Olympics Betting Online

Every two years the world joins together in brotherhood and competition, with the world’s best athletes competing against each other in the Summer and Winter Olympic games. It’s supposed to bring out the best in mankind and for online sports betting fans it brings out some huge possibilities to make some serious coin. While the world’s top athletes compete for gold, bet on the action and make some gold of your own.

Olympics Sports Betting Sites

While the Olympics captivates the world sporting scene for only a few weeks every other year, our list of recommended online betting sportsbooks give their members their best effort 365 days a year. With tremendous betting options, convenient financial methods and more, our list of sportsbooks below own the podium:

      Wagering on the Olympics Online

      Wagering on the Olympics is a lot like competing in the Olympics – you need to be on top of your game. Preparing beforehand is key, as there are so many events across so many start times. Knowing which events you’ll want to wager on can often be as important as the wager itself. While many people will chase the “big” events, the greatest payouts can be from relatively unknown sports.

      Online Odds for the Olympic Games

      The wide variety of events offered at both the Winter and Summer Olympics allow for tremendous betting possibilities. The Olympics feature major sports (with the exception of American football) so if you’re used to betting on UEFA soccer, Olympic soccer will be very familiar. NHL Hockey fans will quickly recognize the Olympic “puck line” and NBA basketball fans will have no problem figuring out a favorable spread in Olympic hoops.

      Betting Picks Summer and Winter Olympic

      With dozens of events and thousands of athletes, finding good picks in the days before an Olympic games can seem like an impossible task. One injury in a field of competitors can quickly alter listed odds, however in general certain countries tend to dominate the medal count. For each Olympic event, free pick sites give the rundown of competitors and who they think has the best shot at placing 1-3.