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  • Friendly user interface
  • Weekly sportsbook contests across all major leagues
  • 100% matching sign-up bonus
  • SIGNUP BONUS: $500 Bonus

Deposit and cash out methods


BetNow Review

Whether you're a veteran or brand new to the sportsbetting racket, it's important to be on the lookouts for sportsbooks that make your life easy. That's exactly what prides themselves. Simplicity is their mission statement, and they back it up with effortless access to sportsbook lines, horse racing odds, casino games, quick deposits, easy payouts and so much more.

Our BetNow rating

  • Website
  • Promotions
  • Bonuses
  • Markets
  • Banking Options
  • Casino
  • Customer Support
  • Mobile App
  • Friendly user interface
  • Weekly sportsbook contests across all major leagues
  • 100% matching sign-up bonus
  • Higher withdrawal minimums
BetNow Bonus
$500 Bonus

BetNow is currently giving new users a 100 percent deposit bonus worth up to $250. Sign up now to claim this bonus.

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BetNow Review

BetNow is probably a sportsbook for you. But don't take these words alone for it. We've put together an in-depth review of their services. Here's everything we're going to cover:

  • Website Responsiveness
  • Promotions
  • Bonuses
  • Betting Markets
  • Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Casino 
  • Customer Support
  • Mobile Betting

Overall, we believe you'll be happy with your BetNow experience. We've done the research. It is one of the better betting sites out there. But again, you don't need to be sold here. We've got everything you need to know below. 

  • BetNow Website

    User experience is lost upon many sportsbook sites. BetNow is not one of them. 

    BetNow's website is beyond easy to navigate. Everything from the sportsbook and casino to the available promotions and customer support is clearly marked. Vistors both new and old will have no trouble getting to where they need to be.

    We were also extremely impressed with the setup of BetNow's betting tickets. They clearly itemize all the different sports and leagues, and they make it incredibly easy to build your wager type.

    Are you looking to place a straight bet on a single NFL game? Did you want to build a four-bet parlay? Or maybe you're looking to place an "If X happens, then bet y" wager? Or perhaps you want to steer into the bigger picture and bet on Super Bowl futures?

    Not only does BetNow have all of this available, but they've made navigating to the different bet-type pages and tickets extremely easy. Whether you're submitting a straight wager or a complicated parlay, it won't take you more than a few minutes to select your lines, review your ticket and be on your way.

    They do a great job of putting your purse balance and pending wagers front and center as well.

    As far as sportsbooks websites go, BetNow has one of the absolute best.

  • BetNow Promotions

    BetNow has all the usual promotions available for you to choose from.

    The 100 percent sign-up bonus up to $250 is no doubt a favorite. Most sportsbooks offer that to their new users, but it's super nice that BetNow allows you to apply your deposit bonus across the entire site.

    Some websites we've encountered might only let you use the money in the sportsbook department. BetNow permits you to use your promo money in the casino or on horse racing as well.

    Where BetNow really begins to separate themselves is with the less common promotions. They run a bunch of contests for different sports. 

    For example, during the NFL regular season, they run an "NFL King of the Hill" contest promo. As a member of the site, you get to test your handicap skills on a weekly basis by submitting pick 'em tickets.

    You're able to track your standings against other participants in real time, and you have the opportunity to win one of a few cash prices that, put together, total $10,000. They run similar promotions for the NBA, NHL and MLB as well.

    Another unique promotion from them is their refer-a-friend program. Many sportsbooks have this, but not all of them give you 50 percent the value of your friend's initial deposit in free-play money. Just make sure to let your friends know they heard about BetNow from you when they sign up.

  • BetNow Bonuses

    BetNow hits on a lot of their bonuses. As we've already mentioned, the 100 percent match on your initial deposit (up to $250) is great. It's also pretty standard. But they periodically run 100 percent reload bonuses to reward their returning sportsbook customers.

    That's less common and most definitley appreciated. Use the promo code BN100 to claim this bonus.

    A 10x rollover in the sportsbook or 45x in the casino is required. 

    It is tempting to give BeNow a higher scorer in the bonuses category. That said, their rollovers are extensive. They have a 10-time rollover on the initial deposit bonus in the sportsbook. That rollover increases to 45 times if you're using that money in the casino.

