United States World Cup Qualifier Picks: Can USMNT Go Undefeated in 2022?

United States World Cup Qualifier Picks: Can USMNT Go Undefeated in 2022?

Check out our best soccer bets for each of the United States’ upcoming World Cup Qualifier matches.

We are once more approaching an exciting time for online soccer betting: The qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup are about to start up again. Though the 2022 FIFA World Cup will not actually kick off until November, these current matches still have huge implications on what and who we will be watching then.

This remains especially true for the United States Men's National Team. They will play three more qualifier matches between January 27 and February 2 against El Salvador, Canada and Honduras before wrapping up their schedule. Our 2022 United States World Cup Qualifier picks will take a look at whether USMNT can go undefeated during this stretch.

To start us off, here's a look at the latest 2022 World Cup Qualifier betting odds, courtesy of BetOnline:

01/27/2022United States-400+1200El Salvador
01/30/2022United StatesTBATBACanada
02/02/2022United StatesTBATBAHonduras

Make sure you recheck these odds on the soccer World Cup before settling on any 2022 World Cup picks. They will shift right up until the opening whistles for each qualifying game.

Also, as you figure out what soccer picks you'll be making during the 2022 World Cup Qualifying Round, you should go through our reviews of the top online sportsbooks, where you'll be able to spot the best soccer betting sites around.

2022 United States World Cup Qualifier Predictions

Please note betting odds for the United States vs. El Salvador (January 27) are accurate as of January 14, and odds for the United States vs. Canada (January 30) and United States vs. Honduras (February 2) will be announced sometime thereafter. 

On the bright side, we have enough intel on all the participating teams in the World Cup Qualifier to pick a winner for each of these games. The United States National Team, specifically, enters their next matchup after beating Mexico (2-0) and then tying with Jamaica (1-1). Most expected them to notch victories in both of those games, so they're off to a somewhat disappointing start. 

There is, however, plenty of time and chances for USMNT to actualize the lofty standards set for them ahead of the 2022 World Cup. But will they? Let's find out?

United States Gets Back in Win Column vs. El Salvador

It shouldn't take much for the United States to remove the bad taste from their mouth after a tie against Jamaica. El Salvador doesn't have nearly enough defensive talent to slow down the USMNT's playmaking on the break.

Of course, some have pointed out the U.S. wants consistent forward play at the very top of the rotation. That's not untrue. But this is most likely a problem that won't impact their ability to pick apart lower-level defenses like that from El Salvador.

OSB Prediction: United States (-400)

United States To beat El Salvador

Canada Falls Flat Against the United States

Though Canada deserves a lot of credit for building up their international soccer program over the past few years, they aren't yet at the level needed to win a game like this.

Granted, the United States has shown it will struggle to score when defenses press them on the weak side of the pitch, and Canada is awesome at doing that. But the U.S. should get enough fast breaks off outlets, and their play between the posts is clearly superior.

Simplified further: Unless the U.S. suffers a defensive collapse of epic proportions, they should neither incur a loss nor tie.

OSB Prediction: United States (TBA)

United States To beat Canada

The United States Takes Down Honduras

We don't need to see the odds for this game to know how it will play out. In a power ranking of all FIFA World Cup teams entering 2022, Honduras finished just about near the bottom. The United States, on the other hand, checked in at No. 13, thanks largely to their team defense—a consistent enough placement across multiple iterations of this exercise.

If Honduras is going to pull off the upset, they'll need to do so by limiting the United States' shot attempts early on. But unfortunately, they haven't shown the defensive stamina necessary to do that successfully. Honduras ranks among the weakest teams when it comes to preventing both shots on goal and actual goals themselves within the first half of the game. Don't be surprised if the United States Men's National Team claims victory in a two- or three-goal shutout.

OSB Prediction: United States (TBA)

United States To beat Honduras

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