2022 La Liga Futures: Should Real Madrid be Runaway Favorite to Win It All?

2022 La Liga Futures: Should Real Madrid be Runaway Favorite to Win It All?

Check out our best bets to win the 2022 La Liga championship.

We've now reached the portion of the season at which betting odds on La Liga in 2022 have narrowed down the championship-contender field to just a handful of teams. Pretty much all 2022 La Liga futures, in fact, will have billed Real Madrid as the heavy favorite while giving some secondary consideration to defending title-holder Atletico MadridSevilla, Barcelona, Real Sociedad, and Real Betis

Which team should be your pick to win it all? Well, that's why we're here—to figure that out. Let's first take a look at the latest odds on soccer betting in La Liga:

La Liga WinnerWagerWebBovadaMyBookie
Real Madrid-950-900-900
Atletico Madrid+4000+3500+4000
Real Sociedad+17000+20000+20000
Real Betis+19000+20000+20000

Please note these La Liga betting odds are accurate entering January 20. The season, meanwhile, runs through most of May. You will want to double-check all these La Liga odds for accuracy throughout the year as you're placing bets.

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Why Real Madrid is Favored to Win La Liga?

It is rare that you see a team this heavily favored win it all in La Liga when there's still so much of the season left to play. And yet, the Real Madrid (-950) line is not a typo. You really have to bet almost $1,000 just to profit $100 in the event they bag the championship.

This will no doubt scare away certain bettors. Perhaps it shouldn't. Real Madrid remains one of the most sweeping consensus favorites we've seen in quite some time.

To wit: Power Rankings Guru generates a composite La Liga pecking order by culling power rankings for every single team from around the internet and spitting out the average ranking for each. They then adjust for stats and points projections. According to this Power Rankings Guru model, Real Madrid is expected to finish the season with 84.5 points, which would give them ownership of first place by a whopping 19 points. That stark of a margin at the top of the standings is nearly unprecedented.

Many might wonder whether they can keep up their torrid pace. We're inclined to think they can. Real Madrid has two of the top five goal scorers, Karim Benzema (league leader) and Vinicius Junior (tied for second). No other offense has two players in the top nine

Real Madrid To win the 2022 La Liga Championship

Better La Liga Bet: Atletico Madrid or Barcelona?

Reigning La Liga champion Atletico Madrid (+4000) isn't getting a ton of love during their repeat bid. And we can see why.

Atletico has struggled mightily to distinguish themselves on offense. They don't have a single player who ranks in the top 10 of goals scored, and they've had trouble protecting and moving the ball when on the break. At this writing, they have actually combined for more draws and losses than outright victories.

Barcelona (+5500), of course, doesn't look like a powerhouse, either. Their record of 8-8-4 through the first part of the schedule is wildly unimpressive, and they continue to want for a top-notch table-setter. Jordi Alba is easily the best passer they have, and he faces too many aggressive coverages given the lack of alternative ball-handling options on the Barcelona roster.

Still, Barcelona has turned in a handful of trademark victories against tougher opponents, and they're barely allowing one goal per game. Anytime a defense is capable of carrying a team, they deserve more trust than a counterpart without as much stopping power.

Barcelona To win the 2022 La Liga Championship

Why is Real Betis Such a Drastic Underdog?

On paper, Real Betis (+19000) doesn't look like they should be a 190-to-1 champion option. They are third in total points, have one of La Liga's best offensive players in Juanmi, and don't commit an excessive number of penalties.

Offensive consistency is at the core of their spotty La Liga odds. After Juanmi, Real Betis doesn't have a single goal scorer in the top 20. Granted, you don't need endless superstar power to compete at this level. But Real Betis also doesn't have the aggressive depth to put up points in bunches by committee. 

This might not matter during the regular season. There's a real chance Real Betis finishes the schedule in third or fourth place in the standings. But their lack of offensive diversification will come back to bite them if and when they enter higher-stakes games.

Real Betis To win the 2022 La Liga Championship

2022 La Liga Championship Prediction

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Real Madrid is running roughshod over the rest of the competition right now. They rank first in goals scored and third in goals allowed, which is just ridiculous. They also just so happen to own both the longest winning and unbeaten (includes draws) streaks on the season.

Let's call a spade a spade: Real Madrid are the obvious pick, and it would be a genuine shock if they don't get crowned the La Liga champion.

Real Madrid To win the 2022 La Liga Championship

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