    This is disappointing to say the least. Every betting site has these rollovers. They have to. It prevents people from depositing and then immediately pocketing the profit.

    Overall, we're willing to forgive this number. BetNow does a better job of rewarding their returning customers than other sites, so they get a little leeway here.

  • BetNow Betting Markets

    Everything you want to gamble on should be available at BetNow: NFL, college football, NBA, MLB, NHL, March Madness, tennis boxing, horse racing, the Olympics—you name it, they probably have it. 

    Granted, this is pretty standard for sportsbooks. But BetNow stands out in two ways.

    First off, their props section is DIVINE. All sportsbooks unload their treasure chest of props for the playoffs and championship games, but we are impressed with the number of props available for just normal regular-season contests in, specifically, the NFL and NBA.

    Second, and most impressive, when submitting a bet ticket, you can be sure you're getting the most up to date lines.

    There's nothing worse than putting in a wager and finding out the line has moved a few seconds later. BetNow refreshes their lines so often, they'll alert in real time if the odds have changed on the ticket you're building.

  • BetNow Banking Options

    Making deposits with BetNow is better than easy. The funds are in your account almost instantly, and they don't have many fees attached to their available methods.

    Here's a breakdown of how you can put money into your account, along with some extra details:

    • Bitcoin: Minimum deposit is $40. Maximum deposit is $40,000. There are no fees when using bitcoin.
    • Zelle: Minimum deposit is $20. Maximum deposit is $5,000. It can take a little more time for these deposits to reflect in your account, but they're free to make.
    • Credit Card/Prepaid Card: Minimum deposit is $20. Maximum deposit is $1,000. They accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Funds are in your account immediately, but they will charge a small processing fee.
    • Cash MG: Minimum depsoit is $50. Maximum deposit is $500. Funds take about three hours to show up in your account, and it is free to use.
    • Bank Wire: Minimum deposit is $100. Maximum deposit is $5,000. It can take two to three business days for the funds to show up in your account, and you may be charged a processing fee.

    Withdrawing from Betnow is just as simple.

    However, most forms of payouts have a $100 minimum, and you will be charged a fee based on the option you choose and the amount you are taking.

    Withdrawals can be made using Bitcoin, direct deposit, Cash MG, bank draft and bank wire. We recommend using Bitcoin or direct deposit, as those forms have the quickest processing time.

  • BetNow Casino

    BetNow's casino is among the most extensive in the business. They have every type of game you're looking for, including table games, slots, video poker, tournaments with live dealers and keno. 

    If you deposit in the BetNow Casino you have the right to claim a BetNow Casino Bonus of 100% up to $250. Terms and conditions apply.

    Beyond that, you will have a bunch of different options within these different categories. Let's say you want to play a table game. You can choose from roulette, blackjack, and craps. The poker options are vast as well.

    Like we mentioned before, the casino has much higher rollovers on their bonuses. That's typical, though. Relative to other betting sites, BetNow at least puts more gambling options at your disposal.

  • BetNow Customer Support

    Customer support at BetNow is a breeze. You can reach them by phone or email, and they also have live automated help on the website that can help you with most issues and questions—which is great for those on the go.

    BetNow's customer support is also the place to go if you're looking to raise the maximums on bets and deposits. This is great for the higher rollers. Some sportsbooks have hardline maxes, but BetNow is willing to work with you.

  • BetNow Mobile Betting

    If there's one thing that's lacking across the board in the sportsbetting game these days, it's user interface on mobile devices. BetNow, however, hits a home run here.

    Sportsbooks understand today's climate: People are on their phones and tablets, so they give you the ability to process deposits, bets, withdrawals, etc. via an app or what's supposed to be a mobile-friendly website. Neither of these methods is usually pleasant. Websites look clunky on phones, and apps malfunction.

    That won't be a problem with BetNow. All the clean-looking design and interface touches they've put on their webpage translate perfectly to phones and tablets.

    Submitting bet tickets from these devices was a breeze for us, and it'll be the same for you. This is such a rare phenomenon, we can't help but give them a perfect score.