s the coach of the Vegas Golden Knights?

    Bruce Cassidy was hired to lead the team in 2022. With that, Cassidy became the franchise’s third-ever head coach.

  • How many championships did the Vegas Golden Knights win?

    The Golden Knights remain Stanley Cup-less, but that’s what you would expect with a team only a few years old. Vegas somewhat miraculously made it to the Finals its first-ever year, but lost in five games to Washington.

  • How many times the Vegas Golden Knights made the playoffs?

    In Vegas’ first five years of existence, it made the playoffs four times — missing out on it only in 2022.

  • What’s the home arena of Vegas Golden Knights?

    Golden Knights’ home games are played at the T-Mobile Arena. The arena is located on the Las Vegas Strip next to the city’s world-class casinos.

  • Who’s the owner of Vegas Golden Knights?

    The majority owner of the Golden Knights is Bill Foley, who made his fortune in the world of finance. The Maloof family also owns part of the team. They previously owned the NBA’s Sacramento Kings.

  • What sportsbooks are available in Nevada?

    Nevada is the sports betting capital of the entire United States so options to gamble are plentiful there. Most local casinos have retail sportsbooks, though, you could opt for an offshore betting site if that’s more convenient for you.

  • What is Vegas Golden Knights Twitter?

    Just type in “Vegas Golden Knights” into the Twitter search bar and the team account will appear. It’s loaded with exclusive content about the team you can’t find elsewhere so we’d say they are worth a follow.