While still considered a sport, soccer is more of a business than ever before. Transfer fees encroach on $100 million and players are making their weight in gold on a daily basis. These players salaries may not surprise you but they will definitely leave you wondering why in the world they're worth so damn much. The top soccer earners in the world will probably earn thousands of dollars while you read this article. Yikes!

Top ten highest Premier League players 


The Premier League is probably the most exciting soccer league in the world, hence why the top players are paid so much. Have a look at the future odds for teams to finish in the top four, which are seen below and decide which team tickles your betting fancy. There are so many good future betting options at your disposal so do your homework and pick the one that reflects your research and gut instinct. 

Premier League Lines

The Premier League table is starting to take a more concrete shape. With half of the season over, it will be interesting to see what transpires in 2017. Will Chelsea run away with the title or do Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool have something to say about it?

Results / FixturesPremier League

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